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  1. Not everyone, we still have thousands of beach goers, travelers, plus the i don't care any more crowd, I mean we have already heavily damage our economy for decades to come, and yet some refuse to compile with a few social distancing rules.
  2. What should be a minimum sentence for taking a life while driving impaired ?... there is no standard, The judges say every case is different , and yet the are all the same.... it involves someone that is drunk, " lets also note every driver in Canada knows it's against the law, and not tolerated in any province"...and someone that is innocent who paid for that mistake with their life..
  3. WOW, good pep talk coach , shit even I'm depressed now...Somehow i think you missed Queens message... Just curious where is the line in the sand for you, while fighting this virus.
  4. I think what he means is this pandemic is a Canadian problem, one that will require action and sacrifices from all of us if we are to overcome it... whether we are just starting out in life or coming to the end of our life's cycle .....
  5. Your right I am not an expert at economics, in fact There is very little that I am an expert in, what i do know is to be suspicious of anything the government does do or use to explain to us stupid taxpayers on how they use our money....this is one of those examples. So yes i did question it...and in this case the "experts" are more magicians than experts....one would think that they could have atleast standardized the formula so we could calculate the same answers. Yes there is a lot of info about VSL, but not any in any official federal Canadian web site, nor are there any examples of where such info is used on a regular basis, not saying it is not used, just there is no info on any fed site or examples of how it is used. -Goggle also shows that there are many different ways to calculate VSL, each are very different and each comes up with a very different figure, "go figure" no standardization in any of them, basically you can pick which one sells your objective more effectively... - because there are so many ways to calculate VSL , each country can have multiple VSL per country, for each year for instance Canada has a range form 2.8 mil to 8.8 mil for the same year...i mention that because those figures would certainly effect your end calculation would they not. you could have an end state of 350 bil saved to 1.5 trillion as you suggested.. - in fact each one of the ways of deciding a VSL is based on best guesses, and not by hard figures, these VSL are used to convince taxpayers that the governments decision is based on facts , when in reality they are nothing more than best guess...and Lastly they are only used when saving a life, and only when it suits them, not when the government has to pay out for a death, here they have designed another magical math formula designed to save the government maximum money.. There are several reasons, however, to be skeptical of policies proposed by government agencies in this area. PEOPLE DO NOT ACCURATELY PERCEIVE RISKS Individuals have cognitive biases that do not allow them to accurately assess the risks they face. People often overestimate small risks and underestimate relatively large risks, which can inflate VSL calculations for small environmental hazards. Policymakers, voters, and politicians are also subject to these biases which leads to over-reaction to and over-regulation of small risks. THE VSL MAY BE OVERESTIMATED DUE TO PUBLICATION BIAS Publication bias occurs when journals are more likely to publish studies that find large or statistically significant VSL estimates, while studies with small VSL estimates are less likely to be published. Some studies suggest VSL estimates may be significantly overestimated due to publication bias. Accounting for this bias may reduce VSL estimates by as much as 70 to 80 percent. MANY STATED PREFERENCE STUDIES ARE UNRELIABLE Stated preference studies ask people how much they would be willing to pay to reduce risk in a hypothetical situation. Stated preference studies are subject to “hypothetical bias” that can inflate VSL estimates because people say they are willing to pay more to avoid risk than they actually are. Stated preference studies regularly fail scope tests. Preferences estimated from these studies do not appear rational. In other words, willingness to pay estimates from these studies are not related to the size of the risk. AGENCIES HAVE INCENTIVES TO MAXIMIZE BUDGETS Public Choice Theory suggests that government agencies are incentivized to use policies and procedures designed to maximize budgets. Agencies are incentivized to use larger