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  1. If i didn't know you wore a tin foil hat taxme, that would have hurt, and here i thought i was one of your favorites posters.
  2. 1. Sure there is, but the key here is what constitutes a lot, 10 %, 20%, 30 % of the population, and while a lot of people are interested in politics like this crowd on this forum do you think they all are highly intelligent, highly informed Canadians that could make informed decisions on how to run and what is best for the nation. 2. But thats what it is going to come to, right, everyone votes, every vote counts, so the large population centers are going to dictate policies for the rest of Canada. Rural Canada will just have to suck it... Your system still has winners and losers', force to live by the majority rules concept, and again you have changed the elites in Canada for the masses of Canada, where all the big cities will be well off, and rural Canada will just be in the way, until; it comes down to eating, driving their cars, etc... Like helicopters ? i don't like politicians picking equipment to purchase, and i really don't want regular citizens picking it out either. Once again here is where personal interest rules the roust, and cancels out what is best for the nation. Not just military equipment, but ships for the Coast Guard, or what is best for first nations, the list goes on... one of the main reasons these have not gained traction unless it is an election year, is nobody cares... Someone has to make those choices that may not be popular with the public, but better for the nation who is going to do that, and what is it going to look like? 3. I agree there is always more than one way to skin a cat, however in opening this all up to everyone your going to get 39 millions different choices and getting to the best ones is going to take a shit ton of votes, just to get the most popular one...Like i said all we will be doing is voting. You know what sides the left and the right, and some where in the middle, like today every idea that comes in contact with the government gets watered down because of compromise of these sides. sometimes to the point where the original idea is no longer there.
  3. Sounds good on paper, and i do some how like the idea of having citizens vote for certain things. but there is a lot of fatal flaws in this idea, 1. Do you think that the average joe would be educated enough to make a intelligent decision on most topics that effect us at a national level. Like trade, economics, foreign relations. Shit for the most part we can not get a consensus here on this forum, imagine millions of opinions. 2. What makes you think that the average joe is not going to put his own interest first rather than the nations. Who is going to make those tough but needed decisions ? 3. Who is going to be bringing up all these new ideas for Canadians to vote on, who is going to vet them , 39 million people means 39 million opinions, who is going to message those ideas so they are acceptable to all sides. sounds like we are going to be stuck in front of our computers for a long time.
  4. I am aware of that, currently our coast Guard vessels are not armed like the US, and it is not in their mandate to patrol the coast or protect it in any way, like the US CG does. The department of fisheries, RCMP, depend on mostly DND for any off shore duties, when assets are available, why not give those duties to the coast Guard and free up Naval assets to do navy things, let them patrol our coast lines, and deal with fisheries and drug related issues. Shit we could even give them maritime search and rescue, and allow our military SAR to concentrate on Military SAR issues.
  5. I'd be interested in reading more about this Equitability act is there a source i could go to ?
  6. Canada has no political power globally, our closest allies mock us regularly and publicly, our reputation has been tarnished for the last 30 years. Canadians are tired of the same bullshit rinse and repeat politics, with no real leader in sight for any of the parties really. So i think most Canadian's have stopped caring, stopped voting altogether, we all have an opinion, but we are not willing to change anything, it's because we are lazy, we think that nothing is going to change. We have given up. I think it is time for a new political party to emerge, one that could unite the country.
  7. Maybe it is just me , but why would Justin even feel the need to weigh in on who the Canadiens hire, I think he is influencing Canadians on a matter that really is not in his lane. He has already long ago destroyed his feminist's side of his fake personality. So what does he have to gain, other than some play on the media... Is this a matter that the PM should be commenting on. and why does someone get away with groping and then has the balls to point out this kids issue... but we need to hang someone for a photo Trudeau joins chorus blasting Montreal Canadiens for drafting player who violated woman's consent (msn.com)
  8. They are ice hardened, meaning they can't be used all year round, and they can't break or operate in major ice such as winter or early spring the ice is to think... The coast guard would be needed to break up the ice.. Maybe they should have bought armed ice breakers and give them to the Coast Guard instead of these fantasy boats which won't last very long in any military deployment...
  9. I live in the country in New Brunswick and when it storms in the winter, unless you have a one of those huge 4x 4 you are not getting to work, no work no pay, and i work for the Government and they don't give a rats ass, unless it is covid..,you can use one of your holidays...so while you guys in the city can take the bus, not everyone has the same luxury out here i'm forced to pay unreal gas prices so Justin and his buddies can cheer about climate change...
  10. I'm thinking your wrong Michael, I've lived in Europe for 5 years and traveled a lot. served in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East I've also been to most of the worlds shit holes, And every time we landed back in Canada i kissed the ground and thanked god for my good fortunes... that does not mean there is NOT lots of room for improvement, or things are not as rosy as you see them... You can sit here and be content or we can steadily improve what we have for the next generation, like the generation before us...
