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  1. Army Guy

    War of the Worlds U.N. Migration Compact

    1.don't put words in my mouth, I have already explained that I do not fully understand what the compact is implying directly or indirectly, I have not presented any sources, but instead asked question to the forum, to which you decided to answer but can not explain. I thought my question were some common sense one....So I will point out a few lines to which I think in my opinion are not explained very well... 1. The compact promises that national sovereignty and the rule of law will be respected and maintained, but then carves out special rights and protections for migrants and insists that the “well-being of migrants”, including illegal immigrants, must come first. 2. The document promises it is “not legally binding” and merely a framework, but at the same time, it encourages countries to sign the agreement, join the UN’s efforts and implement its suggestions at home. The entire point of the UN Compact on Migration is to form the foundation of new international norms that will, in time, become international law. 3. The compact promises that national sovereignty and the rule of law will be respected and maintained, but then carves out special rights and protections for migrants and insists that the “well-being of migrants”, including illegal immigrants, must come first. 4. It pledges to “eliminate all forms of discrimination, including racism, xenophobia and intolerance against migrants” — without defining these words or acknowledging that in today’s heated public discourse, these terms have been weaponized and are used to discredit anyone who doesn’t subscribe to Liberal ideals on immigration and multiculturalism. 5. The treaty insists that governments must provide “access to objective, evidence-based, clear information about the benefits and challenges of migration.” That sounds good. Citizens should know about the harms and dangers associated with mass migration, as well as the potential advantages and benefits. But wait, the sentence continues to say, “with a view to dispelling misleading narratives that generate negative perceptions of migrants.” Governments are being told what the narratives are going to be by the UN....I guess I missed that class in democratic governments.... 2. once again "WHY" do we need to sign on to a document, if we as a nation are already providing far better services than what this document say we should....I mean are there other useless documents we could sign , perhaps a new one on basic human rights, oh wait we already did that one, Genva convention, nope already done....SO WHY do we need a compact....your response was what is the big deal if we are doing it already, WOW just a minute I have to self medicate...Nope this stuff is not making me understand your stance at all...If someone was out of the blue to jam a set of papers down my throat and say sign here, don't worry we already do all that stuff anyways it would send alarm bells off....and a lot of countries are doing just that....And when I asked you to explain you pointed a nationalist right " or liberal code for white power...and some how I have to connect the dots.... You don't get it , Most Canadians believe that our immigrations numbers are WAY to high not a little to high they want it slashed...big time...Europe is drowning in immigrants, from around the world, you don't have to be a right wing racist to see that they are have huge issues with immigrants...and most Canadians do not want to see that happen here.... 3. Thats a guess on your part, I wish I had your crystal ball.... 4. Well it looks like you handful is growing by the day, The US, Austria, Australia, Hungry, Italy, Croatia, Israel, Poland, Greece plus there are discussions or heated debates in another 14 countries , such as here in Canada. Sure is a lot of white racists nationalist out there..... 5. I know what your talking about.... just walking down the street it's hard to even think with all that leftist whining and bitching going on.... 6. Perhaps you can tell us what world changing moment has the UN given us in the last say 30 years....Have they been successful in wiping out wars, famine, improved health care through the 3 rd world, Climate change....anything ? I don't fear them, I distrust them, huge difference, they suck millions out of this country with no return, and they do this on a global scale.....and yet still nothing to show for it.... 7. Always something with those red necks right...Can't talk to them, can't shot them...I thought discussing topics was the democratic way, I thought liberals would be good at doing talking stuff, and yet when it is time the repeat the same story over and over.... The UN treaty doesn’t so much as mention the impact of mass migration on the host country and its citizens — who are often ignored and removed from any discussion on migration. 8. Yes , it's all about taking over the world....a liberal plot....those nasty bastards....get your skates on , 3 periods, no stop time, most goals is the winner.....you can have first puck...don't forget your helmet , and mouth guard so I don't have to hear you cry....
  2. Army Guy

