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  1. 1. which ended in a tie and the country divided it proved nothing except china was a threat to the US and it's allies. . 2. ended in a loss, not sure why your using this as an example. 3. Yes America and NATO out spent mother Russia which is consider a Win for America, I agreed to that in the first post. Russia has been making great strides in rebuilding their military machine, enough to give NATO pause to think this is all over...unless the whole Ukraine thing was practical joke, or that other surrounding country's are begging for NATO troops or to join NATO It can still project power. China is becoming a monster that we created, almost everything is made in China, it's military growth out strips most countries in the world. and it won't be long before it can project power in it's region. So much that NATO now considers China the primary threat and is thinking of expanding into the pacific theater.
  2. I don't think i did make an mistake, or suggest they did not . Just because your free to travel does not mean you have the freedoms we enjoy. And what if they don't return, do you think their family is at risk, it would be a great motivator would it not, the Chinese have been doing it for years according to CSIS.
  3. One of the main reasons that DND and RCMP and any government dept, (because this is not limited to just DND, RCMP this problem is Canada wide and is not addressed nationally ) Is government meddling and wanting to keep those graphs looking good in someone office, how did they do that, well one they lowered Physical and mental standards to attract more women, not just a little but a lot, This divide is part of the problem, selected recruitment is another the targeting of racial women over anyone creates another divide, select promotion or advancement/ career courses because there is not enough females in leadership positions...and they don't hide any of this , they outright tell everyone, your the wrong sex, or color/ religion... it is outright racist policies... another divide Don't get me wrong it has worked on both sides of the sexes, and their are lots of women who meet or exceed given standards... but is more common for a number of women to get ahead because the system is rigged, women that do not deserve that promotion. i would also note that men that also do not met standards, "But" with retention numbers hard to come by they are kept ..., DND losses a lot of very experienced people tired of carrying the extra load.. with numbers below acceptable levels , large groups of members are deemed NOT Deployable, meaning those that work hard and are fit, carry the load. while the others skate by, But wait there is more you can not penalize those non deployable people we might hurt someone feelings...so they are getting promoted at the same pace or faster than those that are doing all the work... lots of unfit people in DND some over 350 lbs, once again you can not judge because they are as round as they are tall and can't lift there own weight, try and move a man this big that has been wounded off the battle field when your not fit... All of these government programs that are forced on DND and RCMP have created many different tiers of soldiers, all treated equally but the work is not divided equally and these tiers create more division.. I have soldiered with some incredible women during my career, I've seen a 140 lb female medic grab 3 soldiers in total, one at a time each weighing well over 200 lbs with battle gear and weapons, under horrific enemy fire. She sprinted with this heavy load, bullets are an incredible motivator, bringing each one to safety after they had been wounded. once they were safe she treated them providing life saving medical help...She proved that day that one did not have to be a man to soldier, but she easily exceeded those standards set by our government. These old Standards are proven to save lives but they are lowered to make a graph in someone office look good. Recruitment should be done based on meeting tough standards a one those that can pass are recruited those that don't, see ya, The battlefield does not care if you are weaker, or could not meet standards they will take your life and everyone's less. And then we act shocked when the media gets ahold of it and runs with it, or a female judge rights a slashing report...once these divisions fall apart and men or women sexually harass or assault female soldiers, or racially different or have different religions... i wonder why, more oversite you say, it is government oversite that create this monster...
  4. This is happening all across the country, by most major companies, The Irving's have mills piled with finished lumber, mountains of it, they limit what goes out to artificially keep prices high... anyone buy a stick of lumber lately, the price is up well over 300 %, i purchased the other day a 2x10x10 foot long, each cost 45 dollars. another reason new housing prices are on the rise up atleast 3-40 % in one year...and it does not stop there high prices for fuel is reasonable for everything else going up... everyone is gouging everyone, not sure if it is strictly business or just greedy Canadians..
  5. I wont lie to you driving on paved road was a bonus, but later on in the mission most supplies were being delivered by helo, but most of all our causalities were due to IEDs, Canada was forced to rent helos first Russian MI-17, then used US CH-47D similar to the ones we sold the Dutch , but not before the ARMY had lost enough soldiers did that happen.... Fresh water was never a problem, we had the machinery to just drill what ever we needed where we needed it...or it was flown in by the pallet load... the dam is out in the middle of nowhere to start with, the construction was done with local workers, we provided the funding and security, not one watt of power was used for any NATO forces, all of our major camps where completely self sufficient, power, water, sewage, food, major airports, bunkers, fighting positions, surveillance etc...Billions of dollars were spent on each one, they housed 40, 50 thousand armed people...some were much bigger... most of the highways we built lead straight to Pakistan, which was hostile to any and all NATO forces, it was a Afghanistan trading route with no access to the sea, most products Afghanistan wanted came from there, most of our stuff came from the west was flown in or trucked.. Afghanistan is not big on roads, most were dirt tracks in the middle of no where, for the most part we stayed off the roads as much as possible, we traveled at night with no lights, by x cross country , GPS headings... unless in the high country which meant we had no choice, those roads were patrolled by sat, UAV, aircraft, tethered air ships, vehicles, and by foot, 24 hours a day 365 days a year, they were tested by Engineers every morning, even with all that IED's were the main threat to us and the population.. but placing bombs or bomb maker was a very dangerous activity for the bad guys , they did not live a long life, and where high priority targets. look at what happened to little Omar.
