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  1. I think Canadians are starting to wake up to the fact that all of our Basic human rights and those rights guarantee by our constitution are very fragile, and can be taken away by a stroke of the pen. At any time... I found this article about the NDP trying to have the Proud boys declared a terrorist group, and at first thought i said sure, they are a a form of extremist group, but then i seen the powers this gave the government over any group, powers like they can not own property of any kind, all funds in banks or any other investment are closed and taken by the government. all media ac
  2. I guess Justin is still refusing to use the conservative method of choosing our next GG, instead he is going to tighten up his already failed method. and just an added thought here what ever happen to her 2 i/c also accused of bulling...Di Lorenzo Privy Council Office to advise PM this week on selecting new governor general, LeBlanc says (msn.com)
  3. Well here is a news flash, This is what the liberals have been trying to do since the beginning of this out break. Bring in the emergency measure act, which will provide them with the legislation and policies to do what ever they want, giving them unlimited power to enact anything without going through the regular channels ie parliament. Including suspending all your rights and freedoms guaranteed by our constitution. What can happen , this is Canada right, the liberals have been transparent and up front with all of us there entire rein of terror( sorry i mean elected mandate)
  4. So did everyone of our vets serve their country, in most of the world shit holes, and they still have to fight in our courts to get what every other Canadian already has. and trust me it ain't no 150,000 a YEAR PENSION for life . And if their service was deemed not fit, all they got was return of contributions and dishonorably discharged, booted to the curb, try and get a job with that on your resume. Sorry i forgot looking after our vets is not a socially accepted here in Canada, Paying out a public service nightmare with charges of harassment/ humiliation is.
  5. Carrying on with Canada favorite past time i see, bashing the US, because shit is not that exciting here in Canada, can't complain about the liberals because thats not how the left is wired. And the conservatives could not make a decision if their life depended on it.
  6. So why is it so many Canadians can not see that, in fact according to a majority of them the Liberals have handled the pandemic fairly well. Are most Canadians blind to the real world ? or are we not as smart as we think we are ? being sucked down the leftist rabbit hole one by one, by our addiction to socialist programs..
  7. Well according to the liberals new Campaign media team, it all the cons fault, the outright lies begin." i don't' think there is one truth in their ads. And we worry about the Chinese influencing the election, no it's anyone with few dollars to spend and an axe to grind, bad enough we have to listen to attack ads by legitimate parties, now we hire massive media groups to spread lies.... And this is what some people call responsible government New advocacy group launches pre-election ad campaign against O'Toole, Conservatives (msn.com)
  8. Well what is the word on the street, what excuses are the liberals coming up with now... How many gaffs does this man have to make before one of those leftist wingnuts open their eyes and say this is the last straw. Someone should be writing all these excuses done and but it in book form. You could call it how "gullible is the average liberal" It is getting to the point it is rather embarrassing, and we wonder why we as a nation can not be taken seriously. Mean while in the news Justin has said the process was flawed, but it was Justin that change that policy you know the one put in plac
  9. I did not imply getting rid of immigration, but curtail it. Immigration is still going to be needed, but as you said more targeted or selective in scope. as for Canadians not wanting bigger families, the number one reason for them not to grow families bigger is cost, they can not afford it... Canadians love money make it more raising a child more affordable and i think rubber sales will take a hit. Pour that money we are using on immigration into infra structure, incentives for companies to open production here in Canada, training or education opportunities.
  10. 1. Chinas actions need atleast a reaction, not just a few words in the media, because we think China holds all the cards, i get it they do hold most of the cards in regards to goods we consume. But thats still no reason to back down from china, or atleast show them some balls so to speak. Start finding other sources for imports, placing taxes on Chinese goods, restricting Chinese investment 2. Who is the left, Liberals, NDP, Green party, or more specific any thing not on the right side of the spectrum. 3. Yes , restricting does not mean stopping, it means diversifying the same produ
  11. I think your missing the objective here, make it worth their while, tax breaks , family allowance there are millions of ways to put money into Canadian pockets to entice them to have children, even educated people have kids. Housing may be driving some sectors of our economy, but it is not the only egg in the basket, and certainly not the only money maker here. We would not have to rely on so many foreign workers if Canadians got off their high horses and worked jobs that we have considered below us. Here in the Maritimes fair to good jobs are hard to find, without specials skills, a
  12. Yes Michael there is a huge party divide on this. Today the Cons are talking about being more firm with china, restricting them on investing in our resources or other projects, diversifying our imports / exports more, and condemning their human rights violations . The left do recognize the problem, as most government departments are reminding them constantly, but they have failed to do anything real that the public knows of , instead they are using the diplomatic approach with what looks like little success. China has been popping up on a lot of countries radars lately USA, India, Russia
  13. What we need and what will happen is two very different subjects, unless the two party approach is both on the left, the right is not going to listen and the left is not going to entertain anything the right has to offer. So we are back to where we started. The issues that PIK bring up are not just some conspiracy theory, they are real threats, and sticking our heads in a hole is not going to solve the problem like the liberals are doing..
  14. Your creating the same problem you are coping with already, restriction of movement, more government control, and then end your post with Can't make it work OH well. I think it is kind of hypocritical don't you think. Instead of shipping people off to the far north, why don't we just tweak our current immigration policies, and work the problem from new angles, like pay young Canadians to have more children, tens of billions are spent on immigration and refugees, every year. Increase family allowance until it is affordable for couples to have more children, Canadians will do anything for
  15. I think whom ever is doing all this planning to find balances is doing a real shitty job, look at most of our large cities their infra structure is lagging way behind the amount of people moving to these city centers. Yes they do entice immigrants through incentives to try other parts of the country like the Maritimes, but once they have fulfilled their commitments it is off to the big city they go, to be around people of their own kind. The great Canadian myth that we are a country of diverse cultures and that it makes us stronger, is false, our immigrants come here to enjoy their cultur
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