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  1. -1=e^ipi

    Should Canada adopt unilateral free trade?

    Yes, US subsidies tend to net benefit Canada and net harm USA. As it is basically American tax payers subsidizing Canadian consumption of food. But lobby groups which control government tend to represent producers instead of consumers. So as a result, many countries take positions that are against their own country's best interest.
  2. -1=e^ipi

    Should Canada adopt unilateral free trade?

    No, one should engage in reciprocity (i.e. retaliatory tariffs) while pursuing free trade. It is actually possible for a country to benefit from tariffs, but only if the other country refuses to retaliate. Let's take a simple example: Market for oranges in Canada, where 100% oranges are produced by the USA. In the market equilibrium, the benefit to Canada, called the consumer surplus is areas 1 + 2 + 3. In the market equilibrium, the benefit to USA, called the producer surplus is areas 4 + 5 + 6. Under tariffs, the consumer surplus is area 1, the producer surplus is area 6, and the tax revenue is 2 + 4. Areas 3 + 5 is called the deadweight loss, the loss in economic activity due to the tariff. From Canada's perspective, Canada only cares about consumer surplus and tax revenue. This sum is 1 + 2 + 4. So Canada loses area 3 and gains area 4. If area 4 is larger than area 3 (which is certainly the case for small tariffs) then Canada net benefits from the tariffs.
  3. The best move is to get rid of supply management.
  4. -1=e^ipi

    Bernier claims Scheer won due to Dairy Cartel

    Maxime Bernier has been kicked out of the Conservative Shadow Cabinet over this issue. Earlier this week there was a motion to support the dairy cartel. It received unanimous consent as Maxime Bernier chose to leave the house of commons during the motion.
  5. -1=e^ipi

    Trump-Trudeau Fall-Out

    All hail the all powerful dairy cartel!!!! We must at all costs protect the dairy cartel, not matter how severe of a trade war it causes. Because, as well all know, having poor people suffer from having to pay twice as much for eggs, milk and poultry is just part of Canadian values!
  6. -1=e^ipi

    Trump-Trudeau Fall-Out

    Of course we do, because we have an awful supply management system that restricts supply, in addition to 300% tariffs. So basically, you think that the awful supply management system justifies itself...
  7. How many tariffs, trade wars and job losses must we endure in the name of protecting the dairy cartel?

  8. -1=e^ipi

    Should we legalize and regulate all drugs?

    Yes. Legalize it all!
  9. I can understand the undesirability of the 5 year sunset clause. However, the current NAFTA has the option to leave after 6 months notice, and it is reasonable to expect that agreements have ongoing consent (it would be rape without consent). I don't see why no 5 year sunset clause should be a pre-condition for Canada. It is better than no trade agreement for the next 5 years. I suspect there are other issues that the Trudeau government is unable to compromise on (such as supply management) and that they are using the 5 year sunset clause as a convenient excuse to justify inability to get a deal. Or maybe the Trump administration is too difficult to deal with. It's too hard to tell since both governments are protectionist.
  10. -1=e^ipi

    Kinder Morgan , good or bad decision

    That 12 billion is assuming the government is as efficient at building things as the private sector. They will create lots of bureaucracies for this, and have more regulatory reviews and hearings in order to obtain and reobtain social license for the project. Expect various diversity bureaucracies to make sure that the workers have equal representation of women, various minority groups, lgbt people, etc. Also expect a bilingualism bureaucracy for this, a first nations bureaucracy, climate bureaucracy, etc. They will make sure all workers are unionized, overpaid and have lots of vacation time. Will be way over-budget and take years and years to build.
  11. -1=e^ipi

    Kinder Morgan , good or bad decision

    Bad decision. Kinder Morgan bought the pipeline in 2007 for $550 million. Trudeau buys the same but older pipeline in 2018 for $4.5 billion. Kinder Morgan is very happy with the free government money. Trudeau gave up all negotiating power. He killed Energy East, killed Northern Gateway and was extremely passive on his support for Kinder Morgan (just like his passive support for Keystone XL). Then, as polls started to change, he started getting more serious after Kinder Morgan made its May 31 deadline, declares that the pipeline is in the 'national interest' regardless of how much money he promises to give to Kinder Morgan, and declares that the pipeline will get built no matter what.
  12. -1=e^ipi

    So who won the final leaders' topic?

    They all lost. Vote none of the above party!
  13. -1=e^ipi

    InCel rebellion, Toronto

    Then legalize prostitution and sex robots. Problem solved. With respect to having kids, legalize the sale of sperm, eggs, surrogacy services and artificial wombs. Problem solved. Canada needs more freedom in general.
  14. -1=e^ipi

    Doug Ford - leader of Ontario PCs

    To add context, Hawking's "understanding" of climate science is well outside of the scientific mainstream. Specifically his "understanding" of the magnitude of feedbacks and if they are anywhere close enough to cause runaway warming could use improvement.