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  1. My favorite author once said "Never underestimate the power of human stupidity". I tend to agree with this, but do not place myself above any of my fellows. I have said and done stupid things in the past, and probably will again in the future. All of us have done the same. Okay... (I clipped the quote for sake of brevity) I would tend to agree with this, for most of the reasons you've cited. Okay... I don't buy into this. While I believe that Bush et al were aware that something big was about to happen, and I base this on the fact that most Washington VIPs were told not to fly on
  2. My solution is simple. I frequent second-hand stores when shopping for clothing and most consumer goods. The items I buy may be made in China, but buying them 2nd-hand virtually guarantees that the money I am spending on the product stays in Canada, and in most cases right here in my local area's economy. For those things that I must buy new, I try to go to locally-owned shops/stores/franchises first. Big box stores are not even on my radar. Costco, Wal-Mart, Future-Shop, Bestbuy, Home Depot, etc never have my shadow darken their doors. Actually, that is untrue. I did once go into a Wa
  3. For years I've said (in a tongue-in-cheek way) that there are two kinds of men in the world; those who admit to being pigs, and those who are liars. I've always qualified myself as an honest pig.
  4. SHWA: I'm just checking in here briefly as I have to leave shortly to go to work, and so do not have the time to type out a long post. But I wanted to say this much, that was a GREAT post. Possibly the best I've seen from you to date. Instead of calling me silly names and making personal attacks (well, a couple LITTLE ones, but what the heck....), you've brought up a lot of great information. This is what I'm looking for. Information. I never claimed to know everything, and I'm always willing to learn. I'll look into the data you've posted when I have the time (I work a short week, but my w
  5. First off, Griz, this is, I believe, our first exchange of views. Before I start I want to say this is a great post. You got all your points across respectfully. You addressed my post intelligently, and without any personal attacks. If all posters behaved this way, this forum would truly be a pleasure. There are many FNS people who live off reserve--75% in total. Some FNS have done very well, others struggle. Some may actually visibly appear FNS while others don't. It is my belief that it is a personal issue one that is far too senstive for some to even discuss. I don't know who your frie
  6. You cite Bizarro, you cite Bugs Bunny. You must have a penchant for fantasy fiction because the single line "No matter how bad things are, they can always be worse" in no way praises the white man for his efforts on the Aboriginal's behalf. In fact, it acknowledges the fact that things ARE bad, and in context of the paragraph from which it was taken, implies that this is due to the incursion of Europeans. Perhaps some more realistic reading than Bugs and Bizarro would bring you down to earth a bit. You've already attacked that particular line, and I've already responded. You've not acknowl
  7. Ok, I'll cite you. In the very next paragraph of your "rebuttal" no less! Perhaps you'd care to explain how that sentence is propaganda lauding the white man for favors to Aboriginals??? Personally, I see it as a statement of fact applicable to all people in all walks of life. Evidently you missed the line in that paragraph that pointed out that many of the "tries" were misguided, the implication being that they caused harm. My bad for not clarifying more fully as you're not the only one who took umbrage with that sentence. Two thumbs up for quoting Bugs. He's always been one of
  8. ....Which has evolved over the years, and continues to do so. But this hardly touches on day-to-day living. The friends I spoke of earlier have gone through their lives taking, quite literally, no notice of anything in the act, but have been smart enough to avail themselves of the advantages provided for them by the act. Evidently you've not read through the entire thread. Yes, I can see how driving a snowplow would require two languages. A second language would be equally important to someone who walks down the street stuffing mail into your mailbox. My point was not that this land
  9. Things go well beyond that. Some people want the world handed to them on a platter. We live in a culture of entitlement, where many seem to think it's their "right" to have what everyone else has. Many of these same people do not feel it is their responsibility to EARN those things they want. You gotta work for what you want, and if you want a civilized child, then raising the kid is going to require time and effort, not to mention a lot of luck. IOW, it's a job. If you ain't up to doing the work, don't take the job.
  10. I would disagree. Alcohol is not the only intoxicant at play here. Many kinds of drugs, in addition to sniffing gas, glue, felt-tip pens and just about anything else that can give a buzz is coming into play. But they are the symptom, not the disease. All of these substances exist outside of Native communities. If the substances themselves were the problem, then the entire nation, if not the whole world, would be in dire straights. In the communities where these problems are running rampant, I would point my finger at a lack of education, lack of leadership and lack of good parenting.
  11. RAD79: a suggestion.....if you're not actually going to address the particular post you are "replying" to, then either delete the post that is being quoted, or use the "Add Reply" button that appears at both top and bottom of the page. It's far too ponderous looking at your posts when you have a HUGE quote in there, and you're just make a short, generalized remark which is in no way related to the actual quote you're including in your post. Peace.
  12. Well, seeing as you asked for rebuttal, but no one else seemed willing, and you can't have a debate if no one is willing to question your points, so here goes....... That would depend on the issue in question, and the viewpoint of the observer. Those who you consider to "not have a clue" may feel the same way about you. Please cite example of how aboriginals are "legislated from birth until death". Among many native friends and acquaintances, I have heard complaints, but nothing about how their life is "legislated". As for the second part regarding smoking laws and those complaining ab
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