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Stephane Dion, A new tax you will all LOVE to pay

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You do understand that it is the RIGHT WING Harper's conservatives that model themselves after Bush.

You do understand that there is off senting tax reductions so that their is no net gain in revenue.

What are you talking about off senting taxes? For starters even if you were right it is not off senting taxes, that would be off-setting taxes, but only die-hard Liberal puppets would ever believe a fairytale like that. The Liberals have never imposed a tax that was revenue neutral, and this one has absolutely nothing to do with fighting pollution, but everything to do with imposing a tax that will increase the prices of ALL goods and services in this country, so for Dion to lie and say it will be revenue neutral it shows just how stupid he thinks Canadians are. Of course it will be revenue neutral for government because he plans to use this tax grab to kick-start more socialist programs that we will wind up funding through higher taxes in the coming years. Let's just think back to the Gun Registry that was supposed to be about $1 Million upon start-up per year and after that would be supported by registration fees. The truth is that the cost ballooned to close to $2 Billion, and was still climbing, and it never enticed one criminal to rush to the nearest registry office to register their illegal guns.

I'm sick and tired of half-baked politicians telling me that they know better than I do how I want my money spent. Thank you very much, I'll make that determination myself, and it certainly won't be on socialist programs that require ever increasing amounts of money to keep them going.

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