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  1. I'm sorry.....I didn't realise I had to be eloquent in expressing my distaste for Harper.
  2. Maybe it's not on your mind....head to anyplace with people under 40 and it's on the majority of thiers!!!!
  3. I believe we, the Canadian people should decide the next topic for referendum. And I think it should be the legalization of pot, and the illegalization of alcohol!
  4. My hat's off to T.D. Bank, Don Drummond, and Gillian Manning! The report in today's Toronto Star by Thomas Walken on the T.D. Banks new report, written by Drummond and Manning(the former is the bank's chief economist), is a clear warning to the "haves" in our country. Now, even a bank slams workfare TD report pokes holes in welfare and EI policies, offers new blueprint for safety net THOMAS WALKOM NATIONAL AFFAIRS WRITER The worm turns. Old ideas gain currency again. Now, even hard-headed business people are beginning to realize that taking a sledgehammer to the welfare state was a bad,
  5. To me Equal rep is this : Election results : (actual votes cast by voters on Election day) Libs - 42% NDP - 27% Cons - 25% indie - 6% Each part then receives like # of seats. This way, every Canadian's needs will be adressed, not just those who can afford to buy thier way through life.
  6. I'm from Ontario, and I find that I have alot of the same Economic, Social, Environmental, and Political concerns as many people not just from BC, but all oveer the country! Would it be considered Genocide to wipe out the Boomers? (just kidding!)
  7. I'm tired of the SSM and Pot legalization debates! I've said it before, and I'll say it again - if the Canadian government had any BALLS, it would hold a Referendom, let the Canadian people decide for themselves once and for all!!!!!!!!!
  8. WRONG!!!!!!! I have been smoking pot since I was 15, and am now 31. I don't have mental illness, in fact I was part of a study last year in Hamilton at MacMaster U, and I have an IQ that places me in th top 5%. I have a 5 year old that went through testing for school, and he has an IQ = to a 8/9 year old. So I think your statement unfounded. Where's your proof?
  9. They do have a link, but are too selfish to leave anything behind.
  10. After reading the varied posts on this forum and others, speaking with people in general, and seeing films like "Grass" and "Farenhite 911", it leads me to wonder about the Boomer generation. it would appear that they were subject to MASS Government Brainwashing. The anti Pot ads are absolutely laughable!!! I have NEVER in 16 years of partaking seen anyone turn into a Zombie, go wild and hurt people, or become homeless!!! Back in the 40's and 5o's the Governments used scare tactics (much like certain Governments are presently doing), using peoples fear of the unknown to control them. The
  11. I think Layton hit the nail on the head. Gay rights are Human rights, they are Humans after all. if you think it dirty fine your entitled. If people think fat people are disgusting, they are entitled. Do I need to continue?
  12. I think it only fair and Democratic that Every Canadian's needs and interests are represented and addressed. It is not the fault of younger generations that Canadian economics and Government have forced us into having smaller fams., wich gives us a smaller voting voice than say, the Baby Boomers!!!! Just because there are less of us, doesn't mean we count less!!! And since the wants of Baby Boomers directly contradicts most of the beliefs of the younger generation, the only way to ensure a True, Balanced, Equal Democracy is to alter the way votes are counted.
  13. .I think the wide spread corruption and greed of the currant Canadian vesion of Democracy is proof of why we should embrace Equal Rpresentation!!!
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