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Found 1 result

  1. Canada Needs Direct Election Of The Prime Minister​ By Exegesisme On studying the House of Commons(1), I proposed eight reforming directions of the federal politics on the eight weaknesses I had found in my study(2). On continuing study and deep thinking(1)(3), I found that there is a rather large proportion of federal politics that is unconstitutional(4), Canada needs to reconstitute(5). Although "the predominant role and influence played by the Prime Minister of Canada both in Cabinet and in the executive branch in general"(6), and "the subordinate position of the practice of responsible government"(6) are not for formally written in any constitutional document, they are seen as a part of constitution as "regularly observed" "unwritten conventions" (6). Although "the Constitution provides for a broad set of individual rights and freedoms, most of which are stated in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms"(6), "the Charter only states these rights and freedoms in very general terms", and "their precise meaning is interpreted and clarified by the Canadian judiciary (and, in particular, the Supreme Court of Canada)."(6) In practice of the Constitution of Canada, "the predominant role and influence played by the Prime Minister" is highly over "the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms", which are still "in very general terms", and "their precise meaning" are waiting to be "interpreted and clarified by the Canadian judiciary". Such a strong power on such a weak people! This actuality makes even the MPs in the House of Commons to give up their freedom and their responsive duty to the power of the Prime Minister system and the potential Prime Minister system(1). For the central position and the publicity of the House of Commons, the practice in the house of Commons would highly likely paly crucial role in reshape the whole nation of Canada. The passion, initiative and creativity of the Canadian people are seized by the unreasonable concentration of the power of the Prime Minister. However, in another aspect, in the present arrangement of the Constitution, we see that the Prime Minister needs to concentrate the power as possible as she or he can for both the legislative role and the executive role of the Prime Minister. If the prime minister is not strong enough to get the support of the majority in the House of Commons, her or his government would resign, which increases the instability of the politics and makes less prediction of future. Therefore, Canada needs the direct election of the Prime Minister, which endows the power to the Prime Minister and makes the power of the executive branch independent of the legislative branch, and makes the Government of Canada more sustainable and predictable. And in the legislative branch, the MPs and Senators(in future as they are elected) enjoy more freedom to represent their constituents from the policy of their party. For this reason, we need to amend the Constitution. Reference (1) http://mapleleafweb.com/features/house-commons-introduction-canadas-premier-legislative-body (2) http://www.mapleleafweb.com/forums/topic/24828-8-weaknesses-of-federal-political-system-and-reform/ (3) http://www.diffen.com/difference/Democracy_vs_Republic (4) http://www.mapleleafweb.com/forums/topic/24841-the-unconstitutional-political-practice-should-be-ended-soon/ (5) http://www.mapleleafweb.com/forums/topic/24842-reconstitution-of-canada/ (6) http://www.mapleleafweb.com/features/canadian-constitution-introduction-canada-s-constitutional-framework
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