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  1. Army Guy

    Federal Conservatives lead in new Ipsos poll

    Army guy is not trying to fool anyone...…......your to liberal for even the liberals eyeball, the NDP might even be to liberal for you,. the green party maybe....The tree huggers union is definitely your pigeon hole,...
  2. AHHH, the budget will balance itself Argus….we'll just print more money....
  3. Only if we can send our liberals, NDPers, Green party pukes to some where in the middle east for conversion training for a couple years, MAYBE....it will work....
  4. don't get me wrong I do like the US, but I do love Canada. despite all of its warts.
  5. You really think our system gives way to all you have suggested here, do we have the same problems as the UK, Australia, and all the other common wealth countries....maybe it's those that carry out liberal ideals, such as paying students to protest a project the government wants to push through, maybe it is the government playing both sides of the fence….Maybe they want to get reelected and fuck the consequences , and all the values we attach to that....I think your going to get this regardless of what form of democracy we practice..... do you think those things are not happening in a republic form of government, or any European government ….do you think trump is going to answer is sexual assault charges...no more than Justin is....As for a white supremacist capitalist patriarchy BS.....I'm white and it has not given me a jet at the airport , or a shot at being the PM....money in my bank, a car in every garage, a women in every city...everything I got I earned by working for it. I'm also sure that there is a list of good things that the monarchy has given us....
  6. Change the system, now that is funny . Oh you can try, today we can not even get a pipeline built, or a trade deal done
  7. Then provide your own quote if you like, but mine says "currently" the NORTH POLE does not belong to ANYONE....not Canada nor Denmark....
  8. you been taking those pills again haven't you.... As far as I can tell our whole existence is based on that percept of royalty, I mean our government, our laws, our history, basically everything Canadian has come from that concept....so it does not matter what you think is preferable….
  9. In case you can't read English, the quote I provided say NO ONE CURRENTLY owns the north pole ..that includes Canada or Denmark...no tears here
  10. Army Guy

    Federal Conservatives lead in new Ipsos poll

    Our resident tree hugger, hater of all that is conservative and liberal.....maybe even himself not sure....
  11. Army Guy

    Federal Conservatives lead in new Ipsos poll

    God I pray everyday that Canadians will remember all of this BS come election day.....I can't wait for the Anyone but Justin crowd to form.....Shit i'd rather we have Eyeball run the country, that is if we could get him down from his tree.....
  12. Currently, under international law, no country owns the North Pole or the region of the Arctic Ocean surrounding it. The five surrounding Arctic countries, Russian Federation, Canada, Norway, Denmark (via Greenland), and the United States, are limited to a 200-nautical-mile (370 km; 230 mi) exclusive economic zone off their coasts, and the area beyond that is administered by the International Seabed Authority. Upon ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, a country has 10 years to make claims to an extended continental shelf beyond its 200-mile exclusive economic zone. If validated, such a claim gives the claimant state rights to what may be on or beneath the sea bottom within the claimed zone.[73] Norway (ratified the convention in 1996[74]), Russia (ratified in 1997[74]), Canada (ratified in 2003[74]) and Denmark (ratified in 2004[74]) have all launched projects to base claims that certain areas of Arctic continental shelves should be subject to their sole sovereign exploitation.[75][76] In 1907 Canada invoked a "sector principle" to claim sovereignty over a sector stretching from its coasts to the North Pole. This claim has not been relinquished, but was not consistently pressed until 2013.[77][78] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Pole#Territorial_claims_to_the_North_Pole_and_Arctic_regions
  13. WOW, that's right our military has a long history of enslaving it's people and over throwing the government ….the queen is the bad guy now....give me a break....
  14. After the collapse in east Germany, everyone was cashing in on the peace bonds, including the US with cuts to troop levels. there was a lot of talk about WHY the US would cut it's numbers...euro's were pissed because now they had to shell out more on defense....hence all this preparation for a Euro force....by the way where is this massive EURO force...it's a paper tiger, it has a rapid reaction force now, consisting of a couple of brigade size units....a spec on the ass of what is call Europe... Cut the apron strings....I wonder how much that will cost , I think that is one of the chief reasons we stay with all those big bad defensive alliances. but it is the Canadian thing to do, save a buck every buck on defense.....until we have none... I wish you would research this missile defense thing your going on about, and find out the truth for yourself.....maybe it is time the US started to tell NATO countries , we want to stay 2 % is the deal, don't like it there is the door....force the issue, turn it into a election platform....we have no leverage, and if you have not been able to figure it out yet , he is not bluffing.....
  15. Army Guy

    Canada should renounce democracy

    It sounds like your ordering him to leave because you don't like what he has to say, or his views .....