    War of the Worlds U.N. Migration Compact

    1. Not sure your mocking my questions or not, like I said before I do not understand all the political double talk used in these UN documents enough to pin point the problem areas, what I do have is a bunch of questions raised by other parties, some of these parties are professional politicians who I am only assuming would be able to dissect these document and raise issues with some of it's parts...Now you seem to blow off these questions only because they come from a party which you do not agree with.....making you biased some what does it not, I say that because I have not fully agreed with my stance one way or another, hence the questions....most of which you really have not answered.. 2. Fairly well, have you been to a refugee camp in other 2 and or 3 rd world countries....any of them put immigrants or refugees up in hotels...ensuring they are feed according to their culture, have excellent shelter, provided with funds, free education, etc etc the list goes on....I would upgrade your statement to we treat them Real well to excellent...And if that is the case WHY do we need to sign on to a UN compact. I really don't care what the US does, but then again we as Canadians have not really faced any real problems with people from all over the world seeking the American dream.....and still seeking to get into the US.... According to you it is just the right nationalist governments that do not want to sign , and yet here in this country we have a liberal government "for now" and most Canadians think we are accepting to many immigrants, and want to par down those numbers from there current numbers ....As for the Conservative government in Canada " I have issue with call any Canadian political party right wing, as they it is known in Europe or the US , shit the US democrats are far right when compared to our conservatives....it is our cons do not want to sign this document and yet it does not want to zero immigration, or refugees but rather curb the figure to a lower number.... How many bils does Immigration and refugee cost this country every year? .... 3. How large is this white Nationalist group we are talking about, do they have enough people to actually make a difference , here in Canada, or are you calling all Conservatives right wing nationalist.....I think you don't think much of your fellow Canadians to think we could have , the same issue the US is facing right now, and elect a Canadian trump.....now that would be funney.....Who is that again ? I think that is some liberal myth invented by some tree hugger in BC, EYEBALL....did you start another rumour... 4. you say not possible... would you bet your life on it....and then again why are so many countries now deciding not to sign on to it....what do they know that we do not ? 5. Man you are narrow minded when it comes to the right.... 6. Are you suggesting that the UN is the all to be all institution, one that can stop wars in a blink of an eye, reverse famines by sitting out money and food where ever required, who's members that are appointed are non biased, and have years of experience on governing a institution as large as the UN. An institution that is beyond questioning, or reproach....maybe it will become illegal to question them in the next compact.... 7. What is the problem....the problem is we have enough problems in this nation to consume all of our politicians full time, we do not need them running around taking photos and telling the world see what we signed on to.....when we already surpass everything in the compact....next lets not just jump into something with out at l;east discussing it in Parliament , and the senate, now I would also think someone should sit down and explain it to the people....no one has done that, why has the liberal party pretty much kept it a secret ? frankly I don't trust them either... 8. Oh like the people coming in from the US, your saying that this compact is going to control that issue, how so.... 9. boot them out, yes we are so good at that, infact so good we have spent 1.1 bil in feeding them, housing them, and giving them our tax dollars, infact we even put them in front of the line, you know the line....we can't even deport know criminals, some of them convicted war criminals even....once in the nation we some how loose track of them, it takes years to locate them and even more years to put them on a plane....and then what do we do when it becomes known they will face torture and death if we do....we keep. them....So how do we boot them again ? and do you think the liberal government still has that policy? Yes I am jaded, the UN could not organize a gang bang in a whore house, most Canadians don't even trust the organization , it's a money pit that produces very few results....that list goes on forever.....why we still have it I not sure, and why do we want a seat on it , is a pipe dream, and waste of blood and treasure.....
  3. Army Guy

