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  1. i agree that it needs to be sorted out better. The teachers don't even have the assignments ready to give us, and are unsure themselves about most of it. They should complete the assignment themselves, before giving it to us students.
  2. it might be a good assignment to you, but you don't have to do it. This assignment puts tons of stress on kids, parents, and teachers, and none of us like it. Forced volunteer work sucks as well as many of the other aspects. You have to write on technology for example. Many kids don't know anything about this. It's just the idea that they are forcing this work up on us. The portfolio project isn't even completed yet, and they are already piling it up on us. If some one could just see where I'm coming from here, it's for the teachers as well. Where would Canada be if there were no rebel
  3. Once a bill is passes in British Columbia, is it too late to change it back? Say I don't like something and send in a petition, a private bill. Will they revote on it, and can it be changed back?
  4. hmmm, what i dont like about this assignment. Well its alot of extra pressure for students as well as teachers and alot more work. You have to prove that you got exercise, and volunteered, etc. Also, you have to write responses and reflections on everything you did, need I say more?
  5. If you are in grade 10, and live in B.C., you have probably heard of the 3 year portfolio assignment. I was wondering if anyone knows the proper steps to take in order for the portfolio to be either cancelled, or changed. I was thinking of making a petition and sending it in during the school board election. One of the candidates would pick up on the fact that the majority don't want the portfolio. He would then say he will try to stop the portfolio in order for him to get the most votes and to win. If anyone knows when the school board election is, it would be apreciated. I've heard the
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