VSL estimates to increase the likelihood that their proposed regulations will pass a benefit-cost test. Agencies have the incentive to ignore or avoid doing benefit-cost analysis on regulations that would not pass. POLITICAL OR BUREAUCRATIC CONSIDERATIONS MAY TRUMP BENEFIT–COST ANALYSIS VSL estimates are subject to political pressure. It is politically unpopular to reduce the VSL because the public perceives reducing the VSL as lowering the value of life. When the Environmental Protection Agency tried to reduce VSL estimates for senior citizens to reflect older people’s lower willingness to pay for risk reduction, Congress prevented this change from happening to avoid upsetting constituents. Ignoring or avoiding benefit-cost analysis can lead to over-regulation. https://www.strata.org/vsl/
  6. Does anyone else think these numbers are made up? I have tried to find a source that would back this up but there is not one.... Maybe it is just me but your article pulls numbers out of his ass, and the explanation of it all is also out of his ass.....meaning that VSL could be anything you want it to be simply by changing the numbers....in reality we are not talking about just 10,000 workers we are talking millions, and i'm almost sure most jobs with any risk involved pay out more than simple 1000.00 dollars a year.... Here in Canada this is what a government workers life is worth, a soldier gets one years wages, plus a free burial, and spouse gets access to Supplementary death benefits (sort of a life insurance only paid out monthly ) and all toll not even close to 10 million , not even close to one million, maybe you might get 300 k... in other words your not saving 1.5 trillion. This whole article is a sham to provide answers why the we are going this route of shutting everything down... to put some context behind these numbers the Flu kills between 2000 and 8000 Canadians each year. no shut down of economy, https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/flu-deaths-reality-check-1.1127442#:~:text=" The flu is serious%2C" he tells us,winter companions include coronavirus%2C adenovirus and Streptococcus pneumonia. Tuberculosis kills more people than any other infectious disease, according to information shared by the United Nations (UN) on Tuesday. Around 1.5 million people died from the bacterial infection in 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported, bringing attention to World Tuberculosis Day on March 24. Over 4,000 people die of tuberculosis every day. or 1.5 million people in 2018... all with out a global shut down, WHY ? https://www.dw.com/en/who-tuberculosis-is-the-worlds-deadliest-infectious-disease/a-52895167 Covid has claimed over 725,000 people globally....
  7. Another example of how well our courts really work, this example is from Ontario, a chick from Ont bragged about driving drunk on social media, then she kills someone on a peddle bike her sentence was parole....now she has been found guilty of a 3 rd offense and she is finally given jail time...1 1/2 years...I mean sweet holy F***, she is a repeat offender, plus she has killed someone already, what does it take to get this person off the road....maybe it is just me but does the court have their heads up their asses....and the judges involved how do they explain to the family who's husband she killed that she received parole and has been caught a 3 rd time...I think we can post this on the WTF wall, on how imperfect our justice system is....She clearly gave the judge the finger on this one, after he gave her parole for killing someone....and then on the third conviction a whooping year and a half , which converts to what in time spent in jail 6 months...now thats a deterrent... https://twitter.com/i/events/1291747621015617537
  8. One would assume, that the vetting would be done on this side by Justins staff, before he signed off and made the recommendation to the Queen.
  9. Justin recommended her to the Queen, and the Queen approved the recommendation as if Justin choice was going to be questioned by the Queen. The blame is to rest with Justin and his minions no one else....To even suggest this is the Queens fault is short sighted.
  10. Yes , because thats what the government wants the gravy train to stop, just to teach us to stand up on our own, What makes you think Canadians actually give a rats ass about what the politicians do...They don't..... we keep putting in the same bunch of losers and we are shocked we get the same results....
  11. when was the last time the people stood up to the government in an insurrection, 1838 maybe, todays Canadians don't have the balls to stand up for themselves, let alone hold a government accountable...