    War of the Worlds U.N. Migration Compact

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UWIGg0_RdI I am not an immigration lawyer or expert in the field, so I can not show you anything that sticks out that support these concerns. However your sources do not cover any new ground, what I mean is, that perhaps you can high light some of the areas in your source documents that Canada or for that matter most western countries are not already providing, such as basic human rights, or providing due diligence in care for cultural and race issues....I do not see anything that sticks out that would say "Hey we need to sign this because we treat immigrants like shit".... And I suppose now we have to call the Canadian Conservative party a right wing nationalist party, as Scheer has just come out with his party line, "no way" he also says it will have effects on our sovereignty, and while non binding , he states they have a way to become binding, as they progress ....I'm not sure what being a right wing nations party has to do with all of this, controlling immigration is not just a far right idea....it happens in the left wing parties as well...Besides the majority of Canadians want more controls on immigration, and as a nation we are far more left than anything else....If we want to talk about groups to be concerned about lets talk about the UN it self....another organization that most Canadians do not have any real trust in... What is in the pact that we do not already adhere to ?..... The compact is all about providing protections to immigrants, and what resources should be allotted , etc no where does it state what actions states have to eject immigrants that lie, cheat or falsify papers, who have criminal back grounds, or even took part in abusing human rights within their own countries.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meZrLDaip6o http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UWIGg0_RdI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SMFzd9uhXo
  4. Army Guy

    Deep Information Pool

    psssst , anyone got any weed....I heard some of the worlds best weed is from turkey.... I think I need to be high to follow this conversation....
  5. Army Guy

    War of the Worlds U.N. Migration Compact

    So what you are saying is that all of scribblet sources are full of shit...or more to the point of false news......including those speakers from the ENF Press conference with Marcel de Graaff, Nicolas Bay, ENF Group Leaders, and Gerolf Annemanse. these guys are just tin foil hatters, who are spreading the word of some demi god meant to discredit the UN and this compact.... It seems that there is more than a couple of members of the ENF that also agree, that this compact is not to be trusted....Now here we have for the lack of words professional politicians would I only assume that can at least read and understand all of the wording in the compact....and they have made it their mission to kill support for this UN compact, WHY ? I mean if it is as straight forward as you want us to believe WHY do these European politicians have a problem with it? I mean I can understand us rednecks here in Canada not having the intelligence to understand all the double speak language used in most UN compacts or policies....But these euro guys they seem to understand completely....again my question is why ? Just a couple of other questions ….If every world citizens is covered under the basic human rights pact , why would we need an entire compact on immigration rights....why would we need another compact on hate crimes, racism sounds redundant.....and yet here we are with the UN finding the need to include a special human right on all immigrants. They also include the words non binding....and yet we are about to place it under a basic human right compact …..the same human rights a lot of our laws are based on...to change them would make it binding would it not ?
  6. Army Guy

    War of the Worlds U.N. Migration Compact

    Now this should be an election issue, Why would we as a nation sign on to something that threatens our sovereignty , along with our own constitution, our freedoms, then again we have never really been big on those things anyways . No wonder citizens are voting for the extreme right with all this crap going on.....Was this even discussed in chambers, or is this just some air brain idea of Justin's to just sign us up without any discussion or study.....
  7. Army Guy

    The treatment of our Vets

    Ya thats it.... the banks are behind it all, You sure your tinfoil hat is not on to tight....
  8. Army Guy

    How should Canada spend its media funding?

    How about a good old fashion documentary , on the Canadian Beaver, or something like that. what a waste.....Of all the things we could have spent money on the liberals chose the media...
  9. Army Guy

    The treatment of our Vets

    Will that be enough he says....here you list 200 protest in Toronto, almost 3 million people and you got a whopping 200, what percentage is that again...All your numbers kind of support my point....it had to be storming those days of protest, or people just did not care enough to show up.... https://www.commondreams.org/news/2012/05/23/biggest-act-civil-disobedience-canadian-history Shit the G20 had more than all your protest numbers put together.....whats sad is your protests took place across the nation and maybe broke a thousand people....now that is sending a massage....Maybe try again.... WOW you were embarrassed….excuse me I have to sit down, I feel faint....because you were embarrassed of your government …..how do you think I felt....when my own government sent me there then forgot I existed....as well as our citizens.....what did you do when you got embarrassed, take to the streets, write an MP, go on social media and complain....or crack a beer and went on with your day, like nothing ever happened....and while you did all of this our soldiers were going back on average 4 to 5 times, for tours longer than 6 months each.... not because it was a cool place to vacation, but because Afghanis had no support from anyone else....and it was DND's mission...we never gave up not one fuc*ing day, how embarrassed do you think we were.... What do you think..... The question should read how many soldiers had to die until it's citizens care enough to act and have them returned....well over 160....with well over 1000 being physical wounded , and well over 180 suicides since we have come home...and today our soldiers still need to take our government to Court to get basic treatment....the same treatment as every other worker in Canada ….don't tell me they don't know, because it has been on every form of media I can think of....but like the story goes , nobody cares...sit down army guy, nobody wants to hear that shit no more....
  10. Army Guy

