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  1. Not completely sure why can'tstop now post got him banned "If America keeps doing bad things, why hasn't Canada stopped them yet?"

    I'm hoping it was for something other than asking some hard questions, i mean is it because we have thin skin and can not take some simple questions on our own conduct...

    1. Shady


      I think he’s posted the same topic dozens of times in the past.

    2. Charles Anthony

      Charles Anthony

      Shady is right. 

      If you want to discuss whatever topic, feel free to start your own thread. 

  2. So, NDP sells out and Justin remains PM, so whats next for Justin does he keep his promises, or once the throne speech becomes old news does he continue his games, and does what ever he wants...
  3. I think Justin is taking a big chance here, if it does get rejected by the NDP the linch pin in this whole deal, it was not much of a campaign speech like we all expected... Justin sonly play here is to please the NDP or atleast give into a few of their demands... my question is all the other stuff a distraction, nothing to do with putting our economy back on track or looking to create jobs etc... Is this what Liberal voters are looking for ? And it does not take much to make a conservative cry. Like watching Montreal win another cup, or Justin winning a third term.
  4. Justin prorogued Parliament to change the channel on the WE Scandal, and said to Canadians they had to prepare the mother of all throne speeches... and during that time the Liberals continued the hype about a massive green plan that would put people back to work and bring back on economy. Even senior Liberal officials came out and said a massive plan would be to much right now... I won't lie there are some good things in the speech, most of them had to be in there, as there was not much of a chioce. The rest of the speech I'm not sure of the investing in new green tech should have been d
  5. Whats a little ironic, is you "may" of voted liberal twice already extending Justin magical mystery tour and are just waking up now.... After the damage is down... anyway welcome back.
  6. And here i thought all liberals worked in a whore house, now i find out it's just their sisters.... the things you find out on the intra net ..... Must of got tired of smoking Justin's weed and seen some of the light, well not enough to save your sister, but enough to see Justin for who he is...
  7. As with Justin Trudeau’s vacation on the Aga Khan’s island; with the SNC-Lavalin scandal, and with the ongoing WE charity debacle, there is a sense in this case that the normal rules don’t apply to Bill Morneau to this week’s alleged transgressor, MP Raj Grewal, who has been charged with fraud and breach of trust. In both cases, “everyday Canadians, the hard-working people who pay their taxes and play by the rules” are urged to vote for a government that will put “the people’s interests ahead of self-interest”. This is dangerous terrain for the Liberals. The party’s reputation
  8. Because this is 2015 Baby, A time for us to celebrate our feminist side, dance in the streets with the LGBTQ crowd, Time for a transparent government, and spend like a drunken sailor after a year deployment, "this one has broken every rule and promise since then... It's time to come back from the dark side... and vote anything but liberal...
  9. "NOTE" If your a liberal, let me save you some time, and STOP right here. This behavior has become expected, and fits into your personal morals and values.... If your NDP these are the people you have hitched your wagon to good luck with that... Liberal MP has been charged with breach of trust, and fraud, Very recently Bill Morneau "fall guy" for the WE scandal has also violated elections act in 2019..... https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/morneau-elections-commissioner-1.5718605 Not to mention MS Chagger lying her face off , during WE ethics committee
  10. Yes it is, but with a quick goggle search one could find hundreds of cases with similar results, and i understand the courts are over loaded, every government related department is over loaded with no funding relief waiting in the wings.... And i'm no lawyer, but thought this was a no brainer, she has already taken ONE life, and knowing that she decided to get back behind the wheel hammered again, and again... I'm sure she had a tearful apology to the family when she appeared in court, as i'm sure the judge is going to get to see all the drama for a 3 rd time..... she needs a good sentence, j
  11. I do want to point a few things out, Yes the Conservatives did mange to purchase some new military equipment, some of it needed, like the C-17, and Leo IIA6M (x20) some of it rushed and useless like the new G wagon, it did not take long for the Taliban to prove it was a soft skin vehs, only one step up from a canvas covered jeep... The main point is None of it was purchased until enough soldiers had died on the battle field.... When enough mothers and widows were crying in front of the media , the government took action and something get done... Considering every week their was a dog and
  12. Perhaps you can enlighten us why is spending billions if not trillions is a good idea at this time.... lets keep in mind Justin is not going to spend money where it is needed, he is going to buy your vote, nothing more... we will see in a few weeks just what his plan, lets not forget the sprinkling of NDP good idea fairies will be , and i'll bet very little is going towards bringing our economy back into the fold...
  13. I'll be voting PC, surprising I know.... But Justin is going to come out swinging at the end of the month, and is is going to have something for everyone, he'll be spending money like a fat kid eats smarties.... most of it directed at Climate change, social programs, with a little sprinkled of getting the economy started... NDP are already bought and paid for, so no early election... let the block try to push for an election , it's not going any where , gives the PC time to get established , produce some real policies, and sell them to the public....but either way the damage will be done.
  14. The incident in which BC is referring happened in the first phase of the Afghan conflict, where sniper dets were lent out to US unit which was inserted directly into a combat situation . The sniper dets earned their combat pay and more that day, saving a lot of US lives, to which the US wanted to repay them for their efforts, by giving them US medals for bravery, something the Canadian Chain of command STILL in Garrison mode became a little envious of, making a big deal out of an incident when someone accused of messing with a enemy corpse Among the gruesome accusations were that he cut off a
  15. Maybe we should all be listening to the message the US has been broadcasting for 40 years now in reference to our own security measures...... Your hoping that an increase to our military does not trigger someone to go all trigger happy, are we talking about the same military.... What makes you believe that investing in our military, will result more use of it ?, do we have a history of doing that ? If Canadians found out just how bad the state of our military is in....there would be no arguments about investing , more like how did we let the government allow this to happen...or more to th
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