  12. This is a good example of why all those people who voted LIBERAL, need to hold on to hope that their decision to vote for Justin and his lying liberals was the right decision .... nobody likes to be wrong....Your right most people that voted are hypocrites....So are we even now, is that it... ....does that wash away everything the liberals have done or not done now and into future.... and the excuse is now , it's expected this is what politics looks like now..., so Justin do your worse it means nothing to voters, in fact the worse it gets the more they will stick up for you... This is not the golden opportunity for the conservatives, this is one of many, and it just keeps coming...Liberals know that the conservative party right now could not find their ass with 10 arms....this entire period has been the liberals golden hour....lets not stop there the NDP, Greens don't have strong leadership to attract any of the left.......Canadians are been programed to think anything right of center is poison , that and they're really afraid the taps will be shut off and no more free Justin tidbits to put in our pockets... This country is divided on so many levels it's actually funney and the liberals can't see that...nor do they care as long as the funds keep pouring into their pockets... If you can honestly sit there and say Canada as a nation is better off under the leadership of Justin, then i say we, deserve everything Justin and his crooks gives us, but don't say we are smarter for it...because todays conservatives going forward are wingnuts because or what the cons have done in the past..... Now that is sound thinking....
  13. 1.Yes, affirmative action, another failed political practice meant to bribe some culture or race into playing nice with everyone else, it's our way of saying "SORRY" our bad, take this bribe are we good now....but this example of affirmative action is nothing more than pandering to one group who happens to control the angry mobs at this time...Liberals have preached that we as a nation are a diverse culture and it is important that all Canadians should be treated the same, have the same rights and same opportunities , . Justin has said we are more united than ever before, and yet this nation seems bent on ripping itself apart...we preach equality but don't practice it. We preach diversity and yet favor one group over another... And as you said we have been at this affirmative action since 1970's and has anything really changed...not really. In this case we are putting one race over all others......pretty stupid if we are promoting our diversity. Had that statement been released that this grant is available to "whites only" this country would have torn itself apart....this program would have been declared as racist, right out of the starting blocks... 2. Maybe or should be a program for all Canadians, that maybe struggling. ....the Vulgarity, OK maybe i got a little carry away, your not a dick, but it was a dick move to brush her comments off and tell her to calm down, atleast that is how i seen it... Not that i need to fight her battles for her , i just thought it needed to be said... 3. If they had been listening, to the people they would have made this program fit all Canadians, since we are all in the same basket, floating on this crap call a pandemic, and Blacks are not the only ones effected.... 100,000 dollars could go along way to bringing a business around, or spicing up your town, it's tax dollars so it should be available to all Canadians or are we still talking race here . I am bitter Michael, and yes there is very little that the liberals have done to impress me or for that matter most Canadians... Their claim to fame is illegalizing pot... thats impressive...i think we are tired of seeing money being pissed away with very little being accomplished. I have given Justin kudos for his semi handling of the pandemic. but i'm not taking a pill 4. Yes the pragmatic conservative approach, has it worked in the past, it failed in the last election.... as for foaming at the mouth, i would not go that far, maybe had a little tone in the post, but that was addressing your move of brushing aside her comments and telling her to calm down like she was 5 years old...
  14. You can call it what every you like, but how can this not be racist..... let me reverse it a little here is it racist now....how long would this last if it was targeting whites only......And it offers a leg up for blacks only...Not brown, Asian, native American, purple, or green with warts on your dick.....Last time i checked Canada was suppose to be a diverse nation, WTF is diverse about this, nothing .Lots of people could use a leg up in todays environment, and ya you guess it they come in all skin colors, races, creeds, .......This is a government hand out for not apologizing enough.....And your a dick for suggesting she calm down or for seeing it for what it is....appeasing a group of people that are in the headlines today....
  15. I know these are not your sentiments , but it does amaze me how the left thinks.... SO it's OK to destroy someone else private property, such as store fronts , who's owners may have everything in their world tied up in their Private enterprise, the store owners had nothing to do with what the state does, or does not do, but they were the main targets of BLM, or Antifa... And now the feds are telling them enough is enough and they are starting to protect fed property.... and they Protestors find that a little confusing....They may have had a point if they just destroyed government property but that is not what happened, Free TV s for everyone....
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