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  1. you know dumb americans can say what they want about canadians. but the fact is no matter where you go in the world other than the USA(undeniably stupid americans) they are without a doubt the most hated people in the world. as a canadian i have to put a canada flag on my clothes whenever i travel to fend off the same old question, are you american? canadians are probably the most well liked country in the world . i get such awesome treatment wherever i go in the world when they find out im canadian. can you imagine being so hated ? i mean its just a matter of time before bush er.. al queda hi
  2. i received the most disturbing email tonite about a debate of some sort on fox news. now maybe you have all seen this , maybe not. nonetheless i would like to show it to my fellow canadians as i will be deeply disappointed in my government if at the very least nothing is said about it. and if something has been said and you have all seen this video then i am sorry for wasting anyones time. i love my country very much and im very proud to be canadian which is why i am so shocked at this video. http://www.egoyk.com/video.asp?path=1213
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