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Cease-fire, Shmeece-fire. This conflict is far from over. Israel has simply 'turned the pot down to simmer' for the time being.

A large part of the problem is that both the Israelis and 'Palestinians' are divided about how to achieve 'peace'. Many Israelis argue that the areas under the hottest dispute (The Gaza Strip, which the Israelis call 'Gush Katif', and the West Bank, which they call 'Judea and Samaria') had been given to them by God himself, and the deed and title to the land are in the bible. Many Israelis were opposed to any form of 'land for peace deal', and indeed some Israeli newspapers had an editorial cartoon showing 'Gush Katif (Gaza Strip) being shown as a corner of the flag of Israel being ripped off and offered to RPG wielding 'terrorists'.

However, there was no unanimity about this sentiment, just as there is no unanimity among the Palestinians and their own path to self-determination. Some few have become 'Arab-Israelis', with citizenship rights, as long as they recognize the right of Israel to exist. For a large portion of the Palestinians, they don't see a 'State of Palestine' being offered, but rather a 'peaceful (if somewhat shameful) existence as rightless subjects' within the State of Israel.

It's a place with too may names. Hardcore Israelis call it 'Y'israel', (and believe it should reach to it's biblical boundaries, including the Sinai Peninsula, and to the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers), while more moderate Israelis still refer to the biblical names of Judea and Samaria. Some Arabs and Muslims won't even call it Israel, referring to it disparagingly as 'The Zionist Entity'. The rest of the world acknowledges Israel, but not to it's biblical boundaries, calling some of the area 'The Occupied Territories'. Many others refer to the entire region as 'The Holy Land'. The question is: Where did Palestine go?"

Some hardcore Zionists claim that there never was a 'Palestine' (in direct contradiction of many history books I have), but it could also be claimed that there wasn't an Israel, either, until the British got tired of 'terrorist attacks' from groups such as "The Stern Gang' and 'Irgun', and walked away, allowing the 'terrorists' to make their own state, which they called 'Israel'.

What's the solution? Many might suggest that they fight it out, once and for all. Not good for anyone, really, since the Israelis would use 'The Samson Option' (read the book by Seymour Hersch) once they were in danger of being overrun by sheer numbers, and turn the whole area into a smoking hole in the ground. This wouldn't actually solve anything, since there would be no shortage of Jews living elsewhere, pro-Zionists and pro-Palestinian Arabs in exile that would return shortly thereafter to continue the dispute.

The right answer will become clear shortly after discarding scripture.

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