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  1. I was responding to a specific complaint from an esteemed poster. What does this have to do with it? Now you're just making stuff up.
  2. Nice try. Degrassi is filmed by a private production company and airs on a network other than CBC. I'm sure there is a film tax credit involved in there some where so I guess you can cry and scream about the injustice of that.
  3. I wouldn't go citing Ireland in support of a low corporate tax agenda unless you think 15% unemployment and GDP growth that remains on the wrong side of zero as virtues. Not that you actually cited anything. Best find another example
  4. I also read something along those lines and similarly don't feel like looking it up. The whole thing is creepy as hell, but trying to use the situation to discredit an entire political party/philosophy, as the original poster is clearly trying to do, is pretty weak.
  5. I must of missed it so could someone please point me to where the original poster has expressed his outrage toward the behaviour of a certain MP from Provencher?
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