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  1. The thing is, I can only get as sophisticated as the poster who spits out 'Do you beat up your wife' as a 'sophisticated' response. You get what you give.
  2. Well then, I guess this is the extent of your contribution to this thread. Moving on. ....
  3. Bigoted against terrorists? Absolutely 100% How about you?
  4. Yes yes, we get it. So now we should move past that and decide what to do about it. You don't seem to have a problem providing a solution in other threads on other matters, but you are really hesitant to do that in regards to Islam. Must be terrible to live a life where you are scared of posting a solution online. Seems to me you are actually afraid of Islam. TERRIFIED if you will... :D. We can start by cancelling immigration from certain nations. We can start by kicking out ambassadors of terrorist dictator nations and closing their embassies.
  5. So what do you think we should do about it? I hear a lot of complaints, not one notion of a resolution.
  6. Why do you think this is an acceptable response?
  7. Many of us do, but there are some that simply ignore all that in order to post what they post. Some call it trolling....
  8. So let's go FULL measure and kick them out?
  9. Muslims are still the largest victim of radial Islamic terror.
  10. Seems our government is also wanting to be quite about it.
  11. Should we be pushing back on Islam here in Canada?
  12. The unreasonable fear of Islam is that some won't do anything about it in order to keep on having the ability to complain about it.
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