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  1. The Conservative party has plenty of good members, thats not the problem, the problem is the direction they are going, and how they get there....there are lots of things I see in their platform that I like, but what is missing, everything that is not popular with certain groups of lobbies, things that do not make sense, or would benefit the country as a whole, and not a select few.......like dairy, corporate welfare, handing out billions to foreign countries, adjusting the provinces welfare checks... the list go's on....And the man that controls that direction is Andrew.....And it is to liberal for me... Their are plenty of good people in the conservative party.... Selfish how, selfish as in all those that are going to vote liberal, green ,NDP ,MAX are selfish, The cons are losing thousands of votes to other parties, because of what little we know of Andrews direction, what little we know of Andrew period...Has he explained in detail any of his platform....yes he is going to reverse dozens of liberals proposals and policies...but then again so is everyone else.... Telling me that splitting the vote is selfish , equates to this....that you have no confidence in your party, your afraid that he is not popular enough to win a majority, your afraid that Justin may stay another term...if your that unsure then it's not to late to vote for max....don't be so selfish.... I'm voting for max , because I see him as the best candidate, I thought that was what democracy was all about....maybe I'm wrong...but i'm not alone, about 3 months ago they were polling about 2.5 or 3 % national, and climbing every day....with Justins numbers falling faster that grannies boobs. Now is MAX going to be the next PM , that would take a miracle, and it has happened before....but unlikely , . but does not change my mind that he is the best man for the job...
  2. I'm not apologizing for anything, I don't care what they wear or what you wear for that matter, ...you want to get dress up in a pink tutu thats your call, does not effect my life one bit........I don't have a problem with Muslims.....I do have issues with Islamic extremists, nor I'm a big fan of their religion either . That does not mean I want to go around or approve of paintballing Canadian Muslims for shits and giggles...now liberals are free game.....when their only crime was wearing some cloths you don't approve of... Want to grow a pair , sign up with the Kurds they are looking for a few good men, or women, and Justin says your welcome back home after you attend some arts and crafts plus a poetry class. yes some of them are Muslim , but they hate extremists, well mostly ISIS , not to fussy about turks , Iraqis, either, there is some history there..... I' d recommend the recruiting office, but they don't take children, or rednecks... Just a question How is it that cursing out or assaulting some Canadian Muslims is going to solve this issue you have with bombing...extremism, terrorists, scumbags in other areas of the world....Perhaps it is time for you to grow a pair, there is nothing you can do to change the fact they "Muslims" are here in our nation to start a new life....you might not like it but they are Canadians...Now if they break the law they should go...but wearing some clothing you don't like is not breaking any laws....you need to let it go....
  3. Nobody is asking you to, I was defending my right to vote for any candidate I like, ....I'm the one voting for Max...it is my vote to waste or use as I may. at the end of the of the night we will find out who's candidate wins and who's loses...and at the end of the their term we will find out if we made the right chioce or we got another Justin.....I don't see things changing much with Andrew....
  4. Why is it we need to go extreme right or left to solve issues that are basically common sense....wear what ever you want to wear, if that is a burka or veil who cares, I have 2 daughters who have tested my morals and values with what they called fashion for years....to the point I thought god was punishing me for something I did in another life....The common sense approach would be yes you need to show your face to police officers with just cause , for a picture i.e. driver license , government ID card, to get a fire arms certificate (PAL), to purchase a fire arm, etc. etc...other than that wear what ever, shit today the fashion world has tested the boundaries of every father, look at those yoga leggings, the see through kind, you know what I'm talking about... if we can tolerate them, whats a few burkas....here and there.... There is bigger fish to fry in the whole Islamic thing....than burkas and veils...
