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  1. Army Guy

    The treatment of our Vets

    Yes Al Qaida was used as part of the talibans military, they had many different parts within the country, they did most of the killing of political rivals, adversaries, etc etc...The Taliban were not going to just give them up, let alone Bin ladin , The US had little choice....
  2. Army Guy

    The treatment of our Vets

    Not True, One man started that protest that swept the Nation, He accused DND of mishandling and abusing Afghanis detainees. So to say it has not been done is Bullshit....there is just a lack of will by the people, how could you not see that ? ....Your statements are saying the government are not puppets and act on the will of the people , soon Cannabis will be legal, who brought this to the governments attention, maybe justin is a closet pothead , I doubt it.... are you saying no one protested this issue...every year there has been a massive smoke in in Ottawa....all one has to do is look at an election platform....all the promises they make , and rarely keep....these are things the people want, and have voiced that in some format.... My point about the government spending an un forecasted 4.5 bil on Pipelines proves that there is funds available, Check how much DND and VAC budgets have been turned back in at the end of the year in just the last 4 years... They claim it can not be spent, Justin made a campaign promise to fix DND procurement woos did he not , Not yet, no will to do it.... Not true, the government puts funding aside for major equipment purchases every year, that includes the funding we pay to be part of the F-35 program, those smaller purchases are taken out of DND budget, for things like ruck sacks, clothing etc , it is part of their OEM budget "yearly operating budget" So ask your self why are these purchases being made if DND is returning funds at the end of the year, because the purchasing system is broken, this is old news, DND does not buy anything over 25,000, the government purchasing dept does all of that Called PWSG, , No will to fix it...not harpers government , and not Justin's, you could go back even further if you wanted to... We have already reached the point where it is too expensive to return the capabilities we have lost since the 1990's , there was some estimates of over 100 bil is required. Not for new capabilities but to replace the ones we have lost....you want to gain capabilities like UAV, drone, cyber warfare, that's extra....Once again ask your self when has any of this topic been an issue for the Canadian people...you can not blame the media because they have been reporting it to the public since the forever...so it is not like they don't know, there is just no will...so it continues to be put on the back burner, for future generations to pay for....or decide once and for all there is no will to have and support a military , and Canada will become a different place, good or bad I don't know...one without sovereignty that's for sure... Check your source again, SO most of NATO was still in Afghanistan in 2011, in fact most were there up until 2014-15 when a few nations withdrew it's troops, while other including the US drew down the number of troops in country. We did turn our backs on the Afghanis people, the Afghanis government begged our government to stay. I'll ask you the same question Why not Afghanistan, why was this country not worthy of our time ? why was Cyprus worthy, Yugo worthy, Korea worthy, WWI, WWII why where these worthy adventures for our nation and not Afghanistan...why is it we can mobilize for Syria but not Afghanistan....Maybe you and eyeball can answer that....is it we don't like brown people, I don't think your a racist guy, is it because we can't afford it...maybe it is not important enough, not worth our time, effort or resources ….did we need a picture of a baby boy washed up on shore to motivate everyone....so why not Afghanistan ? On 9 December 2010, it was announced that after the end of combat operations in July 2011, Canadian Forces (approximately 950 newly posted specialized personnel) would be posted to the NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan to continue the training of the Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police.[30] Canada's contribution to this mission was dubbed Operation Attention and took place mostly around Kabul with some training occurring at Mazar-i-Sharif.[31] By late 2013 Canada began withdrawing its final soldiers from the training mission. In October the force was down to 650 personnel from over 800 and the withdrawal from Afghanistan was scheduled to be completed by March 2014.[31] On 12 March the government announced with little fanfare that the mission was formally completed with a flag lowering ceremony held in Kabul.[32][33] The last 84 soldiers left Afghanistan on 15 March 2014, ending Canada's twelve-year military presence in the country.[34] I understand completely you and eyeball did not want to invest in Afghanistan, however we do live in a democratically elected country, where for the most part majority rules, and in the early years the majority of the people wanted and supported the governments decision to go over to Afghanistan and kill the shit of some bad guys....After DND tried to talk the government out of the deployment....NO said the government , Hell NO said the people we need to go , we need to go now....even after the CDS said we were NOT equipped or trained to this level of combat...still we went...we arrived with green combats, open air jeeps, the rest of NATO just shook their heads, that's the crazy canucks , and in the 10 years we were there we finally had the equipment and training....And when things did not move fast enough the people lost interest in the entire Afghanistan issue...why....no will I'm sorry you feel that way, but our history is filled with examples of ONE person making a difference, google that shit....so it can be done, our country was built by these people....I'm sure if the liberal government came out in a few days and said it changed it's mind on Cannabis hundreds of thousands would swarm parliament to demand change...but we can't be bothered with our military or our vets...Even Omar had protesters that made a difference...and he was a terrorist.....me and other are Canadians, born and raised here with Canadian morals and values, that have sacrifice more than any Khadr could ever do in a thousand years , he got 10 million, , how does the song go, and we got the shaft.... Our vets are not asking for anything more than any other Canadian is entitled to....Our military are just asking for your support, and not some bumper sticker.....real support, write your MP, make your voice heard....because it does count, because it has to count...
  3. Army Guy