  11. Maybe this is the problem, everyone is content with how things are, or they see that there is nothing they can do and just shrug their shoulders and say it could be worse. Nothing will be done to fix anything if people don't voice their concerns maybe not here but to their MP's atleast. Personally i think waiting for 18 hours with a broken wrist is not good health care, nor is it fair, but really minimal for a first world nation.
  12. The majority of Canadians do not see it that way, they see dollars going into their pockets and like it, regardless of what it does to the country... Unless there is a miracle Justin and his merry band of crooks will get back in, or so says the polls... O Toole is he really up for the job, i mean there is a lot to fix... has anyone heard his plan yet, all I've heard is them blasting Justin everyday on Cpac. he has yet to offer any real solutions...
  13. The system barely works, and in some cases not at all. Canada exists without civil strife because Canadians are to damn lazy to really do anything about it, in fact if it does not involve them personally nobody gives a shit, here are some examples, look at all the indigenous issues we have, and why is the list so long, look at Quebec, Any one concerned they have not signed onto the constitution ? or why can we not run a pipeline from the west coast to the east coast? Canada has a lot of major issues to sort out before it is more than average place to live.. Explain to me this can an everyday person run for office, have you checked on the criteria to run for office it pretty much takes me and you out of the race. And yes the 95 referendum did end without violence or strife, But what would have happened had the separatist won that day, why did the government have so many military units on stand by that day... Yes we have a pretty good standard of living, unless your poor that is, and yes most of us have running water, some of it is poisoned with mercury for over 20 years now, don't drink it but it does run...a lot our infra structure is in need of repair. We have some of the highest taxes in the world, our health care is a joke, unless you like to wait over 18 hours to see a doctor, thats for broken bones... Inter national we are a joke, our NATO allied have running jokes about the entire nation, We can not even look after out own sovereignty in most cases, to the rest of the world our word means nothing. No every things is fine, in my world just keep the blinds closed.
  14. Well the climate change gurus say that with all the artic ice melting ocean levels are going to rise, a large amount, why not balance it all out..
  15. Just guessing but I'd say electricity made from turbines run by hydrogen
  16. Yes but here in Canada government contracts are make work projects, and another way to funnel funds back into the major corps that fund politicians IE Irving, I think it is a unwritten rule if it is a government contract charge 10 times the price..
  17. Yes another feather in the Liberal hat, well atleast Mr Chretien kept us out of Iraq right... he was to busy planning a coup.. Using the military which he starved to death to boot. Got to like liberals.
  18. Him and his whole family betrayed this country and got paid very well for doing it. And we as Canadians let them do it, with a few grunts and groans. And yet the vets that fought on behalf of this country are asking for more than we can give right now and are still fighting our government in courts today... well at least we have our priorities right
  19. Sorry my link is no longer any good,, and i don't really understand it all myself, what they did say is they can remove the hydrogen molecule from water, they then add green ammonia this is not the same as regular ammonia, or so they say so it does not require massive storage tanks like yesterdays hydrogen storage tanks. , once this process is done whats left is oxygen. The burning of hydrogen is almost carbon neutral, by how much they did not say. they say that they have a several proto type machine as large as a coke fridge, that could produce hydrogen in your garage... so the cost is cost of the machine, and then add water and you can produce as much as you need, for the life of the machine, how much carbon does it take to produce the machine, don't know, what i do know is that it many times cleaner than fossil fuels. what it does say is the conversion from fossil fuels engines is fairly easy much like the propane was. and will not require a massive new redesigned engine, it has the same uses as fossil fuels not, heating your home, providing electricity, all automotive vehicles, trains, and planes...they did say that they have proto types on large ships right now that are experimental... so the tech is on the move..
