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  1. Are you sure people are that free anymore in the USA??? I would wager that there are many more Mexicans still sneaking into the USA to work illegally. Cubans are even poorer than the Mexicans ever were, So some people think the grass is greener on the other side. I have friends that have gone to visit in Cuba several times; the people are happy and friendly. Cuba is much better off than they were under the USA backed Batista government. Cuba is not invading any other countries. people are happy here in the US, too whats your point? cuba is a shithole they have almost non-exsistent pe
  2. It depends how young. Seriously though, women in many arab countries are not allowed to make decisions about whom they are marrying. They come to the west, marry who they please, and no the sky doesn't fall. Many women talk of being degraded, when naked. It is the christian values still entrenched in our culture that makes them feel this way. In the Amazon little girls run around completely naked all the time, and no, the sky doesn't fall. I could see some concern with the young woman's views if they were influenced by some 60 year old purve who just wants them in the sack. If these are tr
  3. Intelligent young women????? Just a young child in too much hurry to grow up and explore her neew still developing toys. Too much of a hurry eh? She's either growing up or she isn't. If she can realize the hipocracy in the idea that she can't make her own decisions, she's grown up enough to make them.
  4. It's a complicated subject. If we allowed our childeren to be more involved in our communities (rather than droning away in classrooms), they would be much more mature about everything, including their sexuality and sexual choices. The intellegent young woman in the article raises a great point, however with religion still deeply woven into our culture, sexuality is likely always to be considered something for the closet.
  5. Leftists eh? A marriage between the corporations and the military, with rigidly controlled social structures, is much closer to that of the American government, than it is even to Stalin's regime. Call it irrational but then you'd be wrong.
  6. Prove it! Or at the very least, make an attempt to. Piss or get off the pot....... Okay if I could bet you money, and take you on a trip to Little Havana, I would. We both know that is not possible. The Americans don't keep tabs on Cuban immigrants the way that they do with mexicans, and the cuban government couldn't care less just as long as they stay in America. Either way there is absolutely know way to prove it on the internet except through rationality.
  7. With the exception of Kim Il Jung yeah! I also see that the right is continuing its tradition of demonizing anyone that it sees fit for economic reasons.
  8. No, I have never heard of it being a crime to investigate the facts behind WW2. I do not support free speach for reactionary white supremacists. If I had it my way, he'd be executed.
  9. It seems clear to me that you think history is taught incorrectly because it does teach closer to the facts now days. You find it socially unacceptable to paint the real picture complete with blood and guts, because you more comfortable with white lolly pops, and jelly doughnuts. Too bad! :angry: The truth is that modern society is still very racially segregated, and a look at our historic influence on non-westerners is still very important! And yeah I wish they would tell the truth about George Washington! About how he kicked out George the 3rd to become George the 1st.
  10. You might want to look up some statistics on whether or not the ports are actually more dangerous now days, before you go worrying about everyone else's habbits. Aswell, considdering you were an experimental smoker, wouldn't you agree that it is rather unwise to compare your experiences with those of habitual smokers?
  11. Prove it! Or at the very least, make an attempt to. Piss or get off the pot....... Grow a brain or put down the Ann Coulter.
  12. These are your words right? Prove it! Unless I take you to the actual place how an I ever gonna prove to you exactly who these poeple are on the internet. Rationality sudgests that anyone who would want to leave a place with the necesity for life, to a place that does not provide that and has racist tendencies, is doing it for some sort of personal benefit. Yes. I'd rather be a poor black person in the States than a poor black person in a war torn African nation. Thats said, I fail to see the point of this line of thinking...... Are we talking about Cuba or are we talking about Cuba? Either
  13. Likewise; I am tired of your ignorant remarks. Nothing in life is free. Someone has to pay for it. You need to face reality and some logic. Don't tell me to read some idealistic crap; show me a communist country where it is a utopia. Everyone gets any education they wish "FREE"; gets all the medical care they require; and can sit at home on their duffs collecting good support from government without working. You are dreaming. Time to wake up to reality; put forward a little effort and initiative of your own; get a good education and work hard at getting a good job and promotions. Ac
  14. I'm sorry I'm rather computer illiterate, otherwise I'd post a link but you might google this: "Immigration Law and the Racialization of Latina /Latino". Other than that I'd just like to ask you to think rationally for a sacond. Do you think anybody, unless they had absolutely no choice would want to become an american if they were of african decent? Especially southern?
  15. Anyone intersted in a modern look at keynesian economics should take a look at the "post autistic economics review". It does a great job of linking feminism and other real issues to modern day economics.
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