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Found 2 results

  1. I contend that the goal of an electoral system should be to produce a parliament that matches the will of the people as closely as possible. I've stated that winner take all style systems like First Past The Post (FPTP) are fine (but still not the best) for choosing local representatives. However, simply forming a parliament out of the local winners greatly distorts the peoples' will. I think it is a problem that FPTP over represents concentrated local support for a party and can under represent evenly distributed support. What should be the goal of an electoral system? What special considerations or interests need to be protected? What is the best possible system to achieve your goal?
  2. A couple questions are included: This year, as voted by her fellow MPs, Elizabeth May was crowned Parliamentarian of the Year. The Fulcrum, spoke with her after he win and talked about what the role of an MP was and how one accomplished becoming POTY. Take a look at the video. House Sitting- The Fulcrum. POTY http://ow.ly/fYQKq Does the award of Parliamentarian of the Year mean much? Does Elizabeth May deserve the award? What make a good MP?
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