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  1. I think that the AI polling by Advanced Symbolics is pretty reliable (they predicted Trump winning in the last election). https://advancedsymbolics.com/us-election-2/ So I will say, Biden: 350, Trump: 188
  2. I look forward to their desire to censor the internet.
  3. I don't think it is necessary to refer to Arruda's weight, and it may break forum rules. Perhaps you should edit your posts and the thread title?
  4. As-tu un lien? https://www.journaldequebec.com/2020/09/22/covid-19-et-regles-sanitaires-les-policiers-pourront-ils-entrer-dans-les-maisons Is this link relevant? https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/guilbault-police-covid-19-warrant-ticket-gatherings-1.5735339 The charter is a lie. We don't actually have charter rights. Sections 1 and 33 make sure of that. Of course Canadian nationalism prevents Canadians from seeing this, which means they never demand having actual constitutional rights.
  5. Thank you for catching my typo. I meant the Communist Party of China.
  6. I saw a random tweet by Andrew Coyne of a O'Toole advertisement and it just reminded me how awful O'Toole can be. This guy is a protectionist who wants to have "industrial policy", get out of trade agreements and have mass central planning of the economy. He literally calls free trade the result of 'big government' and says this unironically, as though the government putting up trade restrictions and tariffs counts as 'small government'. In his platform he mentioned wanting government funded greenhouses in Canada. Does this mean he plans to have state funded banana and orange planta
  7. I'm a bit confused. I said bias TOWARDS Anglo names, meaning IN FAVOUR OF Anglo names. I haven't read the whole thread, but is there evidence of a bias AGAINST Anglo names?
  8. @ Abies - I will point out that the name discrimination studies that you point to, particularly by Phil Oreopoulos, find a bias that favours female names over male names for job applications. In some cases, the bias towards female names is larger than the bias towards Anglo sounding names. Yet somehow this bias towards female names is always ignored...
  9. Perhaps you misread my post? And she was elected in a proportional representation system... which you oppose.
  10. Providing a universal basic income is not central planning. The first involves some redistribution of income, the second involves the government picking and choosing winners and losers in the economy rather than allowing for competition. Are you aware that the neoliberal economist, Milton Friedman, long advocated for a universal basic income (or as he called it, a negative income tax)? There was a multiparty committee that supported a national referendum on electoral reform, but Trudeau didn't want it perhaps because the FPTP system benefited him in the 2015 election. With respect
  11. Yeah, the forums used to have more left-wing voices in the past. But, for whatever reason, it has become a bit of an echo chamber.
  12. If only there were other parties in the house of commons that could make coherent arguments that could explain why mass central planning and spending hundreds of billions, if not trillions, of dollars is a bad idea... Unfortunately, there aren't any. In addition, there aren't many choices for voters to choose from, to better reflect their preferences and beliefs; this makes it easier for extremists to gain power. It's almost like, one of the main causes of Canada's terrible political discourse is the first past the post system, and the random drift behaviour that a first past the post sys
  13. PPC isn't on your poll... You can always add an 'other' option. It's quite common in polls to include an 'other' option to capture parties or candidates not on the list.
  14. Alright, screw your poll (I assume that this is permissible forum language given the context; if not I apologize. Refusing to simply correct the poll to be more inclusive comes across as a bit impolite.). Apparently you want to know who we want to vote for but apparently we aren't allowed to vote for one of the six parties that were in the debates during the last election, nor are we allowed to vote for other smaller parties nor spoil our ballots. In that case, I'll vote for the Bloc Quebecois. They are the least bad party, even if they do support the dairy cartel and even if their
  15. Maybe I would vote for libertarian. But they might not run in my riding. Of course all the parties are terrible. But I will add that the Canadian political parties are unusually terrible, in part because of where Harper and Trudeau have taken their parties. I wouldn't mind voting for parties in other countries. Such as Tsai Ing-wen's party in Taiwan, the Australian Liberal Party, or Macron's party in France. Maybe if Martha Hall Findlay created a party in Canada, I would vote for that party. To be completely honest, I'd rather vote for Kanye West than any of
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