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  1. For those crazy christians that forgot, Jesus was a liberal.
  2. Give it a couple of months.......
  3. Liberal hypocrisy, or just hypocrisy in general?
  4. Reason # 184 not to vote for the current CPC. I want the PCs back.
  5. Well he polled at under 2% support in the last internal PC poll. He's barely a foot note anymore.
  6. If Ted Morton wins (which he won't) you can say good bye to the PC's running this province. I've taken a number of classes as well from him over the years, and have never been impressed at all by him. Hell, he might not even be an MLA if that nomination shit isn't cleared up properly.
  7. That was horrible. Her Campaign/Communications people should be shot - for the good of the country.
  8. I would have to agree, it is Dinnings to lose. Now the question is when will Ralph start gambling full time and give up the reins?
  9. I think that's a bit of red herring argument there Kimmy. If the people care enough about an issue, change can happen, however slow that might be. My question was not about cronyism, but rather about the political will of the nation.
  10. With the recent senate election in Alberta, and the fact that Paul Martin will not be appointing any of the so called elected senators, do people care as much anymore? Or are systems like the STV(-bc) and systems like it going to be the push for the near future?
  11. I'm new to the board, but I thought I would start off on who is probably going to the next premier of Alberta. He hasn't been in politics for 13(?) years, and I'm interested to here people's opinions (if any)? He wasn't really in power during my time, so I'm interested to learn more.
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