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Jack Layton and the NDP are on the front page of the Le Devoir newspaper:

Le Devoir

LES ACTUALITÉS, mardi 16 mars 2004, p. A1

Entrevue au Devoir

Layton ne se fait pas d'illusions sur une percée au Québec

«Je tends la main à ceux qui veulent créer une vraie alternative progressiste», dit le chef du NPD

Lévesque, Kathleen

Now in third place in Quebec, after the Bloc and Liberals, NDP may get some seats in Quebec.

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Hi guys. I thought I might like to join you in your dream world but I can't seem to get that far out of reality, Sorry.

Lets pretend Jack can get all the support from CA and PC and 33% of Liberal support from 2000 in Quebec. Still no breakthrough.

No breakthrough in Quebec and no big numbers in Ontario even with the perfect storm and the alignment of planets over Ottawa.

I can understand the need to reach beyond the scope of reality for dippers, given they rank 10% or 1.2 million votes back of an upstart, leaderless party. Maybe you could make your posts under the heading socialist fiction and wet dreams. Just a thought.

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I'm curious about this...if it were in english, and if I didn't have to pay a subscription fee, I could read it.

I picked up Le Devoir today (along with about 15,000 other people - Le Devoir is irrelevant) and read the "smallish" article. (True it was on the front page, below the fold.)

Layton is at pains to note that he expects nothing this election. He did say that the NDP is in favour of special status for Quebec and asymmetrical federalism.

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