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  1. Trump is doing a lot of tree shaking in regards to the economy, because they want a better deal. And now other nations are also doing the same thing, Australia is having fits with China ownership of most of their resources and industry plus they to want to now limit the amount of business they do with china, on top of many other nations not to haapy that the wet markets have been reasonable for 3 virus pandemics so far, and they want change on that front........And on the military front US/ UK naval fleets continue to respond to China aggression in the pacific...IE building of military bases on islands and claiming a 12 km limit, in strategic water ways...this is on top of Japanese and South Korean fleets having their own issues with China in which the US fleet is helping out with... For nations that their economies are intertwined they sure don't play nice. When ever we climb out of this virus shit hole, things may look a little different..., a lot of countries have been talking about nationalizing some of its manufacture items such as med supplies, med equipment, medicines multi bil dollar industries ,just to start, perhaps this list will grow in size.. all being manufacture in their own country's .
  2. Not sure globalization reduces any chance of military conflict, if anything it has increased it, to the point that a lot of nations are reinvesting into their militaries, or transforming them from fighting on the European theater, to more pacific region , hence why the marines just announced they are getting rid of tanks and some of their aircraft, deemed unsuitable for island hoping campaign, all geared towards china to counter its aggression around the Pacific. China which is seen as the new threat not only for the US/UK, but all of NATO, and other defensive pacts we belong to such as the ABCAZ (America, Britian , Canada, Australia, New Zealand) in fact there is a major military policies update in many nations military's, .. Australia along with other western nations revamping and expanding their navy forces, all in deterrence against china...Britain doing the same thing. Yes all the western nations are dependent on china as a key component in all of our economies, but that does not indicate a decrease in military tensions. Yes, having goods built in China is cheaper, but that is our greed kicking in, for both sides, our companies want to make more money by using cheap labor, , consumers want to save money...regardless of the cost to those actions.. Such as loss of jobs here in Canada , loss of control over there products, loss of pricing control, trade secrets , tech secrets, as well ,seen clearly today, when China just redirected goods made by North American companies based in China and used them for China , leaving the rest of the world scrambling for sources of supply.
  3. While Sweden has decided to handle this in another way, not all of Sweden's medical experts agree with their approach...in fact many medical people are urging their government to change that to be more in line with the rest of Europe....This approach has yet to be proven as the right or wrong , this whole pandemic is not over yet...and things can change very rapidly... Governments are not infallible ask the people of Sweden how their social experiment is going with their new migrants they took in...
  4. I get it Rue, the social media is full of false info, all with it's own very real looking sources, ....And it needs to be proven wrong or taken down, much like the whole stocking up on toilet paper , it swept the entire country, across several nations.... and when you asked WHY....they all said it's because the virous..... one could only guess if you stuff your ass with enough paper you'll be protected some how.. I not sure what drove them to toilet paper, but it was a genus marketing strategy on someone's behalf, the nation has more shit paper stock piled for the next pandemic than anything they really need... ........… As for masks, they are extra protection not for us so much, but for others around us, keeps our spittle and water droplets inside the mask as I understand it. just one more layer of defense or protection, like a seat belt.... And while there are people who are have to much fear, there are more that do not have any fear, or respect for this pandemic, like you said education with the right info is key...... some Nations are producing disinformation about the virous, such as china, and at some points even our own government were giving bad info to back up their own policies and decisions I know we are all 10 feet tall and bullet proof...and more people are going to survive this , than people who are not. but we are not all supermen....someone has to make up those stats we all see on the news, those that have the virous , those that have died from it, and those that have survived... Now some nations are reporting that china's reported deaths are way to low, and they were not forth coming with all their info they had, and that the virous dates back as far as November...and other nations are not counting all the deaths as virous related.... I think some where in the middle is the truth
  5. Once had a SGT with multi tours in a combat zone, ask me while we were traveling in the back of a LAV coming from the airport in KAF and heading to my first FOB, during my first tour in Afghanistan, he asked me rather the entire boat, you scared, I replied NO, being a macho young infanteer, You should be, a little fear is what is going to keep you alive... a little fear makes you think twice before acting. you need to learn to control it, and use it to your advantage...
  6. Back in the day I can remember sitting in my dads lap while he drove....times have changed. If your having issues put oven mitts on as well, or have your wife slap you in the back of the head every time you touch your face.. And as for the kids well thats what duct tape is for, no need for a mask 3 or 4 layers of duct tape and they won't be taking it off any time soon, and once or twice pulling out all their hair , taking it off I bet they will love to wear the mask....just think on how much you'll save on hair cuts...
  7. Not sure we would be losing anything of any real value, we talk about our health care system like it was the golden goose...hardly, plenty of other nations who have better, and we have done shit to improve it since it's inception, nor have we put any serious investment into solving it's short comings, like shortage of doctors, nurses, other medical techs........Our gun laws...give me a break, all our gun laws do is punish those law abiding gun owners, does nothing to stop criminals from getting their hands on automatic wpns… it gives the liberals a false sense of security. Besides the majority of Canadians can not wait to get rid of the Royal family, we are just to lazy to do it, to much work, we could never open the constitution like it was a sacred document hidden in a vault, in an bank, in a volcano....what do we pay politicians for again...Shit our system of government is screwed beyond belief, we even have one province that has not signed the last changes...what are we holding on to... We as a nation could not even bear the thought of having to pay a few million dollars to protect ex prince Harry and his wife while they stayed in Canada... Justin last trip to India cost more than that... Lots of talk about the US bulling other nations, and yet we say jack Shi* about living under their protection umbrella...., not to mention the nations we ourselves have changed regimes, add on top of that all the ones we assisted with...YA look at Canada's hands they are just as red as the Americans...we are a nations full of Cretiens talking out of both sides of our mouths...
