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  1. In the US they derive power from the will of the people. In Canada, it stems more from the insane concept of the divine right of monarchs. In the case of the communist party, they derive their power from having the biggest stick.
  2. @ Rue, I have no idea where your ramblings about invasion are coming from. Also, you keep bringing up legality here, but the concept doesn't apply. For example, the communist party ignores Hong Kong basic law as well as their promises under the Hong Kong transfer. The law is whatever the thugs with the biggest guns say it is (which in this case is usually the communist party of china). We like to dress this up by referring to international law, or have romantic notations that laws stem from a monarch divinely appointed by god, or from a romanticized revolution long before we were born (US revolution, French revolution, Chinese civil war) even though all these revolutions were illegal at the time, or from the righteousness of protecting the best interest of some nationality (be it the turks, han chinese, or whoever); but ultimately all laws and legal systems derive their power from violence or the threat of violence.
  3. I never made any claim about legal authority, nor did I suggest other countries should attack China or whatever else you have falsely inferred from what I wrote. I only pointed out that Margret Thatcher made a mistake. The Hong Kong people should have been given the right to self determination instead, to choose if they want to be independence, or be part of the PRC or ROC. Also, you do not specify which legal system you are referring to. There are many legals systems in the world with their own interpretations as to who has the legal authority to do what. Yes... the very neutral world. Almost all of which consists of commie appeasers who refuse to recognize Taiwan as a country, including our current government. The Hong Kong people have no right to self determination under the so-called international UN law. That was stripped from them in 1972 under UN resolution 2908, upon the request by the PRC. Hong Kong was transferred to the PRC by the UK under certain conditions, such as relative independence until 2047. All of this was done without consent of the governed. Given that the conditions of the transfer have been so strongly violated by the PRC, I think the UK and other countries should cease to recognize the transfer as valid, and put the city in a weird limbo state where its status unclear.
  4. Margret Thatcher has failed the people of Hong Kong. Hong Kong could have been transferred to the Republic of China (Taiwan), which is the direct successor to the Qinq Dynasty, which leased the land to the British in the first place. In addition, the Hong Kong people should have been given right to self determination to choose their own destiny.
  5. Milton Friedman also supported universal basic income.
  6. We already have governments at extremes. The federal government is a coalition government run by a group of people that admire the basic dictatorship of China (Trudeau's own words), praised Fidel Castro upon his death (Trudeau and Singh), make apologies for the Maduro regime in Venezuela (half the NDP), and had the leader of the Quebec Communist Party run as an candidate to be an MP (Bloc Quebecois). This coalition does not believe in constitutionally protected freedom of speech (which Canada does not have, see section 1 and section 33 of the charter) and want to silence whatever they deem to be "hate speech", does not believe in separation of media and state as a basic principle of democracy (see the never ending media bailout and ever increasing funding for CBC/radio-canada), instead they would like the government to determine what is "fake news" and what is not, and does not believe in equal application of law (compare the application of law to people that threw gasoline or burning tires on trains earlier this year to the application of law of excessive fines to people walking in a park or using public transportation). The government is out of step with other developed countries (Australia, Japan, US, Europe) in its desire to please the Communist Party of China and uncritical support of the WHO, which has Tedros Adhanom, a communist, as its head. Canada still fails to support Australia's bid for a full independent inquiry into the origins of COVID-19, and still fails to recognize Taiwan as a country, at the bidding of the Communist Party of China. This recent pandemic has helped to shed light on the authoritarian nature of some of those in power. Trump is another example of an extremist in power.
  7. Sweden is a more densely populated country. It is easier to spread diseases in densely populated areas.
  8. US corona virus death rate: 2.6 per 10,000 Sweden: 3.4 per 10,000 Quebec: 3.9 per 10,000
  9. Why would Doug Ford showing his true authoritarian colours during this crisis surprise you? He is a populist with no core principles. As long as he gets to be the strongman in charge, bossing people around, he might like the role. I'm glad I never voted for Ford. I'd spoil my ballot before voting for these terrible politicians. On the other hand, we get to see the true colours of freedom-loving people, such as Elon Musk, during this crisis. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/13/opinion/elon-musk-tesla-factory-covid.html
  10. Not Taiwan, not South Korea, not Sweden.
  11. If the government wants phone information from the people, then it should ask people individually for consent, and financially compensate them. If a government were to explain well their reasons for wanting this information, then most people would gladly consent, especially if they get free money out of it. An authoritarian approach to obtaining such tracking information is not necessary.
  12. It's odd to highlight New Zealand as justification for the lockdown due to their low death rate of COVID19, but then criticize the comparisons with Taiwan and Australia as "island states". Australia is a continent, not and island. Also, I guess New Zealand isn't an island state... Australia and Taiwan both are closer to China. Australia has lots of travel and trade with China, is a developed country with similar population, population density, number of large urban centres, and immigration as Canada. Taiwan in particular has far more travel with Mainland China, specifically with Wuhan, than Canada. Dismissing their much lower death rates as the result of being "island states" I think dismisses the main reasons why their results are so much better than Canada's. And the reason isn't due to Canada's lockdown.
  13. Australia has had lower COVID19 deaths per capita than New Zealand. Taiwan, which is a country, has had even lower COVID19 deaths per capital than Australia and they did not even have a lockdown. The premise of the first post is incorrect.
  14. I don't want to live in a police state. The military swears its allegiance to the queen and her successors, rather that to Canada or to principles (such as freedom or democracy). So I don't entirely trust them, especially with the slate of authoritarian politicians we have in power ordering them around.
  15. It's an organization that has a communist as its head, regurgitates talking points of the communist party of China, and refuses to let Taiwan join. I say, defund them, leave, and start a new organization that include the country of Taiwan (Republic if China). Disallow the commies or other authoritarian regimes (such as Saudi Arabia, which kills gay people) from joining.
  16. I disagree. I think if Canada did it (or another similar country like Australia, UK, France, etc.) then people in other countries would begin to ask why their governments don't support freedom and democracy by recognizing Taiwan. You would just need 1 country to break the taboo.
  17. We (Canada) needs to change that map by recognizing Taiwan. Although with the current government's overly cozy relationship with the communist party, I doubt that will happen any time soon.
  18. Or it's due to Canada being a more spread out and less densely populated country. A better comparison would be with Australia.
  19. It seemed to work well for Taiwan and Australia.
  20. We should call it the communist party virus.
  21. Yes, the WHO totally isn't overly controlled by the Communist Party of China. Not with the head of the WHO who is openly a communist, not with their blind repetition of CCP talking points during the beginning of the corona virus issue. Nor with interviews like the one below. Certainly, it's not like Taiwan was trying to warn other countries of human-to-human transition of COVID-19 back in December, but the denial of their WHO membership due to the one China policy prevented other countries from being property warned.
  22. Allowing for the sale of meat incentivizes the production of meat. A cow has a larger cerebral cortex than a fetus.
  23. Who is harmed by selling a fetus for money for use in stem cell research? Abortion is already legal.
  24. I don't support people doing these things. I just support people's freedom to do ridiculous things. Society is only truly free if the line between what you are allowed to do and what you are not allowed to do is deep into ridiculous territory.
  25. For health reasons, perhaps a restriction could be justified...
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