    The treatment of our Vets

    "utting the brakes on our military ambition abroad....wtf are you talking about, did we had just annex Poland or something like that, our military in it's present form could not take down town Toronto....
  4. Army Guy

    The treatment of our Vets

    Really, wasteful spending....How much has the nation spent in the last 4 years on new equipment purchases....most if not all major projects has been frozen with the exception of the F-18 replacement program, and then they only want something interm , so they can pass that on down the road.....if that is what you implying then Yes a waste of money....but don't say the people are Pissed off at wasteful spending.....they don't give a rats ass...how much fuss did Canadians make after we spent 4.5 bil on a pipeline.... The government can afford any purchase, I mean the contract for rucks sacks would be well under 100 mil, peanuts...what is the problem is lack of will, and the endless red tape to get anything done... No "WE" have not been working Afghanistan, we quit more than 5 years ago, why "public pressure" by it's citizens... ….Our nation turned their backs on Afghanistan, when the going got tough Canadians lost interest, and simply said we done, and pulled out, because it was popular...and staying was unpopular we did spend a few years after the fact training Afghanis soldiers to save some face... WOW, so a few Canadians did not agree on the Afghanistan mission, But the start of this whole journey the majority of Canadians wanted this mission.....so bad the liberals begged for it....they wanted nothing to do with Iraq....and after a few years Canadians wanted nothing to do with it....gone was the support soldiers had at home, gone was funding for new equipment, or supplies, gone was support from our government as they did not want to be unpopular, all that was left was our soldiers holding the whole bag of worms, and we did the best we could we all the very little we got from our nation, .. .....most Canadians wanted nothing to do with the military , sure they bought those support the troops stickers for their cars....but once again they did not give a shit....it would take 10 years of combat and over 160 soldiers to come home in bags, before Canadians made themselves heard...and our government to take action, we'd still be over there if the citizens did nothing or made their voices heard....It took them over 10 years... That is what I call supporting the troops...it was more like bend over Irene I'm driving... Maybe we should publish a list of which nations we think are worthy of our blood, and treasure... maybe we can give it to immigration so we can keep those losers out of our nation...What was it about Afghanistan that I guess you have to go there and see, smell, taste, and feel how much Afghanistan really needed our help...How grateful most of the people were to have us there, and the Taliban gone. they were still grateful after we boarded the last plane home to Canada....We left with out finishing the job, you did not have to explain to them why we where leaving, like everything in Afghanistan we had to do that to...."we" were only there for 10 years, Then walked out.....the blood was from our military, it's citizens did not have to give a single drop, as for tax payers money on average each Canadian paid out 125 dollars a year, so forgive me if I don't get excited about your investment... There is NO support now....and if it hurts Canadians to hear the truth then so be it....I guess we can only slag the government on this site, and not the people " to those that I have offended I'm sorry, but maybe it's time we look at our actions or inactions and own them. You lost me.....WTF Bullshit, goggle that shit tell me that at the start of this mission it did not have the majority of support across the nation....So what is the case with Afghanistan , are you telling me that the blessed citizens of this country had no fuc**** idea what they were doing in regards to this decision , then to top it all after they sent us there, they just forgot us there, no will to bring us home, no will to give us the funding , no will to do sweet nothing....That is I how I seen things from the inside of the fish bubble....now my account may differ from yours and you may have gotten butt hurt by my comments. but i'm not they only soldier that feels this way. one more time...our government does nothing unless it has the support from the voters, If the voters wanted it , it would be a done deal....your example is only worth a few bil....I say again most major projects are frozen, not for the lack of funding , but the lack of will, it is not popular to spend money on the military.. Maybe they should change the title.
  5. Army Guy