    Broken Justice

    Apparently there is more convicted killers in healing lodges media says close to 20....and they are not indigenous either ….Im thinking that our homeless would love to have a nioce warm place to sleep and 3 meals a day, in healing lodges....put those killers in cardboard boxes for the winter months...Oh and to top it off one of them has escaped....
  11. Army Guy

    The treatment of our Vets

    The swiss also have a massive army, one that is well financed and equipped....it also has a huge military industrial complex....and every male serves in the military , in one form or another until the age of 55....
  12. Army Guy

    The treatment of our Vets

    Good, My point is, it does not matter how the majority of Canadians agreed that going to Afghanistan was a good move on out nations behalf...the point is that the majority did agree, and infact came out in the thousands to see us off, at 3 am....that is dedication to a decision....so my question is where was that dedication to get us out ? .... I think the citizens of Canada do own some of the issue that come with the state of our current military forces. there are thousands of examples of Canadian citizens getting off their asses and using their voices through the countless forms of media to drive home the point that "they" want things to change. And our current form of government knows that they must bend or change something if they want to get re elected....look at how fast that female killer was placed back behind bars....there are thousands of other examples of Canadians using their voice to make changes happen in this country.... There was at one time an unwritten rule, long since forgotten it seems by todays citizens that Soldiers would answer any call from our country, that they would gladly place their lives in the hands of it's citizens...our citizens would ensure that we would provide modern equipment to our forces so that they stood a fighting chance against our nations enemies....and that you would look after our families while we were deployed, or and finally you would look after us if we came back home wounded, or in pieces, be it physical or mentally, you would also look after our families if we did not come home.....in essence you would "always have our backs" They only promise that Canadians have kept so far is looking after our families if we did not come home, this happened during op Medusa when several soldiers had died in attacks, and one of the major banks here in Canada, decided to foreclose on a dead soldiers mortgage, refusing to pay out insurance because he died in a war zone....the wife and kids were told to hit the streets....It was here that Canadians stood up and in huge numbers told the banks this is not right....days later massive changes across all the banks in Canada made it possible for wives of our dead soldiers to at least have a home to stay in , paid in full by the changed insurance policies...and while not government related...the people spoke...You had our backs ... Now I can list a few more instances where national outcry did produce the purchase of desert cam fatigues, new jeeps, a few arty pieces, etc ....but only after countless soldiers had already died, only then did the citizens stand up and yell bullshit, forcing the government to take action....and the government listened...and small purchases were made... I don't know how else to explain it , with out your support and your voice our military will not change, nor will our vets be treated any differently....and if you chose not to support via your voice then you condone the governments course of action or thats the way our government reads it. So that by not acting your decision is by default and you share in that decision , and own all the consequences that come from that. I was implying that both the governments (liberal and Cons) did a shitty job in providing DND with the resources it needed to accomplish the job it had gave them....Next our own citizens did not push our government into action....we allowed them to go onto all the media outlets and brag how we are punching above our weight class , that we are pulling more than our weight, and in the coming weeks citizens would find out we had no desert camouflage uniforms or equipment....we were using open air jeeps to patrol downtown Kabul, and when soldiers started to come home in bags thats when the citizens rose up and said something....not before ,like I said already without your total support we die on the vine.... How can we on one hand say that we did not go to Iraq because it was not very popular with the people and then on the other say the people had no say in Afghanistan....Yes it was agreed by our government to support the NATO request, but to say that the people had no say in the Afghan conflict is bullshit...remember all the hoopla , parades , sending the troops off in the wee hours of the morning with thousands of citizens lining the streets...The people supported it....just not spending any money on it... They did listen....when your voices became loud enough and that was not until year 6 or 8, up until then nobody cared....except the soldiers getting blown up....You forgotten us in that dust bowl ...and if we wanted something done we had to do it ourselves….we built hospitals, firehalls, bought fire trucks ambulances, built schools through our own pockets or corporate sponsorship....ya all that hearts and minds stuff normally came from soldiers pockets....Now picture this if you will Canadian soldiers watching the Canadian news a day late because it was flown in....most of the topics in the mess hall where how could our own citizens forgotten us, how this was no longer a Canadian mission ….but a Canadian military mission, with no support from home or very little ....And then our own citizens question why the attitude , it is not our fault , we have no say or pull with the government...BS ...Try just for one day being a soldier with no support from anybody....
  13. It's not because a large portion of Canadians hate Americans, because really they don't, now this is just my opinion, what pisses off Canadians is Americans have a rich identity, the red white and blue, your patriotic to a fault, you don't really care who you piss off, because your proud of who you are, where you came from, all of your history, can I get a WHOOORAAHH please ...Canadians don't have any of that, Oh we want to have it, but we just can't get there.... Shit we would be hard pressed to tell any one what our values and morals are, what we believe in, what excites us...except Hockey and poggy checks....and the odd beer... I mean all you have to do is look at our national choices for things that represent Canada....The Beaver WTF were they thinking , you can't tell me there was not another animal out there that was not taken.... what about the Artic fox, or better yet the Polar bear....no we picked a rodent that sole job is to chew trees down and build dams impressive...Our national sport is lacrosse….how many times a week is that national televised, Can more than 2 people tell me what the national league for lacrosse is called.... how many players do we have national any ways....would it even be comparable to Hockey....and yet the vast majority of us Canadians eat sleep and shit hockey...but did we pick hockey....nope.... deep down I think we wish we where Americans, just to have something we could call our own....to look up to, to have a sense of values and morals to get excited about singing a national anthem ....don't get me wrong, i'm proud to be Canadian, and I do say sorry a lot, and I am polite yes maam, yes sir, I prefer Canadian beer, to American....I will stop everything i'm doing to watch a good hockey game, or play in one, it's like we turn into little green hulks when we gear up and play hockey, we could gouge your eyes out with a blade of a stick in no time...ya we'd say sorry, even try to stuff that eye back in...see out on the ice we are assholes, off the ice we don't know who we are, except we will say we are not Americans, even know we are more similar to Americans than to any other culture....
  14. Army Guy

