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  1. Unfortunately you don't seem to realize that Blue Cross will only sell coverage to healthy people, and they asked if there is a pre-existing condition before a policy is written and accepted. If there is a pre-existing condition, IE; Diabetes, Heart condition, Hypertension, Cancer, and most other medical conditions you are automatically classified as uninsurable. so don't attempt to give people the impression that they can buy medical insurance for $42.00 per month, because it simply is not true. In fact any insurance company who offers medical insurance has the same policies.
  2. I find myself living on a CPP Disability Pension due to an acute cardiac condition, along with Diabetes, and when my wife and I separated I found myself with absolutely no medical coverage to pay for my medications, and I am now forced to apply for Income Assistance in order to obtain the medications necessary to keep me alive. Yes, I know some of you scrooges would begrudge that coverage to me saying that I should purchase medical insurance, but the truth is that most insurance companies only want to sell coverage to healthy people, and when they discover you have developed a medical conditio
  3. Elizabeth May? What has she ever done to warrant a Senate seat, and what has she ever accomplished that qualifies her in any way to hold a Senate seat, aside from having a big mouth and few brain cells? Oh sorry, I forgot, she is likely as qualified as most of those presently occupying seats in the Senate.
  4. Instead of appointing more useless party hacks to that retirement home in Ottawa, they should either completely abolish the Senate or elect it's members through equal representation from each province and territory, to specific terms in office, and to term limits. Politicians both federal and provincial should also be subject to term limits.
  5. Judging by the way the RCMP has embarrassed themselves with their unnecessary use of tasers they don't deserve any increase at all. In fact the whole force should be disbanded!
  6. Even many Liberal MP's are not in favour of Dion's power grab, and they know that by Dion aligning themselves with the NDP and the Separatists they have lost even their traditional support, and are even having major problems raising funds. The Liberal, and the NDP are virtually bankrupt and cannot afford to fund another election campaign. The result will be just what they don't want a Conservative majority, and the disappearance of he Liberal Party for decades. The Liberals have shown themselves to be a leftist-socialist party no different than the NDP, so when it comes time for people to mark
  7. Just remember it was the Liberals who sent our military to Afghanistan, not the Conservatives. Remember the moron, Chretien?
  8. The reality is that the coalition is all but dead with the departure of Dion, and his replacement by somebody with enough common sense to realize that to defeat this minority government would maen the end of the Liberal Party, since nobody knows for sure that the G.G. will not simply call an election if the government is defeated. Even she knows that the Bloc does not represent the vast majority of the people of Canada, and that they are simply a provincial protest party who's only concern and reason for participation in such a travesty is to hold Canada, the Liberals and the NDP hostage to ge
  9. If you look at the BLOC politicians and the Liberals for that matter they refer to THEIR huge energy projects but the truth is that those projects are sitting on land that is OWNED by Newfoundland & Labrador although Quebec has always thought of all of the land on the mainland including Labrador as part of Quebec. The truth is that Quebec has been stealing from Newfoundland & Labrador ever since that agreement was signed. Quebec is making huge profits from projects that they do not own, on land they do not own. I think the borders of Quebec should be redraw back to their original place
  10. I suppose someone has to give the morons who make up the judiciary in this country something to do. Being a lawyer does not make one smart. All it proves is that you are good and memorizing .
  11. What are you talking about off senting taxes? For starters even if you were right it is not off senting taxes, that would be off-setting taxes, but only die-hard Liberal puppets would ever believe a fairytale like that. The Liberals have never imposed a tax that was revenue neutral, and this one has absolutely nothing to do with fighting pollution, but everything to do with imposing a tax that will increase the prices of ALL goods and services in this country, so for Dion to lie and say it will be revenue neutral it shows just how stupid he thinks Canadians are. Of course it will be revenue ne
  12. You can't even argue logically, because the things you speak of have nothing to do with the subject of this forum. It's irrelevant about what the Tories did or didn't do, we are talking here about a carbon tax that is both ill-conceived and will make the poor and working poor of this country worse off than they already are. Income-tax reductions be damned as most of the people I refer to don't pay income tax anyway. For them the only thing that will happen is that they may have to visit the food bank or soup kitchen more often and that is assuming that those agencies have any food on their she
  13. You just keep telling yourself that, and when the Liberals wind up devastated on October 14th, the Liberal Party of Canada will end up where they deserve to be, destined to become a party that will be years if ever coming out of the woods. It will be embarassing for anyone to even admit they were stupid enough to vote Liberal. Don't gt me wrong, I hold a Liberal Party card, but I wouldn't vote Liberal again if they paid me, because likely they would be trying to buy my vote with my own money. In NB we presently have a first term Liberal Premier and he is going to wind up as one of the only Pre
  14. What are you talking about when you say Dion will work with the provinces?? BC has already imposed their very own carbon tax that took affect on July 1st of this year, and already the prices on virtually all goods and services have increased. Ask the people of BC how happy they are with Gordon Campbell and his carbon tax. Now Dion wants to come along and give the knock-out punch by imposing his version of this rip-off on top of the shafting Gordon has already perpetrated on the people of that province. NB is also playing with the same idea in a province that is already one of the poorest in th