  20. I am not going to deny my ancestors gave the natives a shitty time, but at the same time your ancestors are just as guilty of taking advantage of the native population I goggled Indian wars in Canada, and there is lots of examples that the French were also in direct competition for the same resources and used violence to solve most of them.. What am i suppose to say, SORRY for how my ancestors treated you 300 years ago, sorry Justin has already done that several times over and it has gotten us no where, we have tried here is a dollar i hope we can be friends, it has gone no where , at what point in time are todays Canadians going to be on the hook for all that happened in the past... I would think 300 years would be enough that we can stand on the same ground and be called everyone Canadians... Same as when the British defeated the French, yes they did some shitty things to the French, including ethnic cleansing send thousands to Louisiana, once again we are still not over that I guess, I mean it is my opinion that Canada should offer you an olive branch, starting with a new constitution. I want you to treated like any other Canadian, i want you to be as Canadian as everyone. . And yet, i get from your conversation you don't want that, you sir want to be a Quebecois first who happens to live in Canada. Why do you need to be a nation within a nation , what special rights does that give you ? What nations does first nations claim ?, what has been given to them by some treaty over 300 years old, and what do they claim as theirs via word of mouth, i question this because they were nomads so to speak, traveling to where the food was, borders constantly changing because of internal conflict with other first nations tribes... how far back do we need to go to sort out who's land is whos. giving them all the treatment they have been receiving for hundreds of years, all it does is trap them in to the same cycle of behavior, and it separates them from the rest of Canada, and is a source of division on both sides, cancel it all and start treating them as everyone else gets treated. I'm not saying i don't trust you, i don't understand the concept of "why" you need your own nation, why is it that you feel the need to be Quebecois first, rather than Canadian. I mean France lost on the battle field, they lost interest in everything in North America they pulled out of lower Canada and then they abandoned your ancestors and left, you to defend for yourself, and the English are the bad guys... now consider yourself what a French men from France or a Quebecois from Quebec. and if you have changed what you called yourselves, your linage is from France, and mine is from England, and yet i call myself Canadian not British. When i was over in Afghanistan, we took over from the Vandoos , they were showing us the ropes, many times they came to our rescue in Combat, and we rescued them, we shed blood for each other with out hesitation, because... we were all "Canadians", no one say screw you English guy you suck remember 300 years ago... they wore the Canadian flag on their shoulders same as we did...they flew the Canadians flag over there camps, not the Quebec flag. My point is we are all Canadian, we may share different linage or countries of origin, but in the end you are part of this nation called Canada as much as i am. I don't see you as my enemy, i see you as a Canadian...nothing more nothing less. It seems you are the one that can not let go of the past... if your father is sentenced to 100 years in prison, and only does 50 years in detention , does his son have to serve the rest... No then why are todays Canadians being asked to pay for our ancestors crimes... Tell me the benefits of having your own nation within a nation, and what is wrong with considering yourself Canadian, since we are living in Canada. As for the destruction of Canada, perhaps you can name 5 nations that have separated in the last 300 years that have NOT ended in conflict...trust me I've been to a few of them, and i will say the fall of the Canadians dollar is the last of our worries...You claim you want to be treated the same, and yet you don't want to be the same , i see this as a division , things that drive us apart... like i said before how do we have a united nation, when we are so divided, over something that happen over 200 years ago...is it going to take another 200 years to be on the same page
  21. 1.1 This is my reasoning, Canada is the nation, to which is made up of many different provinces, people, creeds, languages etc. Everyone being Canadians first, which for the most part i do support your ideas, but not separate nations, to have a separate nation would mean we are all not working on the same page or for the same things. one nation would always come first over the other. If it is a separate nation you want then i think you have already made up your mind, the only thing to do is separate... It also works the other way, if Canada is to remain whole then compromise has to be made on both sides. i personal think that separation of Quebec would be the end of Canada period, it would cascade to every province.. It would also mean a major adjustment in our standard of living for every province..., not to mention no voice on the world stage at all, what would the be the worlds reaction to all of that, what do you think our dollar would be worth, what about all our trade agreements, we as a people would become irrelevant. 2.2 like i said there are going to be things that are going to have to be compromise ,nobody is talking about taking anything, some choices will be easy, and some will be hard to swallow. but i think and this is my opinion not fact, that the land borders will have to be redrawn how much so i could only guess. i'm glad you bring up the fact that English Canada has carried out genicide and ethnic cleansing before and yes to the French as well, but the French population also have skeletons in there closet as well and i don't really think that is who we are today, i mean you and me.... and I'm not responsible for their mistakes or crimes, nor are you... As for the imperialistic attitude, that was not my intention, I'm not going to say that it will not be at the discussion table. The reason i say that is you seem to think that Quebec has the upper hand during separation, and this is my opinion only i don't think Quebec will be treated as a equal at the table, Canada has more to loss here than Quebec. I do remember the first talks of separation, France did promise to support Quebec in it's transfer of power, that would tip the table in Quebec's favor. As for War there has not been to many separations on this planet that did not lead to war, or conflict. And that is the last thing i really think we all want.. The last separation vote MR Crietien did order all the f-18s based in Quebec into the states once on the ground they were quarantined, no Canadian pilots or crew could go near them as their loyalties were unknown at the time. . also a large portion of 5 brigade was sent to NY on exercise, while 2 brigade in Ontario was put on 6 hours notice to move, in other words put on alert for operations. I'm not privy to the reasons why, or where or how, just that my leave was canceled and we were told we were going somewhere. and the only thing happening in the world at that time was the vote for separation...I bring this up because the government would be just stupid not to be prepared for anything including using force... What this government is capable of doing I'm not sure, but the liberals have used the military more than any other party... but an unarmed Quebec would be at at disadvantage when it comes to war... Not that i think the US would allow it to go very far without intervening some how. But they have shown support for the government in the past.
