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  1. Well sounds like a good torry, the weather isn't changing its always been like this we just didn't hear about the storms OR AT LEAST THATS WHAT ONE OF MY conservative friends claims
  2. Ford is at it again calling the liberals a bunch of crooks, pot calling the kettle black I guess
  3. Harper is happy to have a future sovereign of Canada or so he days
  4. After cutting disaster relief by 25% what do you think Harper is trying to achieve, is he intent on breaking up Canada? His obvious treatment of the provinces must have some plan.
  5. I never understood why Harper championed people such as Fantino, he is a very sociopathic personality.
  6. Too many Scots still live in the clan mentality. My people, low land scots were very good at going with the winning side,
  7. This is a good example of how brain washed reform conservatives are, apparently some are not, I wonder how Harper will clean up the mess he has made and yes he is a control freak and is responsible for what was done to Garneau.
  8. Oh yes wilde bill I have read the randite philosophy, and I do not agree that we as individuals should do as we please with no concern for others rights. And in my view that is what she preached.
  9. So who do you think will get the post that regulates things such as rail safetly
  10. The bottom line to all this is the randite belief that the common man is something to be tossed aside be he white, black or any other colour. The people smart enough and lucky enough to get in a position such as ALEC in the US and the Fraser Institute in Canada are entitled to own everything and crush the people who do not. However it may be coming to an end because how can you continue to make the big bucks when no one can afford to buy your product.
  11. I guess the main question is what exactly are we entitled to in life. I had a lady come in for food, she just needed one time help because she had just bought a house in our area, houses are pretty cheap here compared to other places, one can buy a good house for a little over $100,000. Then she found that although she had worked for one company for years that the pension she had paid into and the shares she had bought in the company were all gone. The company had gone bankrupt. So what would you have done. She was completely on her own. She was of my generation where you got a good job for life, much like the thousands who worked for Kodak and lost everything. When the car companies went into slow down they laid off thousands and yes they are doing better but they are only employing a percentage of those thousands. Sitting in the seat of judgement is very easy when you had the luck to pick the right company to work for
  12. Does anyone on here know what ALEC is? Google it and find its American description, then look for the Canadian Connection. This might explain some of the odd things on here such as the denial that the floods in Alberta are just an ordinary event and nothing to be worried about.
  13. Just like a lot of other stupid arguments on here.We don't need laws re zoning that would stop floods, we don't need laws that protect ordinary man and give him a decent wage, we don't need laws to protect us from the greed of the big companies and their share holders. Kick the little man down and keep him there, don't allow unions this just makes him to uppidy for his own good.
  14. Just came back from a drive down a road not far from us. This is a dead end road because a big river makes a big U in our area. Back before our township had planning laws, bunch of farmers thought they weren't needed, a gentleman from Toronto bought a huge swamp in this U. He proceeded to sell off lots and the township could do nothing. But we have a group who did everything to stop the planning. Back off Government this is our land, ever see those signs. Its called grandfathering and this spring some of those mansions built down in the flood plain were under several metres of water. This is the kind of stupidity that goes on all the time.
  15. I think the supreme court thought this was Toronto's silly problem and rightly so. It is up to the citizens of Toronto to clean up their own mess. After all in their greed for lower taxes they voted him in didn't they?
  16. Climate change is certainly affecting us all. We had floods in our area never seen before. And I believe this is a warning. On the other hand one of the things being covered over is the coming shortage of oil. Prices will only go up and supply in the future will be limited. Do any of you realize what this will do to the price of food. As gas and diesel becomes scarcer and more expensive how will this big farmers all over Canada be able to afford the price of it. Those big tractors take a lot of fuel. Consider for a moment a story from my younger days about a farmer who had just bought a tractor, previously he had used horses. The same field that took a week to plow now took only a half day. Horses are not the answer nor are windmills and solar systems. We have to change our ways, the price of food will sky rocket as it is starting to do now or have you not noticed. Our governments are all talking carbon exchanges, this will have nothing to do with your food. As food and water too at the rate we are wasting it becomes scarcer and scarcer there will be mass protests. Unless we quite this stupidity of our government and big business' we will all be in trouble. I am too old but like me some of you must have grandchildren who may have no idea where their food comes from.
  17. Boy I can't believe how twisted this story is he just didn't stop at the check gate and a new person there did not recognize him. Conservatives will go to any length to defend their beloved leader. Show is the check big boy.
  18. Canadians I know are so ashamed of Harper and think the whole world is laughing at us. Imagine going to a G8 and lecturing Russia. Who does he think he is? Oh yes he is big boss and we are his minions.
  19. How about the million dollar camp set up for security where the trailers were all brought down from BC. There was one protester a little kid up on the hill with a sign, I want more cookies. How come the G8 in Ireland about 20 miles from where my family lives didn't have any trouble. They didn' t need to spend the millions that was spent in Huntsville and Toronto. It was all a set up to make sure Clement get the votes in this area and to prove how many criminals there are in Canada.
  20. What a bunch of crock, the NDP has Harper on the run and boy is he doing some spinning. But of course Mulcair and Trudeau are to blame. This is the crookedist government I have ever seen.
  21. Trudeau has offered to go back to the so called charity, run by conservatives, and do a promotion for them for free.
  22. Hey I would Love to have seen that but he is not worth it, getting into trouble. There was a few times I have seen him in public and thought the same as you.
  23. The G8 was held about 20 miles from my Irish families home. There was no millions of dollars in security reported as there was in Huntsville about 20 miles from my home.
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