  15. Dion's talk about reducing by 1/3 poverty over his first mandate, and child poverty by 50% over that same time frame. Well, politicians have been promising to totally eliminate child poverty by the year 2000, and here we are in 2008 and thif anything the problem has gotten far worse, and that happend at least for 15 years with a Liberal PM at the helm. Dion can promise whatever he likes, becasue he is just like most Liberal politicaisn they wouldn't know the truth if it jumped out and smacked them. It's treally nothing more that a feel good comment meant to initiate a new social program with a
  16. Many of the people who are going to be hurt by a carbon tax are the poor and working poor of this country who presently pay little or no income tax, so how is cutting income taxes going to help this large segment of the Canadian population? I'll tell you, it will not help them at all, and in fact they will suffer a loss of income due to the rising costs of virtually everything they pay for. The reality is that corporations although they whine and cry about their tax burden, they don't pay those taxes. For every expenditure they write of those expense on their tax returns, or they pass it on to
  17. The reality is that most Canadians do not trust the Liberals with anything that comes out of their mouths, because they have proven themselves to be liars and thieves. Dion talks about doing this or doing that for the economy when he knows full well that we are no different that most countries in the world, because the problems currently happening are global and whatever Dion is proposing will not fix it. We are a very little player in the global picture. Maybe it is time that Dion goes back to lecturing to naive idealist college kids who have no life experience, because working Canadians are
  18. Spoken like a true Liberal who ignores the fact that the Liberal Party of Canada under both Chretien and Martin were the most corrupt in recent memory. Dion talks about imposing a tax that he has delusions himself into believing will be revenue neutral, Such a tax will be anything but revenue neutral for working Canadians, becasue they will be paying far more for virtually every thing they buy and every service they subscribe to, and no small income tax credit will negate the fact that the people of this country will end up out-of-pocket large sums of what presently is disposable income.
  19. All I can say is if the the Canadian Bar Association has to ask Jean Chretien to speak at their luncheon, they are really scarping the bottom of the barrel. Chretien with his anti-US stance has done more harm to Canada that China could ever do. Remember it is China that need Canada and the U.S to peddle their inferior products, we don't need them. In fact every multinational corporation who ahs moved their factories to China and other third world countries to exploit the captive slave market sweatshops in these countries, should have huge tariffs imposed on their good just to be able to export
  20. What makes my blood boil is so-called immigrants like the Khadr family and their lobby group of morons. This is a family that although they live in Canada, the father was in Afghanistan trying to kill NATO troops of which many are Canadian. This is a family that cheered when 9/11 killed thousand of not only Americans but many from other countries, including Canada, as well as I'm sure many Muslims. This family is now lobbying government to expedite the release of another family member who is on trial as an enemy combatant and another is here in Canada sucking up healthcare dollars while his mo
  21. Since the NDP stands for socialist policies similar to the Liberals, I want nothing to do with either. The little bit of money I have left after taxes, I want to decide where to spend it, and it certainly won't be on expensive and unsustainable socialist policies. It was quite telling when both the Liberals and the NDP came out against tax cuts, because they supposedly had already made plans where that money and more should be spent. It's my money, and I want to decide where it will be spent, not some socialist with an agenda, and not some bureaucrat who's only existance depends on a larger
  22. I live in New Brunswick and the reality is that the people of New Brunswick were never given a say on our province becoming "Officially Bilingual," that was done by Richard Hatfield who was facing reelection and sine the French speaking people of this province traditionally voted only Liberal, so to entice them to vote P.C. he arbitrarily decalred NB to be "Officially Bilingual. The truth is that after almost 50 years less that 30% of the people in NB speak fluent French. Sure we have instituted a French Immersion Program, but according to former Education Minister and Acadian, Elvy Robichau
  23. China says that they want to negotiate with the Dalai Lama but on under the precondition that; "China's position that it is open to talks with the Dalai Lama if he gives up his desire for independence, and acknowledges that Tibet and Taiwan are inseparable from China." I was always taught that to negotiate means "to communicate in search of mutual agreement." There can be negotiations as long as one party predetermines what the end result will be. China invaded Tibet in the 1950's and seized control of a sovereign country, and now China wants for these people to give up all hopes of someday
  24. When you have the Chief Justice, Beverley McLaughlin lecturing to law students at a law school in New Zealand, and telling them; "They should be embolden enough to make law, whether the constitution of their country allows for that or not." or words to that affect. This tells us where these unelected and unaccountable justices heads are at, and that is scary, because they would likely be quite happy in making laws, and then ordering our elected representatives to draft legislation to reflect those laws. That to me is scary, and should be stopped immediately. Since our appointed Supreme Court
  25. The reality is the the U.S. has been smart enough not to buy into the notion of multiculturalism as has Canada, much to the downfall of Canadian society. Instead of immigrants being expected to come here and become part of Canadian society, our traditions and customs, instead has been somehow changed to the multiculturalism promoters we are somehow supposed to adapt to foreign cultures. This has made Canada into a country with no culture at all. The U.S. still promotes themselves as a melting-pot and if immigrants want to come to America, it is they who must adapt to the American culture, not
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