  5. Thats a load of bull, todays Andrew sheers conservatives are leaning more to the left that the right....want left vote liberal.....Andrew is only going to compromise if he has spent 3 months polling out the topic and studying it to see how many votes he will get...., and if it is not popular then it ain't going to happen. The rest of Canada wants a PM that can make decisive decisions in a timely manner, decisions that may not be popular with the country, but better for our nation....And if you look at a bulk of his platform you'll see that, tackling the Dairy cartel is not popular, ending corporate welfare not popular, ending the climate welfare checks to foreign nations , not popular....the list go's on.... What alliance, you afraid that max won't get along with the fabulous four....come on, Max is a conservative, not some liberal lite ,like sheer....you don't have any proof that will happen …. True Andrew has surrounded himself with some good people, Max's people are untested, does not mean that they are no good, not worthy of a chance....we have been on this same merry go round for since confederation, with the choices being liberal or conservatives.....and for a long time there has not been much to choose from... I mean we picked a drama teacher/ ski bum, with good hair and good smile.....to be our last PM that should show you how desperate we are for leadership in this country . you can't trust max, I can't trust Andrew for the same reasons, I see max as a leader who did not like the way the conservative party was traveling so he got off, and decided to go his own way...and accomplish the near impossible, create his own party, with it's own core values, and morals, he sets himself apart from the cons in many ways....How long is this party going to stay don't know...what I do know is he has the best platform out there right now, one that suits my needs, my wishes , one that is putting the nation ahead of himself....can't say that with Andrew.... Building a party in 4 years is a huge under taking....proves he can get things done....He has put his time in as a politician so ya he is not a Justin, who had what experience as a politician again ? did he read a book, maybe watched a u tube video...come on thats a strawman excuse.... reward someone for skipping the line, WTF is that, what this country needs is someone who has the balls , and some leadership skills to lead, be able to make the tough choices when needed, and to know when someone is trying to pull the wool over his eyes....and personal I don't care if he comes straight our of a MacDonald's restaurant....we've tried it your way for hundreds of years...and looking back not to many have proved to be great leaders, we have had some that were good, but not that many that were great, we've had some that we are taking down statues off because they made some questionable decisions.... I'm willing to put my vote on a guy that is the under dog.... why because we have tried everything else, and now were down to drama teachers and ski bums, what can we lose , things can only get better....
  6. I know it is still early in this situation but I'm wonder what is the response form the Islamic world on this attack ?, what is the response of the Christian world ? is their gun reform happening in Sri lanka ? Has Justin open the doors to Canada to these Christians that are being prosecuted....This is the time for everyone to stand up and take action, not just Christians but muslims as well,
  7. Army Guy


    Your a funny guy Eyeballs...Me I sleep just fine eyeball , thanks for asking...
  8. Antifa and leftist by definition are also hateful people, who tend to paint anyone not of their group with one paint brush, they tend to trigger easily when you question immigration or other topics that they hold near and dear.... and they goto their favorite your a Racist , or white nationalist/ supremacist...U tube is full of them , getting triggered , their heads turning red to the point of exploding, spittle flying every where , lets not forget the masks . yes they believe in their cause, but don't want anyone to know who they really are....Thats what I call a true believer....hiding behind a mask.... Thanks For that little bit of compassion Jacee, did not think you had any..... now that I think about it, not all liberals, green ,NDP are gay, most, but not all....but they sure like to pander to those types of groups...
  9. Army Guy


    YA I do, Sure now it is my fault now... that some loser wants to over dose the 4 th times in one day, 8 times that week ,how much does it cost in tax payers money for EMT's time, cost of arcan or anti drug medication per dose, cost of ambulance, or fire fighters, and police, ….your saying who cares how much it costs..... the addict has a right to live, and that effort should be paid in full by the tax payer...Even when the addict knows his addiction is going to kill him, they don't give a rats ass.....and some how I have to give a rats ass.....and yet i'm the asshole because some drug addict wants to have the right to over dose when ever he wants knowing the tax payer is going to come good for his or her mistakes….Fack that....2 to 3 soldiers commit suicide every week, in our country , soldiers that served this nation with everything they had....and we don't do a damn thing to help them....and you want me to fell sorry for someone drug addict that has done nothing except be a burden to society....and i'm the asshole.... They make the chioce, they inject themselves, they know the dangers....but somehow according to you we should do every thing in our powers to ensure these losers are alive the next day to do it all over again....But when those EMT, fire fighters, cops, medical staff reach their mental health limits it's screw them....in a lot of cases it's you knew the nature of the job, before hand....you made the chioce....live with it...But some drug addict some how it's a different story....
