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  1. .DART has the capability to assist in exactly these areas. Now we are wasting money sending an advance team to see if they need the help?
  2. Apparently its all supposition at this point? The test did not come back positive for BSE, that requires further testing. As did the last two non-negative test results.
  3. The disaster in Asia is tailor made for our team. Earlier on the news I heard that we are not sending them either because we haven't been requested yet, or because we can't afford to put them in there. I wonder if we really need to wait for an invitation? If we can not afford to send out our Disaster Team, why do we have one? In case something happens close by?
  4. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the Mapleleafers. I have only been here a short time but you all are interesting and educational, and you have been entertaining as all get out while I recuperate. Will have the pins out of my fingers early in Jan, and hopefully will have some time to come back and participate in the discussions. In the meantime, stay happy stay well.
  5. I do, You have been to Richmond? So does that make you an expert?????? Actually C, I lived in Richmond for about a year. The North South Roads are numbered and they are in English. The main East West roads are in English. No matter what they call the little streets and avenues, its hard to get lost in Richmond. IMHO
  6. Your scenario, as written, may make a case for poor judgement on the part of the mother. I fail to see anything criminal. Really though, how often do you think something like that happens? The mother in your post worried enough about her child to visit a Dr., complete further testing, and learn about the problems associated with obesity. It does not seem likely that at that point she would choose to ignore the advice of the pediatrician and increase the food intake of her child. Killing with kindness. Children don't come with an instruction booklet and there is no one-size-fits-all answe
  7. Eureka....I am 40 years old. The nasty attack was not the question about my age, or the suggestion that I get a sense of humor. It was the implication that I (or someone like me) was beneath you in terms of intelligence or culture. I am not going to post my education and business history, that would be tacky. Suffice to say I have both, and I am not the uneducated, culture-deficient hick that you would like to believe. I have a fairly good grasp of the issues, but my typing skills are hampered by having only one hand ), and I tend to try to "one paragraph" things when perhaps I should t
  8. That was a joke? You must be a gas at parties. snob ( P ) Pronunciation Key (snb) n. One who tends to patronize, rebuff, or ignore people regarded as social inferiors and imitate, admire, or seek association with people regarded as social superiors. One who affects an offensive air of self-satisfied superiority in matters of taste or intellect.
  9. It was a serious question eureka. I was wondering how they intend to promote culture on the internet, where users have all sorts of choices as to which sites they visit. No need to be nasty.
  10. Also used to chop onions, pare apples, whittle tree branches, slice eggs, skin varmit, do surgery, pick gum off your boots, cut steak......I can't believe that anyone would seriously consider a registry for knives. What a colossal waste of money. Next: forks, could be dangerous in the wrong hands. And scissors, you might run with them. Sticks, you could take an eye out with that. Not even going to mention lawn darts...
  11. "The great masses of the people... will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one." hitler
  12. Does anyone know what promoting culture on the internet might be?
  13. Nope. I have no problem with tilting at windmills. I like to check the price tag before I buy. Retail thought process. IMHO....... I have decided to preface all posts with IMHO. I have participated in a number of forums on the web, and this one is by far the most difficult to post in. It often seems you all are competing here, who can cite the most/relevant/current/wordy links, who can use the biggest words, who can throw out the most statistics and still bend them to fit the scenario. I know, in the forum rules, it does say to make sure that you can back up what you say. But I thin
  14. Not even PM PM is sure of the cost. How can you be so certain it's a freebie? Martin YE Interview
  15. Oh, the United States said otherwise. Oh, well that settles it then. No I don't have proof, and no I can't provide a link quoting source after source or give you dazzling 8x10's to look at. I can give you pages of links where Canadians say that they are afraid this is going to cost millions, and others where they assert that the cost is definitely going to be higher than that. That would be a waste of time and space. It's a gut feeling these days not to take what the US says in this matter...in any matter, be it Iraq, or trade, or BSE, or lumber, or elections...at face value. The Wright
  16. Not yet, but if we climb aboard we will be expected to pay our share. I thik this would be a bad idea, as apparently there are still a few kinks to work out. BBC - Defense Shield Fails
  17. Argus started this thread with the assumptions of licensing and restricting certain firearms. I suppose if the wound was from a gun that you were restricted from owning, then that may influence the punishment. A wound from a gun you werent' supposed to have that you weren't supposed to transport to the scene of the crime, and of course that you were not supposed to fire. These conditions may allow for greater punishment than say, just picking up a rock and bashing someone with it. As for the manufacturers, it is a fear driven market. And the more weapons find their way onto the street, th
  18. Legislate them back to work? I wonder if you could get away with calling hockey an emergency service?
  19. Pennsylvania Parents Challenge Schoolboard So creation-light is apparently not working either.
  20. Sorry, I am working with akeyboard that is doing a 50% at best. So if I mispell, or capitalize when I shouldn;'t, let me know. New computer, should be okay in a few day.
  21. whether that was an illegal gun, or a registered gun, is a moot point. That gun, whatever the status, what used as a weapon against someone unable to defend themselves. Thats the whole thing MS, registering guns, even this great big expenditure boondoggle .....well, it just doesn't work. Some crimes will be committed with registered guns, and the owners will vow that they have not seen that particluar firearm in a million years. Some other crimes will be committed with unregistered firearms, and the same people will say they have not seen that gun in a million years. So where does that le
  22. It's a fairly serious thread, maybe you should do more than a "quick reading" before you weigh in. Unless, of course, you are just here to hear yourself speak. Bla bla bla bla...do you actually have an opinion here or are you fishing? I have read, and I think if I have to quote my source it will be the same source as you, that I have heard that there won't be any JP's forced out of their positions. Therefore, no discrimination against religious freedom. Right? I am a Christian.....okay now I will duck. And I know that Christianity as I have been taught it will not ever accept homosexu
  23. stamps you make some really good points what would it hurt to put in some punctuation marks so the rest of us could figure out what the hell you were saying.....
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