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suggested Shadow Cabinet for John McCain


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This writer thinks that McCain might help his chances of winning if he appoints a "shadow cabinet".

...For the McCain campaign, for example, announcing Steve Forbes as Treasury secretary would increase confidence in team’s economic expertise and pro-growth philosophy. Tapping Joe Lieberman as secretary of defense and U.N. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad as secretary of state would frame McCain’s foreign policy as an evolutionary step beyond the days of Dick Cheney. No doubt that Sen. Lindsay Graham would play a senior role in a McCain administration as well. Energy secretary might be filled by former Clinton CIA Director (and McCain supporter) James Woolsey, who understands the national security overlap of this challenge. Woolsey could work alongside Environmental Protection Agency director Arnold Schwarzenegger. Voucher-supporting Washington schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee could be announced as education secretary. John Kaisch could restore credibility with fiscal conservatives as OMB director, while Rudy Giuliani would make a natural attorney general or homeland security secretary.

These appointments would create a vivid sense of what a McCain administration would be like — a decidedly centrist, energetic and forward-looking administration that would attract independents and win over undecided voters.

Obama could name Warren Buffett, Paul Volcker or Larry Summers as Treasury secretary and immediately calm markets, making the accusation that he is a closet socialist self-evidently absurd. Announcing intentions to name Republicans Dick Lugar as secretary of state and Chuck Hegel as secretary of defense would ease national security concerns and give evidence to his centrist instincts (John F. Kennedy made similar Republican appointments after his narrow 1960 win). Corey Booker or Mike Bloomberg might be convinced to leave their respective mayoralties to serve as secretary of education. The positions of energy and environmental secretary could be combined to coax Al Gore out of retirement for a time. Bill Richardson, Katherine Sebelius, and Wes Clark could be announced for senior positions, while Eric Holder or Deval Patrick might be attorney general. And now that Colin Powell has endorsed him, he could fill any number of positions in an Obama administration....

Shadow Cabinet

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