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  1. That's my tittle. If you don't like it you right write it. I'm gone.
  2. Lefty Layton sure likes spending other peoples money on things they themselves would not spend it on, and of course, constitutionally, none of these items are business of the federal government. How about giving it back to those from who it stolen from in the first place so they can do with it as they see fit. Quote : Layton The surplus should be spent on foreign aid, affordable housing, public transit and reducing post-secondary tuition fees, Layton said. http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/Canada/2007/08...4446269-cp.html
  3. Actually Higgly you remind a little bit more of Scarlet than Red. He he.
  4. name='guyser' date='Aug 23 2007, 06:40 PM' post='245625'] Well we are sick of them thinking they do. For people who think they are the center of the universe they're not very smart if they get no return on investments. Just what are these investments. in Parry Sound or Sudbury or from other provinces as they move to this city for sustenance? That's their problem. Alberta had a similar problem a few years ago. Ralph cut em off and gave them a one way bus ticket outa here. Around here we don't consider a snow storm a disaster. We call it winter. There are different ways to handle snow.
  5. House prices have been rising in Saskatchewan for over a year now.
  6. On your part there isn't. As I said before Toronto is always waiting around for government to do everything for them. Remember when Toronto had their little snow storm and they had to call in the army, to, I guess plow the streets for them. I never really understood that. The army is a fighting machine, they have tanks and artillery but I don't think they have much for snow plows. Anyway, the rest of the country had a pretty good laugh over that one.
  7. Ok. 2.7 million sociailists divided by 44 socialist city councillors + 1 socialist mayor x whine - fisical reality = bankruptcy. Yeah, they're screwed.
  8. All it will take is for one company to announce they are building an oil sands plant and away it will go. Good for them. http://www.canada.com/topics/news/story.ht...3b-36ae6ac544f9
  9. In Toronto they are always waiting for government to do everything for them.
  10. As long as it's Christians or Jews who are getting their necks chopped. Those English cops are starting to look a lot like jackbooting gestapo.
  11. OTTAWA — Organizers of a peaceful rent a mob at this week's Montebello summit want answers Looks like the secret is out. http://www.rightpoint.org/montebello.html have seen these discussions around the internet on various groups. Stephen Harper is George Bush's sock puppet, you know! There will be a union between the US, Mexico, and Canada. It will be US troops, who will be patrolling Canadian cities. The reason behind this is so that Bush will get cheaper oil from Canada. Let's see if we can feed some more into the mix. In an interview with Chom Noamsky, leader of the union of dumpste
  12. A very revealing call from Tom Harris. Jones, from the Mann and Jones hockey stick fiasco refuses to release data information. I think governments like Harper's are setting them selves up for huge damage lawsuits with policy based on the fraud of man made global warming. I think such lawsuits should be directed at individuals such as Harper, Dion, Layton and the like for not doing due diligence in the face of overwhelming evidence of fraud. http://www.nrsp.com/NRSP-Media/Audio_Wave/....08.20-cfra.wav
  13. I doubt if people in Ont. have the bad taste out of their mouth yet from the last time the NDP were in power.
  14. Pack up the desks and turn out the lights at the IPCC, it's time for everyone to fall off the man made global warming band wagon. http://epw.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?Fus...8&Issue_id=
  15. Maybe kinda like a general Curtis Lemay type liberal.
  16. That is incorrect. Harper's drop in the polls is a result of his swing to the left. The income trust lies the global warming nonsense, and pandering to quebec will all do him in in the end.
  17. The guiding principal of the reform party was limited government. Anyone who is old enough to remember, can remember a time in this country when we had limited government. A time when government was something you heard about but never really saw. Especially where it concerned your pay cheque.
  18. One thing he's got. He is my enemy.
  19. name='old_bold&cold' I really do not think the USA will ever use military might as a tool in this as Russia would be here in the drop of a hat backing Canada up, before you could say boo. What was I said was hiding under the maple leaf on the liberal flag, in earlier post.
  20. Lets hope they go back and burn the entire den of filth to the ground.
  21. name='Drea' date='Aug 19 2007, 02:22 PM' post='244814'] It doesn't change anything. It still costs a lot of money to pick up drerailments. If the trains are to long, I don't know. I'm not an expert on train lenght. If it begins to cost more to pick them up than pull them, they will get shorter if that is the reason. It's not, it's changing the subject.
  22. That's just plain silly. It costs a lot of money to pick up derailments so your arguement has no basis in reality. Your right though, the bottom line is important otherwise you are out of business. Something lefty government doesn't have to contend with because they just raid the pockets of the wealth creators for more.
  23. Nice try Drea, but even the Americans here can see what this thread is about.
  24. Peel back the maple leaf on the liberal parties flag and underneath you will find a hammer and sickle.
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