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  1. I love the CPC logic ... No matter what happens, Harper has won it....
  2. Uh....The Green Party? Sorry Cyber... If you read what the real news is, instead of using your imagination to come up with home-made facts, you might have come up with a different answer...... Environmental groups rated the NDP as "greener than the Greens" last election.....
  3. Don't look now, but I don't think there's actually such thing as a "black lifestyle" or a "Jewish lifestyle". However, there are indeed significant numbers in the homosexual community that continue to lead a high-risk lifestyle which is known to lead to astronomical drug and disease statistics in the gay community. Is it hateful to acknowledge that there are problems? How about if one were to talk about stereotypical "black lifestyle", portraying them as theives, unfaithful husbands, etc... That would be an unjust, unfair, and incorrect generalization.... and any teacher that publicly pro
  4. And the CPC wonder why most Canadians don't want to join in the USA's games.... It's anti-Americanism you know... we should be just like "our best friends and trading partners".... If they want to kill tens of thousands of people to secure oil for their friends, well ... aren't we friends... we should support them, no matter what they want to do... ... All under the guise of morals and "promoting democracy".... Ideals just like Harper's.. Well the Bush administration isn't promoting democracy for Saudi Arabia... In fact they have a deal with the Saudi royal family to use military might to
  5. The left must be terrified. A Harper government is very possible!!! Given the FACTS presented above, anyone with a brain would be terrified that Harper would get to roll his Trojan Horse onto the hill....
  6. I've said this before. I'll give Harper a chance to govern,if he messes up,he's gone. I hope that, for all Canadian's sakes, you won't get the chance to.... Is this one of those fixations.
  7. Out of the Pot and into the Fire.... ???
  8. How do you arrive at the "discriminates against stay-at-home parents" thing... If the Department of Lands and Forests gives out free fishing licenses next year, will that be discriminating against people who don't fish??? As you suggest, many parents will "choose options other than an institutional day-care program for their children"... That's great. It will reduce the demand for institutional day-care, and hence, less requirement for government funding. That sure is a lot of kids. Probably most of the rest of the 77%'s kids are too old now... like you say that yours are.... And I'm s
  9. I'm not being a hypocrite. I don't hate hate-mongering morons like you Canuck, but truly feel sorry for you for your poor upbringing or whatever causes you to espouse the ideas you do. And it would be impossible for me to accept the CPC's ideas about discriminating against homosexuals, the poor, unwed mothers, etc...
  10. The arrogance.... unbelievable... whose "family values" should we all follow.... White english speaking "Christian"... or maybe your caller thinks we should all have good family values and not eat pork... or beef... because those are good values to some religions. Perhaps we have some Mormons in Canada who think good family values mean several "moms" to look after the kids.... The CPC bullshit morality of preaching how everybody should live has to stop, and this is one of the number one reasons to reject that racist CPC party....
  11. Let's just pack it up in the Trojan Horse and shut up about it. .... for now.
  12. No, what's funny is, for some reason, you think that all new innovation and technology is perfectly functional from the beginning, and requires no testing and further experimentation. If the great innovators of the last 100 years had your attitude, we'd still be using horse and carriages to get around in. Apparently your attitude is, if you can't get something right, stop trying. Great idea. LOL. If you'll stop and think for a moment, there's good reason not to implement the Star Wars system. Supposing they can get the accuracy up to say 80% hit rate on the defence shield (which is hi
  13. They wanted Canada to be a "partner" and put up $10 Billion if I remember correctly. They also want their weapons stationed all over Canada... All over the east coast... all over the west coast, and all over the north... Isn't that good enough of a reason....
  14. Randomness? It was a simple bloody question. One word answer: YES. If Harper isn't quick enough on his feet to come up with an answer to such a simple question, he doesn't deserve to be Prime Minister.... Maybe he should get his coaches to teach him how to answer simple yes/no questions too....
  15. I love how you CPC people project your own hatred onto those who disagree with you. I believe in tolerance and acceptance of my fellow man.... That is the NDP's position... whereas the CPC is the party with the hatred of homosexuals.... hiding it under a guise of morality...I bear no hatred of you CPC types... I feel sorry for you though... Tommy Douglas left his position as a preacher because he knew that he could help more people as a politician... And he did. I would bet that Tommy Douglas would be against the hatred of and discrimination against homosexuals... And if you really had a
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