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  1. What a load of bullshit, a wpn is nothing more than a tool, there is no forced ownership in this country.....you don't want to be around them or own one ….fine nobody is forcing you to do anything......what should it matter that I own wpns, it is a chioce that today I can make any time. For what ever I want to do with them target practice, hunting, or my favorite chasing liberals off my property LOL . most people who own wpns abide by the law..but the world is full of shit heads and when my family security is threaten I depend on Winchester …. More people in this country are killed by drunk drivers, but we don't ban beer or hard liquor.... And I really don't care what you carry , you threaten or endanger me or my family in my own home , I am going to respond with a fire arm...and if you continue to threaten me or my family they'll be laid out on my front lawn when the cops do show up....like a deer on a pick up...
  2. Nobody is say we should not attempt to bring our emissions down, but not to the point where our economy suffers or needs a massive uplift until our nation finds a new sector to boost our economy...And we have been shirking our military duties from dozens of years now.....
  3. Balls you need to climb down from your tree and up date your Atari computer system....Maybe read the link I sent you , yes it's from one of those hippy webs sites so you'll like it....read what it says about CO and CO2 along with all the other gases produced from the auto sector, cars and trucks, industry, coal fired plants etc etc....produces that smog or dirty air as you call it and it is largely from those activities....and while climate change does effect the whole planet....China is producing far more of the cause to climate change than Canada ever will.... Perhaps you can give us a source that counters that point....maybe you can add a few of those emojis to make it more real. https://www.greenlivingtips.com/articles/Other-greenhouse-gases.html
  4. hey balls, lets stay focused shall we, unless your trying to tell us that their dirty air is not from carbon emissions for autos, or their industry or man made is what is making this climate change...WITF do we have a carbon tax if emissions are not part of the problem...next time take the blue pill,
  5. Liberals announce that for this year 2018/ 2019 they will have a deficit of only 18 BIL, we should add them up just for shits and giggles.... https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/budget-2018-liberals-stay-the-course-on-spending-deficit-projected-at-18-1-billion-in-2018-19-1.3820431 Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s second budget projects shortfalls of $23 billion for 2016-17, $25.5 billion next year and $24.4 billion in 2018-19, https://globalnews.ca/news/3327930/federal-budget-2017-liberals-raising-ei-premiums-and-hiking-taxes-on-smokes-booze/ And now the liberals announce that they won't balance the budget until 2046...which they say is good news originally it was going to be 2051...Thats their best lie todate...how can we balance anything when were are spending on average 20 bil over …. How do liberals explain this....does anyone care that this debt is going to have to be paid by someone....us or our kids or their kids....It's time for the liberal party and all it's lying sacks of turd to go....we can't afford them any more....
  6. Come on it's used to make us feel bad about climate change, it's not a fair comparison and you know it. In what Canadian city is the air as polluted as Chinese citys ? The point is she out right lied when asked if their announced plan was as high as the carbon tax was going to get they knew what was required to reach Paris accords, and they lied to cover up their plan........She slipped up and let it out that the entire plan was only costed out to 50 %, it was suppose to top out at 50 a ton....Why do you feel the need to make excuses for lairs....they deceived the nation, like we were children not smart enough to figure it all out....I'm tired of being lied to....today I don't know what is true or fake....you can support whom ever you like, and if this behavior is expectable to you, fine, and this is what you expect from our PM , thats your chioce....I how ever were brought up differently where honesty , integrity, loyality, respectfulness, reliability, Conscientiousness, mean something, something to aspire to....
  7. Back then they were the gods, Plt WO or CSM....Never really like Vance , of course never got close enough to HQ plt to see him operate, although every morning before PT he would check every chit in the BN and if it was not squared away, you were doing BN PT, he did not give a shit what the MO said, that way he was good, the plugs feared him, kept them honest....the rest of us just thought he could be extreme at times, nobody died, what do they say what does not kill you makes you harder........I've had worse CO's and OC's. MAJ White, OC had his ruck sack shit in several times on one ex, he posted a sentry on it was getting bad there for a while, put up a trail cam actually got some video of the guys taking turns dumping in his ruck , but they were wearing balaclava's funney as shit......he made us watch that video dozens of times to try and get someone to cop to it....we all held strong....The mad shitters were never found out...well the troops all knew.. he would latter be given a desk job
  8. Yes but he did an interview in Quebec without his turban, not sure what message he was sending but it's a big one....
  9. At least you never had Vance as a CO....that was interesting....dropped us of in PV with snow shoes and toboggans, and made us walk back through the training area....just over 60 klicks, then came out and told us if we did it all again the next day he would write off our BFT....Ya nice guy...and now he is just a paper appointment...
