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An American perspective

There are so many issues currently being discussed about the future direction of America. From Global spanning Issues such as Iraq and Afghanistan, dealing with a newly emerged Russia with superpower ambitions, Chinese eventually catapult to world economic power. But there are also domestic Issues such as Social Issues, such as Stem cell research, and the right to Bear Arms. Economic Issues such as financial mismanagement by trusted firms that has set us into a recession As Americans we are currently at a cross roads and a very delicate time in are nation’s history. We have an extremely important election coming up, where we will decide are future course of action based on two men who have very different ideas on how a country should be run. I think as a country we walk a fine line this election, and are future security and wealth decides heavily on the outcome of this election. The rest is highly biased and my own opinions. If you do not agree with my view on what is the right path for America that’s just fine with me. Thank god for the freedom to express opposing view points.

Global Issues

My view points are and will always be heavily affected by time served in the Military. And as such I think I have a better idea about the effects of Global political agenda’s then your average United States citizen. I am in no way saying I am an expert or understand every Issue as well as maybe even some of you. I am going to start right in with Iraq and Afghanistan. The core Issue is Did we do the right thing in invading Iraq and Afghanistan. A little background for you. I have been to Iraq twice. It’s a country that its people are just as proud as you and I. They have been brutalized by Sadam for years even before Operation Desert storm. And to be fair, we helped him do it for along time. (See IRAN IRAQ WAR) We armed his troops and gave him the tools necessary to butcher not only the Iranians but his own people as well. Gas Then the guy turns around and Invades Kuwait. So we created a Military power in the Middle East who has showed the willingness to invade other countries and use Airborne Agents against civilian Targets. These are the facts of the time. As Americans we share the burden of guilt in not only allowing this psychotic dictator to gain power but we also armed Sadam’s military. So we had already made this monster mistake. And low and behold we did it again. The question has never been should Hussein been removed from power. The question is when we Liberated Kuwait, why did we not take him down then; rather than 10 years later. Move ahead in time to post 9/11; was the excuse for going into Iraq in early 2002 valid? Probably not. But it was a mess of our own making and we owed it to those people to free them from that man’s tyrannical grip. Not because of 911 or because we thought he had WMD; but because 2500-3500 Kurds died in a chemical attack in 1988.

The cost of the War in Iraq has been worse than anyone could have imagined. If you took what we spent from 1990 to now; it would probably equate out to the annual GDP of 20 or 30 small countries. More important than money is the blood price paid to clean up the mess we made in the first place. Since 1990, I have known 13 Men who have died for this. Thirteen Sons of this country who put on a helmet and picked up a rifle and said, “No More Innocents will die at the Hands of Sadam Hussein.” You know what makes people pick up that rifle, and run those miles, and do those push ups. Responsibility. In the United States We elect are leaders. And when they make a mistake, they don’t pay for it, the American people do. How is that fare you ask? It’s not about fair or right or wrong. It’s about taking responsibility for the leaders you elect. Those thirteen men were ages 19 to 35, all of them have people to this day that miss them and will never forget there faces. Like me. To me the cost of this war is not in dollars. It’s in faces and names. And like a bill that keeps getting larger, every time a name is added to that list it’s another reason for us to see this job to the finish. We owe these men. Because every single one of them was priceless, and as Americans if you can look yourself in the mirror everyday and say that there sacrifice means something then you have to believe that we need to fix Iraq.

Afghanistan is another story altogether. Afghanistan was the home of the Taliban; a religious Fundamentalist group runs by Osama Bin Laden. The architect of the September 11th attacks in New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. This evil man killed over a thousand of our citizens in cold blood. It was out and out murder for the sake of Jihad against our very way of life. Many people feel that we need to sit down and talk with these people and come to compromise with them. And I believe that with people who legitimately do not support violence that is absolutely a necessity. The problem is simple; there is a certain percentage of the Islamic world who wants nothing more than to see my country burned to an ash. My people killed or converted. I love the society I live in. I think it is one of the burning lights of the world. A fire to keep away the darkness that is infesting certain parts of the world. (Ex. Africa) And as the people who died on that fall day were my people. My countrymen, friends of family, people who had families of there own. It fell to us to answer. And here is the Answer and Listen to it clearly. “Attack the United States, kill our country men. Prepare to deal with the full might of one angry pissed off country.” And to anyone who is not American. If you want to look Death in the eye; go to an American Military base on September 12th. We knew what was coming. And the men we elected gave us what we wanted. Redemption and revenge. I cannot say this clear enough, there is nothing more dangerous in the world then a pissed off platoon of United States Soldiers with a cause. And we have and will continue to make Afghanistan pay for the crimes of the Taliban.

Russia is a tricky issue to me. I have had some dealings with Russian’s in business and in the military. The best way I can put it is Russians look at life through a different set of glasses then we do. They are equally as proud as US soldiers. And Ill be damned if they ever gave nothing less than 110 percent if they were competing against us in anything. A strong people that has been grossly mismanaged; and a culture far older than our own. I have a pretty healthy respect for Russians. That being said, Putin is flat out dangerous. If Russia starts expanding its borders again things could turn really ugly. We cannot allow them to bring back the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. If you think the Iraq or Afghanistan wars were ugly. See the fight that the Eastern Bloc countries will put up. It will be brutal and ugly and many civilians will die. I think the key to Russia is the pocket book. I have never known a Russian to take a chance on something that they could lose there shirt on. They have to believe that Aggressive or Military conquest will cost them more than its worth.

Next Post I make in this thread I will offer my perspective on Domestic Issues. But since its late and I have to work in the Morning It will have to wait.

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