    The treatment of our Vets

    What missions.....are you referring to....you make it sound like we been to dozens of combat missions.....are you including UN or NATO sanctioned missions....what missions are you talking about, that were not able to stand up to your personal code of morality or ethics.... It's funny that in any conflict there is very little morals or values not even a dash of ethics to be found, maybe we start off that way, but in a very short time all that is left is hate, destruction, disdain for our entire enemies existence...and yet some how there are good wars or conflicts and bad ones according to you........kind of an oxy moron is it not... As long is man is man there will always be wars , forever until the end of time....., at least we could do is ensure the generation we send into combat is trained and armed with the latest equipment , so they can some of them can come home...unless you like those massive cenotaphs that are in each town, or city, with names of those that did not come home, buried in some far off land, and in some cases all the sons from one family gone forever , why because we were not ready, we sent an entire generation to be mowed down like geese in the fall ...
  6. Army Guy

    The treatment of our Vets

    Your missing the point, the Majority of Canadians are concerned that we are spending TO MUCH on our military, they want to spend less....not more, LESS infact most Canadians get a twitch in their eye if you even talk about it....And our government is nothing more than a puppet to this rhetoric. Canadians are under the opinion that our military is well off it is well equipped, and it's members are healthy and fit to accomplish any mission...It is all bullshit...the media prints dozens of articles every month, that say other wise....Canadians refuse to believe that...And your right we should all be very concerned on how our government spends out tax dollars, concerned about under spending and over spending..... and while spending on the military is not as sexy it is the first Dept that will cut its budget slashed to fund vote buying projects .. That us not what Eyeball is saying at all, he wants nothing to do with the military period.....Why is it that we to Afghanistan in the first place ? Was it because of our defensive packs we have agreed to take part in.....So in the course of living up to our defensive agreements we removed dozens of terrorist groups operating within Afghanistan , Along with removing the ruling party "the Taliban " that was the job....leaving a massive hole where they government use to be....Next Question what were we suppose to do just leave, give them a big finger and say sort it out....only to be back in a year doing the same thing over and over again.... Besides what does it matter to you or eyeball, most Canadians turned their backs on the Afghanistan problem , and our military....This was not Canada's mission....this was Canada's military mission....the government and people wanted nothing to do with it....all those diplomatic missions where we built dams , highways that was all military personal , planning , caring it out, oversight of those projects....the last diplomat that left the compound got blown up....after that most jobs went to the military, winning hearts and minds was our job, the government gave us bags of money and said go forth and spend it some place....Shit the military had as many mentoring attachees to the Afghan government as the diplomatic corp... The whole Afghanistan issue was a failure of our military....because nobody gave a sweet F$$$$, Other than Afghanistan, So what other foreign Combat missions have we been on....are you implying that Cyprus, or Korea was not worth the time and effort, perhaps WWII , WWI, the Boar war maybe, So we don't get involved in many foreign conflicts unless we are peacekeeping, or peace making....When have we spent great gobs of money on Offensive conflicts ?... While we are at it when was the last time we spent great gobs of money on defense...Sounds a lot like Liberal promises , we will get to that after the next election.....which is code for F*** you... You really think someone aside from national leaders really advocate for nuking the area? Hell I've said nuke all of the M.E myself and just be done with all this bullshit. But I highly doubt anyone would take me seriously on that matter. No one in their right mind would genuinely advocate for that aside from the corrupt leaders in government and war hawks in the military to create a conflict to justify their existence Your missing his intentions, by having Nuks no one will mess with you or so he claims....and yet North Korea and Iran has nuks or is in the process of getting them, and how are they making out.....having Nuks does not give you any advantage on or off the battle field., or political field... Our involvement in Afghanistan was a Canadian failure, failure on our government, failure on our military, and failure of our citizens..... So that is it then, we tell Afghanistan's people 35 million of them your not worth our time, our effort, our treasure....in fact we are telling the world we don't give a rats ass....that is until that next commercial of those African kids starving, or media coverage of a young Syrian kid washed up on the shore....Or is it OK to preach about human rights but when it is time to put up some action ….we back down and say sorry....rather two faced is it not....What most Canadians forget is the entire world is not like Canada, there is no malls, or luxury items and services that we spend trillions of dollars on...NO a lot of the world is not like that at all, it's filled with bad men and women who prey on the weak, they take everything the have , and leave them to die...and they only thing these bad guys understand is violence....Sometimes you have to stand tall and carry a bigger stick, and most times your going to get bloody... It all comes down to this, the government will do anything to get reelected, they will listen to the people ….ask the Ottawa university Prof who accused the Canadian military of torture and mishandling of POWS....who capture the minds of the whole country... So why, Because we don't have a voice ...serving member are not allow to go to the media, or talk about issues on social media , forums nothing....for them it is against the service code of conduct, and liable with fines, military jail time,(trust me you don't want to do time in a military prison)...or dismal for duty.... They is an unwritten contract that Canadian citizen would have the backs of it's service people , while they were of risking their lives, Canadian citizens would be holding our government accountable for its actions....and yet we have seen none of that..... The status of DND has been in the media hundreds of times, most Canadians know about it's state....and yet with that knowledge things are only getting worse...no rucksacks this week, next week it will be something else....and what happens, nothing nobody gives a flying F*** maybe your not Apathic, but the majority of Canadians don't give a rats f***.or someone would be saying something....they all think everything is honky dory....we have a great military well trained and well equipped....Once the people stand up and say enough....shit will start to happen...until then soldiers will continue to buy their own kit and equipment just for the chance to serve this great nation.....that's what they do...
  7. Army Guy

