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  1. Howdy Dooody folks. I am sure this post will be considered an insult to Quebecers and Liberals but definitely not to Canadians eh Greg ? The Liberal Party of Canada under the guise of the Liberal Government GAVE $100million dollars to a Quebec Developer to build a ski resort on Mont Tremblant. It included roads, sewer system, power grid, Chalet, etc etc. The money came from Canadian Taxpayers. It gets better folks. All of a sudden this developer started making huge contributions to the Liberal Party using of course Canadian Tax Dollars. What an insult to Canadians. So Greg are you going t
  2. Proven beyond a shadow of any doubt, the Liberals enacted legislation that promotes bigotry and racism, Pierre Trudea the Communist Pig was behind it and Chretien continued it. Liberals are bigots and racists and keep oj proving it. WHY?
  3. CageRattler how right you are, narrowminded is what the Liberals are, not just just corrupt, incompetent, liars and They do control the CBC , Global Televsion and the Winnipeg Free Press ( ok it used to be free but no longer ) The Toronto Star, The Ottawa Citizen, The Grope and Flail and on it goes. The Conservatives have no control at all over the media only the LIberals do. The changed the CRTTC Policy to make it works on their behalf and it does. That is why Freedom of the Press died years ago, the Liberals made sure of that. By the way, the Adscam situation is only the tip of the iceber
  4. Hey there Chuck Guite the truth hurts eh man. Administration ha ha ha ha did you know that you can no longer look into a mirror because your nose is three miles longer than pinocchio's and the President of the Pinocchio Club of Canada Paul Martin wants you now !
  5. Here are some extracts from the Inquiry: In his dealings with federal Liberals, Brault testified he: Was told by top Quebec Liberal official Benoît Corbeil that if he donated $400,000 he would get the money back from a sponsorship contract for $3 million. A smaller contract arrived and Brault said he gave $60,000, though he could not say who got the money or how it was delivered. Retained Montreal lobbyist Alain Renaud for a total of $1.1 million from 1997 to 2001. A longtime Liberal, Renaud was Brault's "door-opener" who promised to — and did — make Brault and Groupaction known within the
  6. Relax man the idiot Provincial Liberals are shutting down coal plants all over the Province of Ontario so that we can have a load of power failures that the idiot Liberal supporters will blame the Americans for. The Liberal Party should be banned in Canada for the following reasons: 1) Corruption 2) Incompentence 3) Lying 4) Anti-Americanism 5)Socialism 6)Missapropiation of information and money 7)Anti-Business 8)Gouging taxpayers 9)Allowing Quebec to rule the roost 10) Lying 11) Lying 12) Making the Pinnochio Club Of Canada look viable Nufff said !
  7. Read what the media is saying about the Adscam which is just the tip of the iceburg about this very very corrupt Liberal Party is and how incompetent they are and their rotten attiude towards our friends in the USA. Their anti-USA attitude and lack of understanding in assisting the Americans in stemming the tide of threats to ALL North Americans is disgusting. We are becomming the losers in this for example softwood lumber, beef and on it goes. The pinocchios in the Liberal Party and Bloc Qubecois don't and won't ever get it untill we get rid of them forever. Pierre Elliot Trudeau who was a
  8. My post is all about facts and truth. I realize that there are folks everywhere who cannot understand what truth and facts are and even worse it bothers them immensely so they retaliate with lies. You didn't but before long the pinocchio club members will and watch their noses grow longer and longer and longer. LOL ! Stay tuned there is more to come.
  9. The US Government is so fed up with the stupidity and lack of concern by the Liberal Govenrment concerning establishing and maintaining security for the citizens of North America. Beginning in 2006 if you don't have a passport then you will not be allowed entry into the United States. It gets even better. If, as an American citizen, you and the missus decide to cross into Canada to do some shopping/visiting/ whatever for a few hours and then return to the USA, if you don't have a passport then you will be refused entry. Thanks to the Liberals. Canada has allowed thousands of illegal peopl
  10. Yeah you probably are right. The corrupt and lying ones wouldn't like them and the socialists definitely wouldn't but it still would be nice to see them in power and watch what they will do to restore some credibility to Canadian Politics and be of benefit to Canadians.
  11. The Lying Government aka Fiberals are coming apart at the seams and the Canadian Public will be made aware of it very shortly reference the adscam gasme. And folks here is some of the TRUTH: A Montreal advertising firm that received over $40 million in Adscam sponsorship contracts paid huge kickbacks to both the federal Liberal Party and the Bloc Quebecois. This information was divulged by senior executives of that particular company named Groupaction. The executive said that the president of Groupaction , Jean Brault, made no secret around the company about where the kickback cash was goin
  12. Fiberals bare face liars you got it right. Good for you. The expensive Gomery investigation is proving that the Fiberals are just that Fiberals and they created this scam and ripped off Canadians. So in short will you continue to support liars like the Fiberals are or will you vote if that is still of interest or just quit because of the BS that exists within that party?
  13. Jean Chretien is a PUKE and his supporters are the same. I am NOT a conservative supporter. I worked for that freaking lying puke when he was the Minister of Justice and that commie puke was bad then and was worse when he became PM. supporting Liars, Criminals, paying $500 million bucks to make sure that our military pilots woudn't have safe helicopters to fly. You are a socialist and anti military and anti Canadian. You are one of those is trying very hard to destroy Canada!!
  14. The Liberals know everything about this scam because they created it. The Liberal Party is totally responsible for this scam because they wanted the money to be returned to their party coffers which happened and this money was Canadian taxpayers money so what is your problem idiot boy? Another scam artist spin doctor from the Fiberal Party of Canada. Hell Pinocchios nose is miles short of the Fiberals and their supporters. Liars ha ha ha that is a polite way of stating it!! There is no longer a Liberal Party of Canada it is now known as the FIBERAL PARTY OF CANADA, what an insult to Canadians!
  15. Further to my post I met someone a half hour ago who works in the RCMP and this person told me that: " The adscam inquiry under John Gomery is there to discover who, what why when and how this adscam took place, identify publicly the culprits and the activities. The stupidity of the Liberal Party to request an RCMP investigation is 100% nonsense because there already is an official investigation going on paid for by the taxpayers. Paul Martin is desparately trying to camaflage the inquiry by saying the Liberal Party is not at fault when it has already be proven that it is at fault." Stupi
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