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  1. Well, I mean if you have to steal former Nazis to spin up a space program. Now I don't need to tell you what the problem is with smuggling Nazi scientists into the USA and granting them immunity from prosecution to get rockets off the ground. Let's see, what else has the USA stolen ..... China did steal shit for sure, but the USA is in no position to actually complain about it in any legitimate manner. Maybe once that high tech manufacturing is in the USA (because it was never there to begin with) then the USA can keep a tighter grip on it's technology. HOWEVER the USA also benefits from China using that TCP/IP protocol that the USA knows how to exploit at every corner. So to me the US knows all about it. It's also very shameful and stupid for the USA to put Chinese made high tech parts in it's military craft.
  2. The USA cannot claim 'theft' when they GAVE it to China.
  3. You had blamed trade issues on China when American corps outsourced to them causing part of the problem.
  4. Yes check the posts where your one post from the other thread counters the first quote from this thread. I did that all for you. You are blaming China for the amount of outsourcing that the USA has moved to China.
  5. GostHacked

    China's Economic Agression

    Oh I have a sense of humour as anything Trump gets a laugh out of me. He's my favorite train wreck.
  6. You even know the difference, (this post is from a different thread). IN this thread you said my notion of outsourcing was not part of the problem, but then in the other thread you admit to just that. Keep consistent or else you WILL be tripped up. And so far that has not been hard to do. Your own counter to your own stance is on this page here.
  7. GostHacked

    China's Economic Agression

    Please tell me how my argument is skewed? Has Mexico gotten out of poverty yet? Interesting that decades of outsourcing by American corporations helped China become the powerhouse it is today. That's under the guise of 'globalization'. I am sure you understand this, but ignore it to continue trolling.
  8. Negative, it is angst towards the corrupt government that is in control of America. It's good to understand the difference. Otherwise you look like an idiot. And China is ALREADY the next hegemony. The USA just has not really come to grips with that as they helped China get to that state. Trump will try to reverse that change, but that is already decades in the making and he will not solve it before he leaves office (even if he gets a second term). However you probably have that one neighbor that you try to ignore, but they screw things up for the rest of the neighborhood it's hard to ignore it. The USA is that problematic powerful neighbor that is causing issues locally and issues in other neighborhoods.
  9. GostHacked

    Womens only swimming day at public pool.

    Yeah I kind of like this approach. I'd never get on a motorbike without a helmet, jacket, pants, gloves, boots. The idea of skin grafts after sliding across the pavement at 60kph is not very appealing. Yep, make their insurance higher, as their actions are way more risky to them more than others. BUT make them pay up front for their future stupidity.
  10. GostHacked

    Your views on Russia?

    The USA has done enough there as well. Because the reaction to an alleged (and not even vetted) gas attack on civilians is to send cruise missiles into the nation. Destruction and death is a response to destruction and death.
  11. GostHacked

    Your views on Russia?

    Russia does not have the projection via multiple military bases on the USA's border. The opposite is true.
  12. It's not about defense, its about offense.
  13. Trumps spent a lot of time complaining about Canada.
  14. If the USA wants to lead the war on terror, there is no obligation for NATO to be part of that effort. Since it is not about defence, there is no reason for ANY NATO member to step up.