    The treatment of our Vets

    I'm fully aware of How and Why they got to be vets, what I disagree with is all of eyeballs notions on this topic, He does not give a rats ass about our nations soldiers, or it's military ....All he is concerned with is that some of his tax dollars are spent on the military, which drives him over the wall ....end of story....He brings nothing to the table.....except groans and whines.. look at his ideas and decide for yourself.....NUKs that is the answer according to him, we have already been down this road Nukes did not give us a seat at the grown ups table, it did very little in regards to strengthen our nation, it did squat for our military status, our military downed size while having them, then down sized once again when we got rid of them....North Korea and Iran have Nukes, both nations are under huge strains from sanctions from the rest of the world...having Nukes gives you squat.... Having a referendum, or super majority is another wing nut idea, first off how many Canadians even voted last election or the one before that....what percentage of Canadians even follow what is going on around the world, Afghanistan conflict had the majority of Canadians approval, my first tour we left a 3 am, to avoid crowds....there were hundreds lining the streets of Trenton to see us off.... At 3 am, so the support was there, and yet, the media covered every inch of Afghanistan, every night something was on the air....Canadians just changed the channel they had lost interest they did not care one way or another. no interest to bring our soldiers home, they had no idea what Afghanistan was all about....to most it was about OIL...WTF ther was no oil at all..... instead some citizens attacked us with false accusations made up by some Taliban prisoners, and some Ottawa university prof made it his mission to drag our military through the dirt....even after they were proven false nobody gave a shit....it was one thing after another....Today Afghanistan is swept under the carpet, and nobody gives a F*** With support no longer there funding dried up....with little funding there was no way to win hearts and minds...there was no new wpns or equipment, it took dozens of soldiers to die in the line of duty before some new equipment began to arrive....all of this was covered by the media extensively , soldiers in Afghanistan would watch the news and pray somebody , any body has got to say something after hearing the news of how badly we were equipped....NOPE 10 years go by without a word......, most Canadian soldiers have been over to Afghanistan on average 3 to 8 times.... that's 6 to 7 months on tour, 6 to 7 months no training or rest period back home, then 6 to 7 months training to go back to start the cycle again... Sorry for the Rant but you can see I don't have much faith in our fellow citizens to a) give a shit, b) know something about the topic. C) to take action , like vote, send a letter, write in a forum, do something.....So what is left....our current system and all of its flaws, because overall it just does not interest the average joe so we are stuck in this circle.
  8. Army Guy