  22. Not sure what i did to piss in your cornflakes, but I'm pretty sure I'm not a leftist defeatist any more than you are some patriotic Canadian with concerns over how our country is being run. All you do is bitch and whine about every topic on here, i say that because you rarely offer any solutions and when you do they are normally some conspiracy theory from deep in outer space. As for any unjust covid restrictions, well like most Canadians i will go along with what is being ordered, you don't have to like it, but for the most part it is law... As for your rights and freedoms what have you done to change all that ?, other than hide under your bed in northern Ontario waiting for the pandemic to blow you by...let me guess nothing, your strongest point is bitching about it, or pointing out others peoples faults... action is not in your vocabulary or strong suit... you should feel pity as good men and women have done most of the heavy lifting fighting for your rights and freedoms, while you hide under the couch in moms basement...Thank you for pointing out my faults , i use that criticism to improve my slack and idle body. I hope you do the same. now put your tinfoil hat back on, and take your meds everything is going to be fine..
  23. 1.. 1. I'm pretty sure ROC has already recognized Quebec as a nation already. So why is it not enough to be recognized as a province with Canada, why is there a need to be a nation onto yourself ? I think it creates a division within Canada, when everyone is not treated the same. 2. I think the constitution should be reworked, to include Quebec, not so sure on the veto powers, one would have to take a look on what is best for the nation, you said your self all sides are not always going to agree, but i think every problem can be worked out to benefit everyone in most cases. 3. Thats a big request, for a couple reasons, per % of population would be a much easier pill to swallow, and i would hope, that at this level of justice being English or French decisions that were being made would be based on law and what is best for the nation as a whole. That judges would not have a preference for either language or province, in a perfect world. 4. i was not aware that this was an issue, not sure what to think. 5. I would be ok with that. 2.. 1. it would be extremely difficult to figure out exactly what Quebec provided in terms of taxes and what % of projects went strictly to Quebec. Again would a % of your population be the % of national debt each province be assigned... how would say Alberta be access when it has given more into equalization than any province towards national and provincial projects. But i agree it would be difficult not only to figure it all out but to have all sides agree it was fair. Also the use of the Canadian dollar would be another big contributor, with Quebec separating the Dollar would slide in my opinion a lot. and with Quebec using the dollar it might even drag it down more as Quebec would have little in the means of established credit. 2. Lets take a look at Quebec through out history, Quebec was given vast chucks of territory so it would be easier to administer, including vast chunks of the north, and south, And in case of separation this would need to be sorted out first, as it would be i think a major bone of contention. 3. True enough Alaska is an exception, but what happens if relations between ROC and Quebec sour, and imposes duties or even a border closure on both sides of the borders... Having a direct connection is important , so important maritime Premiers talked to the US government about joining them, to ensure security and sovereignty.
  24. It's all about the leader, and the team behind them, and the message they can craft, look at Justins campaign against the conservatives for example, when liberal voters are asked why are you voting for Justin damaged liberals, most while reply it is better than the alternatives... Justin PR guys have painted the conservatives as poison, they are going to cut all the benefits the liberals have already gave out, they are going to implement massive cuts or out right cut other social programs , bring back abortion, give etc ... Now if someone like Justin can do it, imagine what could be done with someone that understands how to run the country, and how to make the right chioce or decision.. Why do i bring this up the Average Canadian does not know enough politics or running a country, current events or does not give a crap about government and how it is run. And even the ones that are interested, like those on this forum , how many different opinions do we have here, i can't imagine giving each citizen a say. This Nation is so divided into thousands of little camps it is almost imposable to get any one on the same page.
  25. just so that I'm clear with your position, Currently you think MP's and PM are payed to much...and your unwilling to pay for the talent that is out there... OK then but lets take a look at the system currently in place, only the rich or famous or people that know people run for most offices in Canada, so a regular joe like me and you are not going to be in office...when we take a look at the talent we have now in all parties, well shit son there is not much out there is there. So the current system is a huge failure...And now we are limiting our selection by needing to find someone with all the traits of a good leader but is willing to work for peanuts... But if you had talent, really good talent in the PM office and in the major departments, i think good changes can be made, good solid ones, not the ones that tax the shit out of something to make them hesitant to use it, and then give all that tax revenue back to the people...those are the ideas you get when you cheap out.. Yes the PM makes the final call but if he is being advised by other good quality people how could it not get things done...a under achieving MP can be relegated to seat in the back ,in charge of the supply closet. Just because they are voted in does not mean you have to use them for anything... Or we can continue to bang our heads up against the wall and hope for different results..
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