  6. Virtue and moral high ground has not filled anyone's stomach that i know off. anyone that has gone hungry can you that.... But money makes the world go round- some guy that thought he could eat virtue and morals
  7. Your grasping now, and have turned the page, nobody was talking about Iraq. I was not told anything, what i have written about is my opinion, of what i saw or experienced. Everything i have said can be verified on the inter net, "it is yours to discover it is a great tool." I personally did not do any humanitarian work, i did however assist the PRT by providing security for their efforts occasionally, I was part of the Battle group on all three of my tours... the name should give away it's mission, and it was not to hand out teddy bears and blankets... it was to provide security, and disrupt any terrorist activity, in an area larger than PEI. As for did we help any of the native population, well Canada was reasonable for drill thousands of wells, that provided clean drinking water, we constructed paved highways so they could not bury IED's in the middle of them, keeping it's users safe, Canada also built a major dam to provide electricity to the population.. we did not need any of that, everything we needed we brought with us, power, sewage, food, ammo, and machinery .... was it all worht the effort you have to ask the local population those questions, instead of using your gut or making shit up.... some of which are now Canadians here in our nation ask them... Do your own research and educate yourself, i have nothing to prove to you, nor do i care what you think, You one of those Canadians that have already made up their minds and nothing will change that, kind of like talking with someone from the left....it is pointless.
  8. She stopped nothing, she was replaced by another minister, and he could have reversed her decision, but the optics where bad for the liberals. So what did it cost her, well it cost her job , her position within the liberal Government, her ability to work on any important political matters. Yes she got reelected, and now she has a seat in the house to watch the grown ups conduct business. Since losing her position she may have spoken to the house on a few issues, The question i asked is this, do you think she has any influence within government to make any difference for her riding or any serious political matter. As for punishing Justin for political interference in a major court case, he got a slap on the wrist, or nothing really... she lost almost everything. Justin on the other hand is still in power, with no real opposition to get rid of him, it looks like a win win for justin. And yes i agree with you Ambrose would have been the one to crush Justin... But the party had something else in mind...
  9. It sounds like your entire reply is nothing more than gut feeling, or as i like to refer to as total horse shit, but that would be interjecting my opinion over yours, and we don't want to do that... And like i said before your free to think what ever you want, regardless if it is based on facts or myth it is after all "your" opinion.
  10. For the most part your right Muslim countries for the most part don't favor democracy, but prefer dictatorship, or hard core monarchy.
  11. It's not just the Government moonlight , yes they played the major role, but they play any tune the public wants, and our vets are not on the minds of it's majority of citizens... or it would be a talking point for all parties.. what is priority CERB, or any of it's hybrids, as a distraction they throw in women rights in regards to employment, wages, and sexual assault or harassments, or talk about reconciliation with indigenous, climate change, and my favorite getting back better... and our new green economy, lets not forget the new war on legal gun owners, it's all talk, with very little action... the people eat anything the media has to play or say, and in todays world the intra net anything can be true...
  12. The cons could do the same, promise everything deliver sweet F*** all, and once in office start to turn things around slowly letting the population adjust, do a propagandas blitz on them on how bad things are and explain what the plan is to get out of it... There are lots of Canadians that don't like what the liberals are doing or the future... but the majority have been brainwashed to think that they can't trust the right, or their heads will explode, that is Justins staff that created that image and the cons do nothing to deter that thinking... They have defunded most of our security apparatus so it barely does the work... RCMP, DND, Coast Guard, Border services, Immigration, and the others all to fund more social programs than we need... My opinion is this country is starved for a good leader, and when he /she comes people will flock to them, liberal or conservative... Some vets have tried that already, PTSD is a bitch that way, it totally turns things around, goods is bad , and bad is good... combine that with drugs and booze and you get a party that no ones wants to go to.. and few come back from..
  13. Nothing even close to a liberal democracy, the form of government was chosen by the Afghanis people, and while they voted for their Government in, it only loosely represents what we call a democracy. more like a blended democracy/ dictatorship. it gets complicated by the fact the Taliban are a creation of Pakistanis intelligence, with Pakistan giving them protection and free access to their country. add in there some Russian interference and funding along with all the known terrorist groups across the globe...and the Muslims religious obligations to fight in most holly wars , well it gets complicated.. Fighting the taliban and the other terrorist groups is a global affair not just Afghanistan / Pakistan problem... lets not forget Pakistan is a nuclear country as well... One of the problems with just killing all the bad guys is you destroy most of the governments areas of responsibility, someone or some thing is going to step in , and finding someone that is a friend to the west are few and far between. Iraq was a good example of that, US failed to step in and take over until the government could get started again.
  14. acknowledging the point August made America won the cold war. I'm going to say History says that, the facts point that way as well, there is no more Warsaw pact that would be a good indication,
  15. 100 % agree , Butit is written that way so our government could not willy dilly use it's military against it's own people, when ever it thought, it is a check and balance thing...
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