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  1. Anyone willing to pay to watch this shit being re-enacted in all its' sordid detail is in it for the entertainment value and nothing else. There is nothing new we can learn from a hollywood treatment that we haven't alreadly read about ad nauseum; from experience we know that a hollywood version will be factually lacking and sensationalistic. So where in all this is any redeeming factor, any tidbit that suggests "hey, this should be a movie?" These were real people and they did real ugly sick shit. There is no way the French's and Mahaffeys should have to deal with someone elses voyeurist
  2. Isn't there a law against one line replies or something. Here I am, having been thorougly cowed by the likes of Eureka et al, afraid to post. I have been living vicariously, cheering when a poster chooses "my" line of thought, booing (albeit quietly, don't want to wake the kids) when a poster unknowingly champions exactly what I want to say. I am sorry. I got the pins out of my hand, and am maybe a little high on percodans. Can't really type yet so this is a labour of love. Please please, resume the argument, in full sentences.
  3. Results 1 - 10 of about 4,820 for proud newfoundlander. (0.11 seconds} Results 1 - 10 of about 1,590 for proud prince edward islander. (0.06 seconds Results 1 - 10 of about 5,130 for proud ontarian. (0.16 seconds) Results 1 - 10 of about 23,600 for proud british columbian. (0.06 seconds) Results 1 - 10 of about 37,300 for proud quebecois. (0.04 seconds) Yes, I can see now how feeling pride in your geographic association is strictly an Alberta thing.
  4. Horse-pucky. You don't see Manitobans or Ontarians braying such empty rostrums as to be "proud" of their geographic associations in the first place. You don't see it because appeals to meaningless, imaginary tribalism is not part of their attitude the way it seems to be for (some) Albertans. Horse pucky. I just googled "proud Manitobans" and "proud Ontarians" and got zillions of hits. Lots of braying out there about how proud they are that they come from (insert province here). Pages and pages of emotional tributes to prairies and mountains and fine fine people. So, why this thread
  5. Holy Crap. And yet it's been said that it's posters like me who mess things up for the more intelligent around here.
  6. Umm, no. I wasn't specifically looking for any sort of reply Shakey. As I mentioned, I am not even an Albertan. BC born and raised, so if I were to have any prejudices they would lie a little farther west. As for my comment being "assinine" (sic), I think a quick search of this and other Canadian forums would probably enlighten you. There is Alberta bashing, and it is due to the fact that Alberta is currently booming and enjoying a supposedly balanced budget. Envy is human nature.
  7. And you should be proud, Kimmy (or kommy?). I am transplanted to Alberta, and while I love it here, my roots and my history are in BC. In the valley I grew up in we can trace our family back to the great-greats and beyond. Of course, I don't have any back to the 16th century, or anything really remarkable like that, but I still consider my family history to be considerable. As for not bashing Albertans, this site does just that. Have you seen any site asking why anyone would be pround to be from Manitoba? Or Ontario? And if I felt like doing the search I know I have seen numerous insta
  8. Maybe people just bash Alberta out of jealousy. I wonder if it would be so if Alberta did not have oil revenues and a balanced budget?
  9. Even funnier...in a "ohmigod he did that with a straight face" kind of way. Bush's Inauguration Speech
  10. King Ralph goes on record to say that he doesn't support a province wide smoking ban. Say what you will about Ralph, he does seem to win in the common sense market. Smoking "bans" do not make people quit smoking, they make people stop frequenting businesses that ban smoking.
  11. Actually, she probably did hug everyone. I met her exactly once, and she hugged me. I had purchased some plants (hollyhock?) based on the advice in her book, had planted them according to her directions, and they failed miserably. When I returned the carcasses, I expected to be met with the typical "you break it you bought it". Instead, she put one arm around me and said let's find something that will grow. I have since figured out that the original plants died due to my own ignorance.
  12. I love this! I lived on Vancouver Island for twelve years, then moved to Northern Alberta for the last four. Yes, it is really really really cold here. (But its a dry cold.) I prefer the change of seasons, and the snow. Would like to tweak it a bit to allow more than 6 weeks of summer but hey you can't have everything. The long days mean you still get a great garden, and the snow means...of course, good sledding. That said. when the old gang phones me to ask...."is it really that cold there as they said on the news?", I must admit to a twinge of envy.
  13. I just asked my neighbour Bobby (Bupinder) and he informs me that Singh means lion and historically follows all male first names in the Sikh faith. He says that they don't teach their children to call adults Mr. and Mrs. because at their house that would lead to all the Mr's being Mr. Singh.
  14. Oops, yes I knew that. Just dragging this one off topic, sorry its one of my soapboxes.
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