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  1. In regards to not being able to find a family doctor, i had the same experience, after getting out of the army i was put on a list 3 years later, and having to wait up to 8 hours to get prescriptions filled. A friend of mine told me to write to the premier, i drafted up a letter, explained my circumstances that i had been on the waiting list for 3 years, Within 2 weeks i had gotten a call for the minister of health, and she had given me a date and time to have an interview with a doctor.... and if that did not work out to call her and she would find another for me... my tax dollars at work for
  2. 1. I hope you have discounts, because it might get expensive. 2. For how long do we need to give these handouts for, and please account for these other social programs that are or will be started, Universal income estimated at 85 bil a year, minimum wage raised to 15 a hour, pharma care, and others we have not heard of yet, as the liberals will have to compromise or go to the polls. 4. your right , most of the country is leaning left, but that does not mean it is the right direction to travel. Greece liked it's social programs as well. And here i thought i could shame the left into
  3. So you think we should change directions and go to more of a social government where all your needs are meet by government, so we don't have to work or be responsible for anything, ... you think that is going to change todays world... not on your life, if there is one thing that brings together everyone , regardless of religion, race ,creed, or government type ,( it is greed,) want to make change on a grand scale make it profitable to do so... Canada has been blessed with resources, that are not going to one day just dry up, and like i said unless you make it profitable climate is only g
  4. 1. Thank you Michael for the grammar lesson. 2. Ya i get it, there is a pandemic going on, I live in New Brunswick where we understand what is going on, not like Ontario or Quebec that don't get the concept of a few rules every province has put out for people to follow. The people are desperate you say, for what more government hand outs, and mean while they are blinded by the fact that sooner or later the government is going to have to stop the hand outs because there is no more treasure to do it... Thats when they will become desperate. 3. So what are you saying Michael the FP is
  5. Your going to have to talk louder, he has his tin foil hat on, it covers his ears ....or make the font bigger to grab his attention....
  6. Good for you, i think most people in my generation are sitting in the same space, i still have a mortgage but it will be paid off in 2 years. But we all know there is a major difference between running a nation and it's finances , and running your families household. That being said why have YOU decided that it was important to pay off your mortgage... And why has the left decided the sky is the limit to spending bringing in more social programs that are only temporary, as we can not sustain this type of expenditures, you can see that right....none of these programs are here to stay, atle
  7. Not "US" shady, just the entire left , the right already knows how to be fiscal responsible, and what drives our economy.
  8. Can you with 100 % certainty tell us that the liberals will not raise taxes... I mean becasue they have been so truthful in the past right. and while we are talking about hardships adding 700 bil to the debt is not a hardship to Canadians, and if not what amount is going to be a hardship...
  9. So you have seen the amount the liberals are going to add to our current budget deficit, we have already added close to 400 bil last year and they plan to add another 151 bil this year, with the total deficit added during the liberal reign is well over 700 bil dollars. My question is at what point do we become concern about the deficit, and at what point do we say enough is enough... yes the last 2 years have been shitty, but what happens if something else is around the corner, or for some untold reason interest rates start to climb, do you think we are going to be in a position as a nation t
  10. Canada as a nation has being doing this for decades, we love to point fingers and blame others for everything , shit we have been blaming the US for all our problems, for as long as I can remember, we have not taken reasonability for anything, yes we like to say sorry, Justin has made an entire career out of it, we pay them some money, and then forget about it... We are a nation of cheap ass, mouth breathing, pecker woods that can not or will not make a decision if our lives depend on it... our government has been shitting on our doorsteps for decades and all we do is step over it.... an
  11. Well i guess it did not take long for some of the crazies' to come out of the woodwork, like this guy who apparently thinks when addressing parliament , naked is the next new thing... I get it the whole not wearing pants because nobody is going to see that... but when you totally strip off , someone is going to ask a few questions.... and then claimed it was an accident, ....but hey liberals have done a lot of stupid stuff, maybe it was talked alot at the convention, and got approved some how....
  12. Not sure if the Nuremburg code applies here, it deals with experimentation on human subjects... the Vaccines are not experimental they are approved by the Canadian drug administration, and are safe to use on humans.... the testing is already been done... And if the government can suspend any of your rights, or laws, or pretty much anything with very poor excuses what makes you think they could not suspend this outcome... call it for national security reasons , health reasons, etc. or any thing along those lines... They can still put restrictions on travel, or pretty much anything t
  13. I don't see that, look how many nations we have helped not only through capitalism, take Afghanistan for instance Canada built a mega project dam which now provides electricity to a good portion of the country, it has brought fresh water to towns and villages by the dozens, our soldiers raised funds and purchased fire trucks and ambulances for towns that desperately needed them out of their own pockets...we have contributed to natural disasters, other conflicts such as Mali, and though out history we have contributed a lot. and if it was not for capitalism that might not have happened...Not to
  14. Your right, there are alot of bat shit crazy conservatives, and at one time even i was leaning towards the crazy side, becasue nothing else was working..... But in the same token there are a lot of bat shit crazies on the left as well, take a look at some of the ideas to come out of the NDP Convention. disbanding the police, the military, even some of the liberals ideas when put into context of todays crushing debt, child care, universal income, with 400 bil already spent, and very little to show for it, not to mention a lot of finical institutes are warning about adding to much more debt, and
  15. Why is it that so many people see and know this, and yet these crazy Basta**s are still ahead in the polls, and are in position of creating another liberal majority... Are Canadians really that naïve to see through all the liberal smoking mirrors, maybe Canada as a nation has just outlived its life expectancy and now the left wants a something new, something dripping with socialism... And this story did not come from the rebel, but rather the Financial Post, even they can smell the shit that are coming of the liberals.... Diane Francis: The Liberal government is Canada's biggest problem (
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