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Found 1 result

  1. 5 The Reproduction of The Earliest And Simplest Life, My Scientific Work​​ By Exegesisme ​ 1 more than four billion years ago, a small peace of DNA was the earliest and simplest life. 2 the first small peace of DNA was formed naturally in grace of god, which means the natural conditions were created directly or indirectly by god. 3 god also created a natural mechanism similarly as the polymerase chain reaction of human science. 4 the day for high temperature, in which the double chains separated into single chains; the night for low temperature, in which new single chains were formed on the model of existed single chains, and paired with them to form new double chains; this process in cycles as day and night, and slightly different with weather and climate on seasons, years and other less regular factors. 5 such small double chains might be the earliest and simplest form of life on earth. From then to now, weather and climate are important to lives on earth.
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