    The treatment of our Vets

    Anyways tomorrow, give our military some thought , give our vets some thought....ask what ever god you pray to bless them , to look after those that have gone and paid the ultimate price for these nation...Raise a glass of beer to them and tell them we will not forget them...
  15. Army Guy

    The treatment of our Vets

    Again Bullshit....every night there was a media conference in Kanadar, detailing the mission and how it went that day, every net work had dozens of people there to ensure YOU and the people of Canada got the latest news, of all those media types only a few had the balls to get outside the wire , those that did were rewarded with not just DND version of events but all sides....not only that there must of been hundreds of conference laying out in detail the WHY, Where, What, How and When of this mission....doubt me do a goggle search tell me how many example you get....If your telling me you were did not have the info , then you where not looking for it...That seems to be the fall back for all those that hated the mission....we were not informed....All of it bullshit...up to you neck in BS.... As for the wounded vets it is the same story...very little will get done until the citizens of this nation get pissed off, and take action...you really think a politician is going to think of this on his own....come on...how long have you lived here, and you still think you have no power to change things....Shit a 12 year old Afghanis girl campaign changed the world on human rights.... she has brought attention to her topic of chose....and your going to sit here and tell me , I can't do it....I have no power , no one listens....Write a letter to your MP, start a partion…..I have already done these things and I will continue to do these things until I convince just one other person it is a worthy cause to back our military, and our vets...