  10. This whole thing is political driven, answering to special interest groups who just look at the demographic make up of each dept....and want to make changes because of the optics it has to the rest of the country....Nobody was even given a thought to "maybe we should just hire the best man or women" but that was not complicated enough now we have to bring in race and religion...What is more important to Canadians, having a soldier that can actually soldier, and meets ALL the standards...or having the right colors and groups on a number chart on the office wall....todays standards are what ever they need to be in order to meet the quota.... Today the standards have been lowered to the point it may be considered a safety issue, all in the name of diversity, the article already mentions lowered IQ standards for people of the north....But there is also a 350 lb man can pass they basic PT test, which can easily be done....they are in the CF... Ever try and lift or drag a 350 lb man who is injured on the battle field, not to mention soldiering takes a very physically fit person, you think a 350 lb person is fit, think they could march 40 kms a day, run 10 km into battle ….carry a 110 lb rucksack for prolong periods in the mountains, in 55 degree heat, in Afghanistan this was a regular routine, even the very fit had issues doing this day after day..... Once again politics set the standards not the military....
  11. The Maritimes is not going red ONCE again, NB has already a blue provincial government , with PEI likely to go green, Justin has very little support here in the Maritimes... PS I believe we should pack the whole lot you BC peace niks and tree huggers, on to the island and push you out to sea....I know we would be better off, might even mange to get a pipe line in there.....but then again opinions are like assholes everyone got one …..
  12. Maybe , but you understood it's intention, it's ok for you to paint an entire people with one brush, but not any body else....and I agree most white supremist are hateful, along with most Antifa as well, but thats not what you said you your implying that conservatives = white supremist
  13. Army Guy


    I agree up to a point, when your habit effects my life style or taxes thats where I draw the line want to OD then hey thats on you, but you should not expect the tax payer to provide lifesaving arcan or counter drugs to bring you back from the high you where chasing....There was a documentary done in BC where the same guy gets saved 4 times in on 24 hour period....not to mention what it does to these EMT guys mental health that live with that everyday on the job....
  14. Is that what you call it, and here I thought we could vote for anyone on the ballet, guaranteed by our constitution..... and yet for some reason you and many other conservatives think it's stupid or a dick move to vote for anyone other than Andrew....Are you Afraid that Andrew may not be the man you think he is , and will not garner enough votes to defeat Justin and thats got you scared..........If that is your way of think YOU might want to rethink voting for Andrew, because I know a shit tonne of people who are tired of both liberals and conservatives or should I say liberal lites and almost liberal conservative party... Both are one in the same Andrew may win out on personality, but they both have similar ways of governing Canada. It's time for a change and if you can't jump on board that train, fine stay on the lemming train of the same channel, same shit....Because you've always voted Conservative, or your hoping that this time, everything will be different ...if you ask me that is the definition of stupidity trying the same solution over and over hoping for different results.... I really don't care about uniting the conservative front.....or let me rephrase that, what you think is the conservative front....Andrews conservatives are more liberal than they are conservatives....and if your scared of the results , then you should be out there campaigning for Andrew to ensures he wins.....I'm going to vote for MAX, and I hope many more do as well, and if that means Justin wins another term or Andrew gets a minority, thats politics and the will of the Canadian people...
  15. Gays vote liberal , what is your point here....was it all liberals are gay, because I know a lot and they are straight..... You don't think the liberals don't court votes, once again does that make them gay.... speaking of hiding stuff did the liberals not just hide major changes to the immigration policy in another bill. bringing it more in line with conservative policy....
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