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Found 10 results

  1. Just out of the head recently, without even attempt to exhausting: - Canada's PM found in violation of ethics multiple times - Canada's Governor General retired in a scandal - Ongoing sexual misconduct investigations in RCMP and CAF - Dismal epidemiological preparedness and response to Covid-19 - Phoenix system disaster - Hypocritical lockdown behavior - Consistent failure to achieve any of the set essential goals (child poverty, clean water, climate change etc). Questions: at which point isolated events become a pattern? And at which line a pattern beco
  2. Just don't credit me, please - all of this was tried before often with certain success (while it lasted). For example, in the great republic of Rome there was a class of patricians and everybody else that is, the regular folk, plebeians (OK let's leave out the slaves for now, times have changed in two millenia). Very naturally, patricians lived in nice mansions and held top positions in the public administration of all levels, paid for by public taxes. Understandably, they had priority and higher quality access to public services, paid for by public taxes. Like state of the art hospi
  3. A small town cooperative bid and won contract to run public transport. No multi-million CEOs and billion advertising budgets. Flat three-level organization: novice; specialist; coordinator. Coordinators regularly rotate in operational positions to stay in touch with the reality. Use of advanced technology in highly efficient operation. Decent pay and full benefits. All profit, after taxes, shared between the owners (not Google-style "owners" with microscopic shares but actual owners with share determined only by the time with the company). Part of profit invested into a recreational facility f
  4. This morning around breakfast time I was listening to a heartwarming program on CBC radio. How we manage staying positive in these difficult times? I'm taking online piano lessons! And I tried ballet and already mastered several turns (forgot the term)! Listening to it was so nice and positive but for some reason the association that came to me was "they don't have any bread - but why wouldn't they get the brioches?!". Some of us, isolated from our offices, having to stare at the screen some time during the day, suffering the closure of the favorite restaurant and a postponement of a
  5. Right off the news (CBC): officials around a retirement home in Ontario reported to have jumped the queue in vaccine distribution. Board members, the director and the family etc were ostensibly given the "leftover vaccines" to avoid it being wasted. Here, our humble public servants yet again in all their caring glory. If this is not the third world, and not somewhere on a remote reserve but right here in the nation's capitals, then what is? In early December Health Canada approved the first vaccine for use in the country. As early as October national and provincial task forces were a
  6. As discussed in the previous topics, a statement that is confirmed by logical analysis and practice is what a democracy that is complacent, has stopped to evolve and develop and stagnates, at some point sooner or later will be transformed, or transform itself into a variant of the default organization of pre-human and human herds that, an elitist hierarchy. This is not a pure philosophy topic as some signs to that have been appearing consistently and persistently, for example: increasing polarization of incomes; social inequality; diminishing efficiency and productivity of social services
  7. Continuing previously raised topics, consider old and well-known parable-paradox of the turtle. See, the turtle can never reach the other end of the pond; when it gets to the midpoint, it would need to cover the half of the remaining distance that would require some time (and public $$$); by the time it gets there the other half still remains and so on, ad infinitum. The unavoidable conclusion: crossing the pond, from shore to shore would require infinite time, and public funds. Take randomly one of the high or even critical importance goals set out by many a public administrations in the
  8. 1 Holy System Crown Republic Democracy, Canada 1947-2046 by exegesisme ​ 1xπ The Canadian Citizenship Act, was passed on May 14, 1946, and was effected from Jan. 1 1947. The act established independent Canadian Citizenship from British Nationality. 2046 is the 100th year of the act in action. 2xπ Reviewing Canadian history, I am glad to be sure of two characteristics of Canadian nationality, peace and progressive change. 3xπ With the encouragement of the act and our Canadian history, I am hardly not imagine what our Canada would be like at the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Citizen
  9. A quote from another thread: I agree pretty much, but I don't want a government that's perfect. I demand a government and political representatives that are at least somewhat honest, that will put their country above their own career aspirations, above their own re-election, above getting what they politically want at all costs. I demand a government that respects our democracy, and our constitution. I want MP's and a PM that would rather do the right thing and be willing to lose their jobs rather than keep their job if it means needing to do the dishonest/undemocratic thing. Is this re
  10. My Acute Concept Of Canada For Long Future​ By Exegesisme "Political parties play a central role in Canadian democracy and government, representing an important link between the state and society."(1) If you are a Canadian, how do you feel when you read the quoted sentence? I do not know what you feel, really. Here, I tell you what I feel, as a Canadian. My real feeling is, very unhappy with this expression in this way. Why? A, the Name and Identity of Canada Do you hear something about Canada globally? I once heart that peoples globally often takes Canada as the fifty-first state of th
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