    The treatment of our Vets

    Michael I like most of your suggestions in your post, But how do we bring these ideas into our current way of doing things, it seems that our current system is set up to prevent any drastic , but needed solutions. Canuck , I'm a big fan of your post, But there is always a but, I'm not sure if it is really the case that the government is out of touch, they know the truth behind the scenes better than anyone, they just will not act for some reason, that and the majority of our citizens just don't give a rats ass.... Though my eyes I see the citizens as the gate way to getting anything done, without their support nothing happens....Most Canadians know exactly what is happening to our vets...it is in the media every week...and while most are a little concerned, they are not concerned enough to demand changes, or take some sort of action...It is not on any of the major political parties priorities, it is not an election issue, shit is not even on the radar. To date more vets have died due to suicide than were killed in action, and these numbers continue to grow everyday.....how many could we have saved if they had access to proper care...And yet a convicted killer receives all the care he needs from VAC while serving his prison sentence...A very telling story when we treat our cop killers better than we treat our vets.... As much as I would like to lay all this down at the feet of the liberals, because I would not piss on one if they were on fire....I also hold the conservatives to blame as well..Cuts made to services and benefits of our SERVING Service members, plus massive cuts to services and benefits to our VETS all made to pad a surplus to make a point....A point that the liberals pissed away while knowing the full cost to those depts and our Soldiers and Vets. "they want more than we can give right now" Yes the liberals have reversed some of those changes....and yet today our vets are still fighting our government in court on numerous fronts, last year government lawyers told the media that the government of Canada is not responsible to provide a safe and harassment free work place ....this after several female soldiers were sexually harassed and were forced to take their case to court "WTF" and yet is it not law for the rest of the country......a year later, the same lawyers told the media that there is NO social contact to provide our vets with any medical or other benefits suffer while caring out their duties. these remarks were setting up for the new future , the new cost cutting measures ….Last month it was announced through DND channels that injured soldiers will not be given medical pensions and sent on their way, instead they will be given a new trade or job within DND, If the soldier refuses or does not like there chosen new job or trade, they have only one other option left to them quit , go home with return of pension contributions, But NO medical pension...NO workman's comp, sweet fu*** all ….Note that both DND and VAC have turned in Massive surplus back to the government every year for the last 5 years....these surpluses are not being put away for future equipment purchases...they are given back to the government to do what ever they want with...
  9. Army Guy

    The treatment of our Vets

    Your off your meds again Eye balls, come back to reality.....put that massive party favor down ….. here in Canada "the people do not get much of a say in how each one of their tax dollars is spent....nor do you get any say on who this country decides is a threat, or military action needs to be taken.... This post was about how our vets are treated by our government and how very little that treatment bothers Canadian voters, it's like they are OK with that.....well at least most of them...,the topic was not about your delusional idea on how our defense dept should work.......
  10. Army Guy

    The treatment of our Vets

    Because most of them sign on to unlimited liability as well meaning they may have to risk their own death, in their line of work....now cops/fire fighters have work man comp....soldiers do not.....it is the same fucking channel, except your the one that has no idea what your talking about....kind of like taking fishing advice from an army guy….not worth the 2 cents it is written on....but keep on using good band width on less than desirable ideas...YA nukes has done so much for Iran, North Korea….well at least you made a few people laugh... Oh the military is up in the top ten organizations when it comes to saving lives, and they are the number one organization when it comes to responding to disasters...so when the lack of funding is a problem these capabilities are also placed on the chopping block....how many fishermen got their ass plucked our of the ocean by DND personal....ya the list is long....just not on your radar.... Soldiers are not allow to have a political voice or run for office, take part in public forums, talk about anything military to a crowd or gathering...so where do they get there say....just at the voting both....that is military law, Soldiers can refuse to go to any conflict, by declaring you want to be a conscientious objector, of course your days in the military are done, you'll be asked to leave, and enter the unemployment lines with a less than viable recommendation, one step up from being a convict...well there is always Mc Donald's they take most people.......
  11. Army Guy

