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The McCain trap


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One of the biggest challenges McCain has had this election is not Obama, but his own base.

His "maverik" ways and pro-choice stance had already made the republican base wary, while it looked for a moment that Palin was going to recommit that base, McCains recent moves on the bailout and his suggested further social spending has worked against that desire.

And that is the problem. McCain has to try and appeal to two very different groups of voters, his base, and the elusive "moderate" vote that determines elections.

He attempts to appeal to the moderates with a bail out package and expensive economic plan, he looses support from his base.

He attempts to appeal to his base with Palin and Obama attacks, moderates feel he is not focussed enough on the economy.

So real success and progress in one area ends up damaging the success and progress made in the other area.

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