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  1. Canada is indeed not the most costly place to conduct business if you take away the health care costs companies must pay that are not tallied into the corporate tax rates.
  2. Agreed. It was quite the contrary. The British did indeed conquer the people but just, for the first time in its Imperial history, allowed them to stay on the territory in question.
  3. This entire case is just bewildering and it is hard to come to terms with what is going on. The husband of the woman in question has moved on to another love. Since this is the case, I would tend to think that his rights in controlling the life of Terri should be revoked. Now, onto the courts. I do not think that this is an area in which courts should be able to impose there own decisions. Just because Terri cannot state that she wants to live does not mean that she wants to die. It is basically a 50/50 chance which one she prefers. What gives a panel of officials who have no connection
  4. I have trouble placing it as a genocide mainly because the worst things done to the natives occurred before that resolution was put in place..thus..allowing the resolution to pin itself to events that already happened in order to term them as genocides...
  5. When you look at the basic tax structure in Canada in regards to what we charge business, it is not more than the United States. To be perfectly clear, if you take into account the % of tax placed on businesses the USA hit 40% and Canada comes in at around 36%. If you add in the money Canadian companies use on health care though they become essentially equal. What really is driving companies away is not so much our taxes but the lack of fair taxation elsewhere. The globalized economy is just killing us and really we can't decrease taxes low enough to stop the drive of some companies to oth
  6. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/sto...Story/National/ What do people think of this thing? I know that I am a man and when I go to get my haircut its at a barber and its done within 10 minutes....buzzzzzzzz I don't get it styled etc. I guess I am just lost with what this bill really looks to accomplish...anyone care about this one? I think that it is just a bill though... It probably should be posted in the provincial section seeing as it relates to Ontario but I think that it would set a federal precedent. Do the courts really need to be backlogged with haircut lawsuits?
  7. Hopefully that messege above clears up.
  8. In fact, the books are more than balanced; the federal government expects to post a $4-billion "underlying budgetary surplus" next year. *****I think that the bellyaching about paying the debt down with every nickel of surplus has to end. We are operating on what, our 8th, 9th, or 10th balanced budget? That is something unheard of in a welfare state. If they wanted to pay it down, they would, and they do. They know alot more than you or I abuot paying down a debt that has a lot more to do with the economy than the 4 billion dollars they are holding onto. Low-income earners, for example,
  9. I say we follow through with what almost happened on the West Wing. Let Tony Blair send some fighter-bombers over to strike nuclear plants. Iran is a big threat to the Europe. Missiles are capable of getting halfway to London already. But, then again, I think that bombing is the answer to a lot of the world's problems.
  10. Alberta is a province that is blessed by geography. They have oil. Apparently that puts them above parts of Canada that are not so fortunate.
  11. LOL that second part is a good point. I agree...many of the people that are in university are just there to make rich daddy happy. And, I think that if a Clinton type president is elected, Canada would move away from the 'hate'.
  12. In fact, the books are more than balanced; the federal government expects to post a $4-billion "underlying budgetary surplus" next year. In that context, Goodale's plan promises a broad sweep of tax relief measures. Low-income earners, for example, will benefit from the move to increase the amount Canadians can earn tax-free from just over $8,000 to $10,000. As a result, finance officials expect approximately 860,000 people to be removed from the tax roll. Canadians who take advantage of tax-sheltered RRSPs are also promised a break, with a boost in contribution limits to $22,000 by 2009. A
  13. I really don't think that this is a problem for us. We have the ability to think for ourselves and find information that is availible out there that isn't all about human interest and making a buck. As for China and N. Korea, the only way they can exist as know is by keeping the truth about how much more advanced our society is from them. It would mean the end of power in those countries.
  14. I see its rapping time.... At least it isnt a rendition of Weird Al's Amish Paradise
  15. Further arguments are here, I dont feel that I have the right to post some in from other people but you can still read them... http://www.getfreebb.com/members/index.php...F&showtopic=60) ----------------------- As for proportional representation, that five party system won't be the only party. You will have the gay rights party, the beer party, the asians for control of Canada party, the white power party, canadian nazis....you will have it all...and in order to stop any from gaining power you will have to impose a 5% minimum on votes....therefore wasting tons of votes like in a FPTP
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