  8. Justin can talk for forever and not say a single thing...and he uses the same answer regardless of question....
  9. Not always possible, Besides it is a safety measure, much like a seatbelt, your safer when wearing it....
  10. I might have chosen the wrong word, instead I should have used "concern", that being said we pay these guys and girls a lot of money to be able to plan and coordinate not only our day to day running of the country, but also to plan for future events such as this, we also have a entire dept. that looks after all of this "emergency preparedness" at the federal level and I'm pretty sure each provincial government has a similar one as well. Someone dropped the ball and this is only one aspect of this crises. And it is not just the liberal government who should be held accountable the cons hold some responsibility as well in not being prepared. Yes all levels of government deserve some thanks, but I hope we are recording all our mistakes, and come up with better solutions. Such as the confusing comments coming out of our Health dept , about no need for masks, then we should be wearing masks, and many more. Other depts. not closing down the border fast enough, other half measures such as we locked up those on boats, but not planes trains or automobiles coming in to the country.....they were advised to stay at home for 14 days...
  11. Lots of rumbling in the European union right now, with Italy at the head of it, as a few European countries have also shut down exports of medical supplies and equipment to them....keeping them for themselves…. This is what happens when you drain the swamp, in regards to nations, it's everyone for themselves.... once they have satisfied local demand then we will see who they offer the surplus to, and for how much, thats when we are going to see who is an allied and who is a friend of convenience..
  12. This is what happens to nations that are in crises, it's human nature to protect your own first...your anger should be directed at our government for not planning or preparing well enough...
  13. Having cheap labor is only part of the issue, China is also buying up everything and anything in regards to business, natural resources, infra structure across the globe...and what they can not buy they are loaning the funds to make it all happen. Australia is now in the process of restricting Chinese investment, and Chinese products as they are finding most of there resources and major companies are actually owned and operated by the Chinese. Not many cheap labor nations have all that, with exception of China...Why has it not happened already ? China has a monopoly of sorts only it's a global one, so why not India, or any country with a excessive labor force willing to work for peanuts...
  14. I think there are going to be a lot of willing Premiers once this blows over, atleast in getting medically prepared. I don't think the time was right for energy east, , the bloc party is not going to support anything in that regards claiming they don't want dirty oil....maybe after this is over they are going to be more willing to look at it, if not just for the employment factor, I don't get why we have not done it before, purchasing Saudi oil , or refined fuels of the states makes no sense at all. a made in Canada solution is what is best for Canada and all the provinces, regardless of our current climate change initiative. Personally I think we should be starting to limit our connection to china. finding other sources for our meat, grains , etc, and oil...I also think if the US wants our crude , perhaps it is a good time to negotiate a new price, more beneficial to our side of the house, (I really don't think they need our crude, I think it's it cheap price that drives the sales to the US.) I also think we should also be looking at stopping all Chinese investment into our resources and business, as many other counties are starting too consider or in the process of doing . Plus start with tariffs on all Chinese products to help with reducing the flow... I also agree we should be getting something out of all this spending and debt, smashing through a national pipeline might be a project to get start reducing our massive unemployment, but part of that project is also building more refineries that are capable of refining bitumen products, I know Irving was suppose to modify or build a refinery but Quebec's new leaders put a hold on all of that. But this would take months to set up and organize and won't happen any time soon.
  15. I think the solution may come from the consumers themselves, forcing their governments to take some sort of punitive action against China, Australia's government is looking hard at doing just that, it so happened that some major Companies in Australia owned by the Chinese government instructed their Chinese employees to buy up massive amounts of masks ,gowns, other medical supplies to the tune of 1000 tones and flew it to China....It's got them in a little tizzy… anyway now they are changing the laws in regarding how much a foreign country can invest or purchase Businesses and resources to zero, still in their parliamentary process. During a news exposé they clearly showed their dairy industry , meaning farms, distribution, advertising, where almost 90 % Chinese owned and operated....along with many , many more business within their country. they have been talks about seizing all these assets. This may be the wake up call everyone has been waiting for...China has been buying up everything in sight, from business and resources and western nations have allowed this to go unchecked for dozens of years...take a look at the oil sands and how much Chinese funding is involved. They seem to have unlimited amount of funds, and nothing makes a western bend over faster , than suit cases full of money...until one day we wake up and find the Chinese flag hanging over Ottawa....man that would be a liberals' wet dream , OK maybe not every liberals dream, but certainly Justins. think French is hard to learn....try Mandarin. Anyways I think we can all agree a lot of things are going to change, once we come out of this nightmare, maybe it will take a wage review, along with a product pricing review, maybe it is time to tax the shit out of everything imported from China....Not that I'm a big trump fan but in NAFTA ,Mexico labor for veh manufactures was force to increase what they payed their workers.. maybe the same can happen in china...take some of their advantage away.... or maybe our entire market gets a reset, and government nationalize critical manufacture needs such as medical equipment, medicines, etc . then tax the crap out of everything....
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