    The treatment of our Vets

    I can name dozens but start with this, how about the rescue of Canadian citizens in Lebanon a couple years back.... what about all those Syrian refugees we all were crying about, when that little boy washed ashore....yes that was a military operation....want some local examples FLQ crises, OKA, Ice storm, Winnipeg floods, fisheries patrol, anti drug patrols, or just patrolling our borders.... We are protecting Canadian interests around the globe, 24 hours a day , 365 days a year....be it fighting terrorists, or looking after Canadian foreign interests aboard....Even Switzerland has foreign interests...and the need to protect them...DND is also watching the skies every hour of the day, for uninvited guest, not to mention who do you think tracks Santa….well DND does at Xmas , the RCMP tracks him during the off season, apparently Santa likes to drink and fly.....who knew...
  12. Army Guy

    The treatment of our Vets

    Where do you come up with this shit....
  13. Army Guy

    The treatment of our Vets

    That's the problem is it...you don't understand nor will you ever understand....and yet regardless of what you think or say OUR nations military will continue doing what they have been doing for hundreds of years...must really piss you off, that your tax dollars are spent on doing this every hour of everyday.
  14. Army Guy

    The treatment of our Vets

    It really surprises me that in todays world , in our country that has claimed we are superior to so many nations around the world in regards to human rights , that we as Canadian citizens and our government see our service members as a liability and actually don't give a rats ass about our vets...So much that our justice system has publicly back our government efforts to discard any vets claims....in the last 2 years this government has gone to court and they have decided that that a)The federal government is not responsible to provide a safe and harassment free work place...AND now the government does not have to look after vets that become injured while on duty to this nation, that they have NO social contract to look after anybody for any injury in a federal work place....The government is now making head way to cancel ALL medical released soldiers benefits…. replacing them with a duty to employ, regardless of injury...if you can't be employed, here is the return of contributions to your pension, have a nice life....this will be policy in the near future, these are the new cost saving measures that our government and CDS have agreed to...... And yet the government has not changed any of its laws regarding soldiers disregarding orders that may result in death, or what they call unlimited liability...that states a soldier must obey every command even if it results in their death.....now disregarding or refusing this order once was punishable by death with out trail, after before WII it was changed to needs a trail, but still could result in death....now it is just punishable by imprisonment, and dishonorable discharge, try getting employment after that....And we thought that since we had to basically put our lives in our nations hands, in return we would get looked after if wounded, or killed....Now our nation says F**** you, we don't owe you shit...we make the rules here, so now with no work mans comp, no social contract to be looked after....we get shown the door , to live with our injuries the rest of our lives , with no compensation..... I mean this very government has not over turned a decision to give a convicted killer of a 9 year old, the right to be sent to a healing lodge....nor has it over turned giving a convicted murder VAC benefits for PTSD that he got killing a police officer, and did not serve one F888ing day of service to his country....What kind of message are we sending our soldiers....and RCMP members, here is what I hear....F**** you, you piece of shit....you do not deserve the sweat off a monkeys balls....unless perhaps you kill a 9 year with a hammer, or a police officer then maybe we will look after you.....until then there is the door....What a great recruiting ad that would make....the liberals love criminals but spit on vets I wish there was some emoji of someone hanging a moon, because that is what I think this post needs.... https://nationalpost.com/opinion/david-j-bercuson-angry-veterans-today-a-unionized-canadian-military-tomorrow https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/veterans-federal-election-candidates-1.3230996 https://ipolitics.ca/2016/05/19/why-is-trudeau-kicking-veterans-to-the-curb/ https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/the-conservatives-treatment-of-veterans-is-hypocritical/article15564363/ http://www.rcinet.ca/en/2013/11/11/royal-legion-concerned-by-treatment-of-canadas-war-veterans/ I love this country , but hate where it is going.... .
  15. Army Guy

    Bernier's Party at 13% in the polls

    Again this is another topic that is off limits because if you do discuss this your a racist mother trucker with tattoos on your ass that say "Born to ride and shoot shit" ....and we are not the only Canadians that are concerned over immigration, fact is the majority of Canadians have various levels of concerns about immigration and accepting refugees....all one has to do is honestly look at what is happening in Europe right now....the right side is gaining numbers not because immigration and the flood of refugees is working because it is not. or these groups would just be back ground noise….Time for discussion is now, yes even for you liberal minded Canadians....come out and talk to the racists ...sorry I meant conservatives were not contagious .