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Thomas Friedman weighs in on Nation-Building


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Thomas Friedman has written an op-ed piece in the New York Times in which he says that the US needs to do nation-building all-right. It needs to re-build the US!

Friedman wants a president who will have the guts to tell the American people "We are not who we think we are. We are living on borrowed time and borrowed dimes. We still have all the potential for greatness, but only if we get back to work on our country."

Friedman bemoans the disasterous neocon policies of Bush and Cheney in Iraq and Afghanistan and he is right. He recounts how the US is falling behind even Singapore - a city state of only 4.5 million people. He sees world prominence going to India and China while the US mires itself in messy no-win situations for ideological reasons.

Friedman is right. The US is at a tipping point. It can elect "more of the same McCain" or it can elect somebody who will turn it around.

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