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  1. Well, to be fair he did preface the statement that it's not something important to him. Otherwise, I have no argument with any of your points.
  2. Then why didn't the Tories use one of the quotes from those instances? Are they just inept? Please, do elaborate.
  3. Could be. Or could be they limit it to the three most popular parties. Or Greens could be absorbed into one of the existing parties and all of those other things might not matter. All I'm saying is they used that excuse before to prevent them from debating.
  4. A lot of that is the lack of national presence versus increased local presence. You'll likely see the Green vote jump back up during the next campaign. She'll be an incumbent, first of all, so she'll have that boost in her riding and can focus more on the Canada-wide campaign. She spent pretty much all her time boots on The ground. Also, she will hopefully not have to fight to get into the debates. And who knows? Maybe there will be some event that promotes the Environment as a major issue. A ridiculous heat wave, or something.
  5. I think you'd be hard pressed to actually measure if it's the case or not. I think I would frame it in the sense that an all white police force fosters distrust, more than an inclusive police force being more trustworthy in a multiracial society.
  6. Agreed. Topp was a major contender, but I seem to recall Mulcair being considered to have a solid chance. Although it may change, I don't see any Liberal who has nearly as much of a chance to derail Trudeau.
  7. So you're saying she fell all the way down into her seat as an MP? Or is it that clothing is the most important aspect of a politician? Please feel free to elaborate on the point you're failing to make.
  8. http://m.io9.com/5953227/engineers-create-gasoline-from-air-and-water-yes-really So 5L over 3 months isn't very impressive, and even if it is scalable, the amount of energy required could be prohibitive. That said, it pretty neatly provides a solution to the problem of needing more oil for gasoline and the issue of CO2 emissions. It also could give Alberta's finances a bit of a black eye. Thoughts?
  9. Geez, is your internet broken? I'll even give you a relevant excerpt: - http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/expediate Although perhaps he meant Israel would expediate her enemies...
  10. To everyone complaining about entitlement, I agree. Too many corporations and individuals have gotten rich from our system but refuse to pay their share in maintaining it. In a lawless society, they'd have to pay their way in protection money, shouldering their own infrastructure costs, increased risk, etc.
  11. There's nothing wrong with tailoring requirements to meet a role. However, if you read the rest of the sentence you bolded, you'd realize he was referring to tailoring the requirements to meet an already decided on product.
  12. Well, if there's no proof, then it's an opinion and should be treated as such.
  13. Addressing the drop in NDP support, I can't help but wonder if it's due to all the noise about Justin Trudeau maybe possibly running for Liberal leadership? The Liberals are certainly benefitting from the drop.
  14. This is such a misinformed comment that I feel the need to respond. Are you honestly trying to say that government funded R&D is not worth doing? Honestly, I think it's a worthy endeavour for society to accrue knowledge independent of whether anyone's making money off it, and making profit should not be the be all, end all of society. That said, if I had a great idea for a product that I knew millions would buy, your post implies there'd be a problem with the government investing in it. Maybe they might make some money off it and be able to lower your taxes so you don't complain as much.
  15. No, it's a gas tax. Otherwise how much 10ยข per litre gas tax do you pay on coal?
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