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  1. Army Guy

    Saudi Arabia expells Canadian ambassador

    According to whom, our native Americans, or maybe it was the boat load of Jews were sent packing down the road to their deaths, maybe the Japanese interment thingy, history is full of examples...that may show we are better or worse than other nations.....WHY would you want to go on to twitter and attack just one nation, what was the point.....to prove that we are better some how. OK so the liberals are dancing around in their tutu's were better than the Saudis.....Big fucking deal....what has all of this shown this nation, Saudis have bigger balls, they slapped the shit out of us and the rest of the world watched, and did nothing.....and then once Justin's band of feel do gooders picked themselves up, they sat there with gapping mouths as the Saudis heap on more and more and they do nothing.....and we wonder why the rest of the world thinks we are weak..
  2. Army Guy

    Saudi Arabia expells Canadian ambassador

    What still remains is the Twit, cost over a Bil in revenue, and what did we get in return, The Saudis bitch slap our nation in front of the world, making our nation looking like some 3 year old because some MP could not control her twitter finger, I mean even my garbage guy knows to stay of twitter, because it is such a great political tool.....Justin did have a chance to take advantage of this whole thing turn the tables on the Saudis plus maybe even gain a ball or two at home.. your right now education is a provincial thing , but other Dept's have offered free education in trade for time served, such as the military, how long would it take to set up a volunteer national medical service where medical staff of all trades or specialties serve in public hospital's across the nation where they are needed.
  3. Yes but is their not a clause that says that each country can give 6 months warning to opt out or renegotiate, kind of makes the sunshine clause mout does it not...
  4. Army Guy

    Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    Yesbut he does have a great head of hair, and he is reported to have a great sock collection, apparently these are some of the traits liberals use to vote for.
  5. Army Guy

    Saudi Arabia expells Canadian ambassador

    I would agree with you totally, But the point here is what was the cost of this tweet, now costed well over 4 bil, and what did we get for that 4 bil, we got nothing , except bitched slapped by the Saudis . Now if the liberals actually got off their balls and countered with some of the ideas you suggested I would be a happy Canadian, instead, we are left wanting more from our PM. in my Opinion I would have cut the oil off, declared the energy east pipe line a national security matter and drove that pipe through Quebec into NB, I would also look at the rest of the nations with interns in our medical system, so we are not looking at this in the future from other nations of say questionable human rights issues, perhaps starting up our own free medical training program funding Canadian citizens..as for the other students taking up spaces in our universities, perhaps we could look at other free education ideas in other problem areas... Stop selling them any wheat and barley, lentils…..it's not like the purchase a lot anyways.... Send a message that we are considering cancelling the LAV contract, put the ball back in our court...
  6. Army Guy

    NAFTA negotiations.

    What is it that Canada has absolutely have to say no to, what is it that we have to risk everything for ? The US has asked for no tariffs , if they reciprocate how could that be a bad thing....I'm all for paying less for dairy, and many other products that Canada has inflated the price on for taxation purpose or to preserve some failing industry....SO ya post pone it until the election....make it a platform that all parties can run on , and destroy the liberals that could not seem to solve this complex issue....
  7. So this has nothing to do with the increasing Russian threat, that has alarm bells ringing in a lot of European countries.....The fact that Europe has cashed in its peace bonds, let it's military strength slip to dangerous levels something that concerns the European union, everyone is talking about it....and now that the US finally has a voice that does not want to be politically correct and wants all the dead beats to pay for their own share of the defense of Europe and other NATO commitments that this is the US fault, we can't give him the credit for atleast forcing them into action, well besides Canada which told the world to F*** off we are not playing this game....because we know better...lets rephrase that a Canadian school teacher knows better some how....
  8. Army Guy

    Saudi Arabia expells Canadian ambassador

    So Justin has found out that his good looks and hair cut don't count for sweat F**** all, I mean where is the rest of the western world reactions on this issue.....we here murmurs in the back ground, nothing from the states our closest allied....why is that perhaps we have pissed off everyone, even Mexico don't like us.....So now we find ourselves alone in the world, because we some how think our shit does not stink, and when we get bored we send out retarded twits to stir things up.....and now we have lost bils in revenue because we want to be right, we have to be right it is the Canadian way...…….. I can't wait until the election.....Anything but Justin campaign...
  9. Army Guy

    Saudi Arabia expells Canadian ambassador

    The question I have to ask is why ? remark anything on Twitter is this source of media now classified as a political media, where we go to solve issue between nations.....If Canada could learn anything from President Trump , it would be Stay the F*** off twitter....shit even the liberals have been critical about Potus using twitterguess now it has come back and bite them in the ass...The next question is with our own record of human rights issues in question WHY would we need to stand up and point the finger at someone else....someone once said live in a glass house you should not throw rocks....But hey everything is cool with our Native American population because we just gave them a national holiday, to remember all the bad shitwe did to them in the past....I know more broken Justin promises, and here they actually thought finally someone was going to do something.....Happy holiday Mother F***** with the liberals laughing in the back ground.....
  10. Army Guy

    Saudi Arabia expells Canadian ambassador

    it cost Bils, have you not been reading the news , one could start with the Medical side of the House with over 800 Saudis interns imbedded into our health care and now leaving will leave a huge gap in an already brittle medical system. It is said that each intern or student cost approx. 130 to 140 k per. Not to mention other students in the numerous universities across the country, all of it has a price tag. https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2018/08/08/the-loss-of-hundreds-of-saudi-medical-residents-will-put-a-lot-of-strain-on-canadian-patients-experts-say.html It also blocked imports of Canadian grain, and other products, not a big deal as none have been delivered this year any ways. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/08/world/middleeast/saudi-arabia-canada-rights.html A few countries, including Bahrain and Egypt, have stated their support for Saudi Arabia’s position, but without announcing concrete steps of their own. The Egyptian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on its Facebook page that it was “concerned” about the split between Canada and Saudi Arabia. It blamed international powers “meddling in the internal affairs of countries in the region” for the tensions. This could lead to other issues if not resolved. like more loss of trade and valuable sources of income for our nation....
  11. Army Guy

    Federal Conservatives lead in new Ipsos poll

    Army guy is not trying to fool anyone...…......your to liberal for even the liberals eyeball, the NDP might even be to liberal for you,. the green party maybe....The tree huggers union is definitely your pigeon hole,...
  12. AHHH, the budget will balance itself Argus….we'll just print more money....
  13. Only if we can send our liberals, NDPers, Green party pukes to some where in the middle east for conversion training for a couple years, MAYBE....it will work....
  14. don't get me wrong I do like the US, but I do love Canada. despite all of its warts.
  15. You really think our system gives way to all you have suggested here, do we have the same problems as the UK, Australia, and all the other common wealth countries....maybe it's those that carry out liberal ideals, such as paying students to protest a project the government wants to push through, maybe it is the government playing both sides of the fence….Maybe they want to get reelected and fuck the consequences , and all the values we attach to that....I think your going to get this regardless of what form of democracy we practice..... do you think those things are not happening in a republic form of government, or any European government ….do you think trump is going to answer is sexual assault charges...no more than Justin is....As for a white supremacist capitalist patriarchy BS.....I'm white and it has not given me a jet at the airport , or a shot at being the PM....money in my bank, a car in every garage, a women in every city...everything I got I earned by working for it. I'm also sure that there is a list of good things that the monarchy has given us....