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  1. What is really surprising is that these people obviously expect the general public to buy this crap. "Oh, I was going over the books last week and I notice that I had once hired an illegal and never paid the taxes...what a shocker for the wife and I!".
  2. Traveller, is this really worth your time? You can argue and address the issues till you are blue in the face, and Eureka will come back with "that is wrong you are inferior and uneducated" type arguments.
  3. I bow to your obviously very superior mind, eureka. I was just reading the forum rules and apparently they frown on posts that attack the poster rather than address the issue. So I will take my ignorant contemptuous uneducated posts elsewhere. Cheers.
  4. Was that supposed to be your rebuttal, eureka? You did not address any of the issues that traveller put forth; instead you stooped to name calling and generalizations. I keep thinking that you must be teacher, since you come undone so rapidly when anyone posts anything negative about Canada's education system. If that is the case, I sincerely hope you control your anger better in a classroom setting.
  5. I think I would notice if I was advocating the end of education. You must be a teacher, in that case sorry for poking you with a stick. Although we get high marks in this country for education, (and that apparently depends on who's posting), I feel that there is a lot that can be done to improve on the way the public school system educates our children. Our kids need to learn about real jobs and competition in the marketplace and what to do when Mommy and Daddy stop giving them an allowance. Our schools do not, by any stretch of the imagination, prepare our kids for the real world. Th
  6. CBC Half the World Children Threatened by Extreme Poverty Apparently our fearless leaders are too busy or too broke to honor their commitments to the children of the world. Canadians have long been known for their willingness to step up to the plate, what can we as a country do to help these kids....in spite of our government? I am willing to take $50 off of each of my paycheques. Does anyone know which organization is most likely to eventually use this money for the good of the children. I don't want my donation to be paying an administrators salary in Ontario rather than buying food or
  7. I have been to Richmond. Who really cares what language the signs are in?
  8. Armed forces training by Nintendo. I watched a clip one day, and I am sorry no I can't name it or post a link, that showed this very young man with a crew cut and pimples explaining exactly why fighting in Iraq was "just like in the game". It was creepy.
  9. The destruction of education? Oh for crying in the sink. All I am saying is that perhaps the "future of education" does not necessarily lie with some under-acheiving teacher who got their degree back in the 1960's and is now comfortably working somewhat less than a standard 8 per day and waiting for retirement. Where, in the curriculum for educating our educators, have we taught them to identify progressive trends and economic indicators in relation to the current job market. We haven't. And because they are ensconced in life-jobs, they may not be the best persons to ask in this case.
  10. In a number of countries in Europe, the status of "registered partnership" has been established. In 1989, Denmark became the first country to institute legislation granting registered same-sex partners the same rights as married couples. Church weddings are not allowed. Norway, Sweden and Iceland all enacted similar legislation in 1996, and Finland followed suit six years later. The Nertherlands became the first country to offer full civil marriage rights to gay couples in 2001. And in Belgium, gay marriages have been allowed since 2003. Germany has allowed same-sex couples to register f
  11. Actually, given the choice between some underpaid public educator and Bill G. making the decisions regarding the public school system....it would make sense to choose Bill. If someone is going to be giving my kids pointers on how to be a success, I would prefer that person had a track record.
  12. A little girl in Alberta is out working with her dad in the garden. Upon spying a spider, she asks her father what it is. "That is a Daddy Long Legs". Another spider happens by, and climbs onto the back of the first spider. She asks, "Is that a Mommy Long Legs?". To which her Dad replied no, that it was another Daddy Long Legs. The little girl watched fascinated for a minute or two, then lifted one chubby sandaled foot and squashed both insects. Daddy was puzzled. "That might be okay in BC or Quebec", she told him, "but here in Alberta we don't put up with that crap!".
  13. Which parents are so happy about supporting the professional athletes? Not any that I have talked to. Which athletes are we talking about here? What constitutes a decent wage? For the 8 months or so they work per year, teachers in Canada do okay financially. It's not like parents have a choice in whether they "support" the teachers financially....death and taxes you know. But I am sure a healthy parent will be happy to blindly pay for whatever drivel is on todays educational agenda. Remember sight words? Is this still the same topic? If the parents have a good value system, do they
  14. How sanctimonious. I hardly have my head in the sand, when it comes to HIV or STD's...I was merely trying to stay on topic. Whoever actually started this thread was trying to make a big deal out of the medias use of truth in headlining. As for sex eduction in schools...only to the extent that the parents are comfortable with it. Already our teachers spend far too much time and energy on activities outside of teaching the basics. You can cover the essentials about STD's and HIV in a health class, and unless asked and agreed otherwise, all remaining "sexual" education is best left up to t
  15. But the students aren't even being exposed to the sites: those are for the teacher's reference, as the quote from the minister indicated. LOL, I am being misunderstood. The thread was asking if the headline was too misleading, that is what I was replying to. The headline was "parents: sex-ed course links to porn". I argued that the headline was okay, because it stated the truth...that some parents said that the course links to porn. Thats all. As to what qualifies as porn, I wasn't really going there. Except to say that one persons pornography is anothers artwork and vice versa. S
  16. Not for you maybe, not for me. But for parents who think that we should be teaching our children abstinence and who are uncomfortable with sex, yes, a sex toy site may qualify as porn. From Merriam Webster: 1 : the depiction of erotic behavior (as in pictures or writing) intended to cause sexual excitement Just went and checked of "those" sites. They don't just picture the item and give you a dry description of what it's for. For a parent who would rather hide their child from all things sexual, I think they may consider the lovely woman licking the plastic....well, it might just qualify
  17. RB, can you clarify that one. Not sure what you were talking about. The question was what was wrong with the headline. I think the headline was fine, as it stated the case pretty much exactly as it stood. As for the porn sites...the article says that one site listed linked to a retail outlet for sex toys. The parts about mutual masturbation, oral sex etc...the article does not say these are links, just part of the curriculum. I don't think a sex toy shop is triple x, although I suppose it depends on the inventory. And unless the teacher have their heads up their arses, the kids are not
  18. I took this from the same site. If you do as he says, and read the thread, it does fall apart just a wee bit. There is no smoking gun here, just a peeved off ex-employee with a grudge and a conspiracy theory.
  19. What's wrong with the title of this article about sex education? Actually, nothing. Some parents ARE saying that the course material includes links to porn. And apparently it does. So the problem is, what?
  20. A PSA is a production sharing agreement for oil resources. I have heard it used in connection with Russion oil but not so much middle east. Then again haven't really looked.
  21. Actually, if you check out the thread he does not actually defend child pornography. He points out quite rightly that the punishment for owning child pornography has become worse than the punishment for interfering with a child. And that is a ridiculous state of affairs.
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