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  1. I am not talking about owner operated homes. You have more control over that. Yes and until regulations are in, ban it. It is a problem even if I don't know it's there. More and more negative reports on incidents in AirBnBs are weekly/daily now.
  2. https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/20/us/pennsylvania-school-lunch-debt-trnd/index.html Parents used to pack lunches for their kids. Now with many stupid restrictions regarding allergies and such, forcing parents to pay for the lunches offered by the schools which would probably cost more and be less healthy for the kids. But sending their kids to foster care if they can't pay up? All over 450 dollars? In perspective banksters in 2008 were able to crash the economy sending more people below the poverty line and out of their own homes. Something is wrong with the system. Terrible. Seems like the system is designed to keep people down.
  3. Their votes do not matter. Electoral college and gerrymandering. Actually if we went with the person that got the most votes, then that would mean H Clinton would be POTUS. And no when it comes down to it, it's only HALF of the people's will. The divide in the USA runs deep. I've been observing how much Trump has been trying to untangle itself from China manufacturing. Killing NAFTA. Looks like that has been causing more problems for the USA. Could not find a towel in a Trump hotel with a label 'made in America'. Why is that? Geeze the trolls are hitting this board hard lately. . And yes you are correct no one listens to me , aside from people on msg boards that tell me no one is listening to me, by posting and telling me time and time again , that they are not listening to me.
  4. I have always made the distinction that I like America and Americans. It's the government controlled by the military and corporations that I have a problem with. Also hard to sever ties from nations that have had their economies fairly integrated for about 100 years. The American Dream has been dead for decades.
  5. I've tried to have proper conversations. It's just after 466 pages, you hope that this thread (like Trump's presidency) would get better. He's nothing more than reality star president. If your neighbors are arming terrorists, yes it is my business. Not much at the moment. I am hoping for a real leader in the next Prime Minister. The current one is an embarrassment.
  6. It might be both. Let me know when Iran surrounds the USA with military bases and warships. I don't think Trump ever had intentions of war. Then again, that kind of power speaks through the POTUS from the military brass. Trump is a puppet, like every POTUS before him. He'll do exactly what the military wants or they will get in another puppet.
  7. See that might be good to clarify in order to have a proper conversation here. I really have not paid attention to what these 4 are saying. I am trying to concentrate on some of the good people in public life. Guys like Sanders, ladies like Gabbard. I am not sure if the Americans suck up more to Israel or Saudi Arabia. Kind of like funding both sides of the conflict like they did back in WWII. So since you would not tell me I had to look it up to see WHO said it. But it's not deflection. Your talking points get lost in obscurity with so much ambiguity. I was very clear in explaining the irony of Trump's own words. Regardless of what these 4 ladies have said. It's the type of guy Trump is, off the cuff and not really thinking anything through. That's dangerous attitude to have in the White House. Meanwhile in the Straight of Hormuz the USA is poking at Iran hoping to ignite a new war that will not end well for any of us.
  8. What culture?? New York City? Detroit? or Chicago?
  9. Well in my mind that is what he meant to say. Again 3 of the 4 ladies were BOOOOORN IN THE USA !!!!!
  10. Another warning from Charles. YAY!!! I read it, but I am going to ignore it.

    1. QuebecOverCanada


      You know, you should respect the fact that he's there for us, even if some of his decisions don't meet your criteria of fairness. He has a tough role, but I disagree with some of the rules of the site entirely, but he has to enforce them.

    2. scribblet
  11. We can take those statements to task, that might be good for another thread. I doubt it would be a civil conversation for long. Still my statement stands. The irony in Trump telling these 4 ladies to go back to their 'shithole' country when 3 out of the 4 were born in the USA. By that alone, Trump is saying something vile about the nation he runs. So that might mean that Trump actually agrees with what these ladies say about the USA.
  12. Trump is also trying to bait Iran. https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/mideast-gulf-iran-tanker-1.5216139 https://www.public.navy.mil/surfor/lhd4/Pages/default.aspx https://www.public.navy.mil/surfor/lhd4/Pages/Boxer-Passes-Anti-terrorism-Force-Protection-Certification-.aspx The USS Boxer (ahahah wanna fight???) is an AMPHIBIOUS ASSAULT SHIP. Someone tell me why an amphibious assault ship is in the straight of Hormuz?
  13. Followers like in a celebrity sense. Or let's go with the 'reality TV star' scenario. People love to watch train wrecks.
  14. Hang on. You cannot legally hire for less than minimum wage. LEGALLY is the real important word here. If a company is hiring for less than the mandated government minimum wage, then they should be shut down and prosecuted. Trudeau does not mandate minimum wage laws on the provincial level. Minimum wage is mandated by each province. If anything Ontario and Alberta seem to have the highest minimum wage rates. There is a nice graphic on this page that shows the minimum wage in each province. I don't think I want to move to the east coast. As nice as that area is (and it's fackin gorgeous out there) , they simply can't pay it out. https://www.retailcouncil.org/resources/quick-facts/minimum-wage-by-province/ Let's talk about WASTE and corruption and cronyism on ALL levels of government. This horse I am beating will not get any deader, but within the city of Ottawa, just to get this LRT Phase 1, up and running, is already 1.5 BILLION over budget and over a year past due. And if any of my fellow Canadians have some real short term memory, one of the contractors for Ottawa's LRT is , SNC-Lavalin. They have been in the news recently, and not for GOOD reasons. What could the city of Ottawa do with 1.5 BILLION dollars. Let's break that down some. Apparently Ottawa is over the 1M mark in population, and that status was reached this summer. So let's go with that and say that each Ottawa resident needs to kick in 1500 bucks to cover that over budget of 1.5 B. And this is just Phase 1. Guess who gets the contract for Phase 2? Government waste is in my view one of the biggest detriments to us as taxpayers. Hey , it's not MY money that I am spending!! Sky's the limit baby!
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