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  1. ... Back on topic. I don't Know which school system you work for. I think you should look at the success of the traditional model before replacing it. Looking At what my parents learnt, They learned things in high school which I didn't start learning until first or second year university. Comparatively children in Japan start learning our grade 12 math at 15. Our current system languishes not necessarily because it teaches incorrectly. But really because its afraid to enforce standards of education. Further more any reform should based on scientific evidence rather than what seems to be
  2. Its cruelly ironic because if we could count on the senate to act on behalf of the good of the nation rather than their own self interest. Reforming the senate wouldn't be an issue. But if we could then we wouldn't need to reform the senate.
  3. Don't get too hopeful. Think about how much opposition the keystone and north gateway pipeline generated. Then remember that our "beloved" premier Dalton closed to two gas plants purely to appease nimbys. As much sense as this project makes. People will oppose it simply because its oil.
  4. The senate is proscribed in the constitution. We'd need to amend the constitution to get rid / reform of the senate. The amendment formula requires the senate in all cases we have to go through the sc to over turn it.
  5. I'm coming into to this debate late and I'm not really sure who to reply to or what I should be responding to. But here's my two cents. Many people in this debate have argued for the elimination of public debt. It should be noted that government debt is important to the function of our economy. T bills and other government bond (at least CND bonds) are considered to be risk free investments by investors. This is necessary because it creates a benchmark for All other bonds to compare to. Furthermore the risk free element is attractive to investors seeking to balance the risk of their portfoli
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