  10. Sounds good on paper, but climate Barbie has already said the carbon tax will have to be double after 2022, meaning 100 dollars a ton, to begin to meet our Paris accord numbers...So the plan is already failed...they lied to get you to buy in....Next with all this new income coming in, what are they doing with it, beside giving a major back, are the investing heavily into green tech , ways to further reduce carbon, what are they doing to give citizens the incentive to further reduce their foot print like massive rebates on green tech, solar, wind generation....So basically what we have is we are going to tax the shit out of carbon, and then give it back in a form of tax rebates...does that not sound wonky to you...when has the government ever taxed you and then gave it all back you....then their is the question why even tax us at all...I give you a dollar then next week you give it back...., why not use some of that money and do something invest in green tech, rebate existing green tech....something after all we are in a climate emergency....I'm with you on climate, i just don't see any value in the liberals plan...it's like they have access to the best minds in the country, and this plan was the best they could do....i don't get it, its like the were caught out of time and some one spent 5 mins thinking this up...and then jammed on lets declare an emergency, that will sell it....we are smarter than that, I hope...
  11. Have you ever had to wear a mask, because the air in our cities is to polluted to breath, or so thick you can't see, like your in a fog... Have they declared a climate emergency, No....per capita is not really fair to compare our population with theirs is it....How many tones do they put out and how many tones do we put out....I'm all for reducing our carbon foot print, i already own a thermal heat pump, foir heating my home, i have solor panels on my roof, without the battery storage, " to expensive and the up keep on the bats is out of this world" but it provides an almost zero power bill.... go figure i'm a conservative to boot, the liberals don't own the rights to good climate policy....it lacks vision it lacks meat...all of them do, except Mays and she is a little wonky...
  12. Your right, that was the mission, I was a 19 year grunt had 3 years in the forces, still thought I was superman, my training up until then was fighting the Russian hordes, closing with and destroying those commie heathens. with all that training and all that I could do was to record their last moments of women and children, and fighting age teenagers...at that point it was fuck the mission....i just wanted to help, protect civilians, protect women and children any monkey could film it all happening.... thats not an infantry mans job is, thats for some reporter, or policemen....i was full of piss and vinegar, I was sold a bill of goods, we as a Regt were going to make a difference, so the CO said, .......all we did was record , and be forever haunted by those that died with confused looks on their face , like are you not going to help me, why are you here ? .... the first years of that conflict was a nightmare , until NATO grew some balls and took over the mission....then we could ply our trade, enforce the laws, the wild west days were over for the outlaws....
  13. I pointed out that unemployment rates are not unicorns and rainbows in all provinces...in fact in 3 provinces the unemployment rates have increased...Where harpers record comes in is in the interest rates, check the source, there is lots of them out there, interest has almost doubled, in Justins days, the how and why is mout, the fact is the have increased...by almost double GDP numbers have not been over 3.7 since jul 2017 check out the little chart.......last years GDP growth was 3.7 %, 2019 growth is only clocked at 1.6....here is an interest fact the Average growth rate is 3.14...if thats average what is 3.7....booming, don't think so....once again the numbers don't lie....they are not liberals. Under Harper GDP growth was 2.6 in 2014....under Justin in 2015 GDP falls to .9, 2016 1.5 and it has been climbing ever since, but those were different times hard to compare apples to apples.... everything taken into account nothing supports your position of a booming economy....better than average at most maybe.
  14. I think we all served in Op Harmony, one with the UN, the worst run mission in the world, we were CAN"T BAT one and TWO, because our politicians would not let us do anything...that and we could not take action on war crimes, we were told to report and observe...and with all the video we took no war crimes were ever pursued... we watched a lot of people die while we recorded it for history....I lost faith in anything UN that tour...., the other tours under NATO went a little better , I thought we made a small difference, atleast we could prevent the killing by force.... Rwanda was another waste of time, we were deployed way to late, after the mass killings... Blue Beret I wouldn't piss on one if it was on fire....then again I was infantry, close with and destroy our enemies...not sit and watch and record, I died a little each time we rolled up on the killings....and had to sit and record, it was not something to be proud of, I cried like a baby taking my turn on the video equipment, all I wanted was to put a round in one of those cocky serbs faces who knew the rules better than we did, they never even blinked when we arrived, just smiled for the camera....and went on with the killing.....ya nice times... I guess we all had different experiences....it was my first taste of conflict, one that I still have problems with today....
  15. Shit those figures are left over from Harpers days, I mean if we can blame everything else on him , lets give credit where credit is due..... unemployment numbers are not all unicorns and rainbows across the country....in fact in 3 provinces they have risen not fallen... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Canadian_provinces_by_unemployment_rate Interest rates in 2014 were 1 % and falling, today they are 1.75 and rising... https://tradingeconomics.com/canada/interest-rate GDP rates are in positive territory but they are not booming......in fact they are some what flat... https://tradingeconomics.com/canada/gdp-growth-annual Not sure what to tell you, the numbers don't lie....Justin and his merry band of liars and thugs, will take your money faster than a hooker in the city.
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