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Jabba the Hut opposes Stem Cell Research


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Anyone catch this on CBC today?

The Current for March 09, 2009

"It's Monday, March 9th.

George Bush's former advisor, Karl Rove, has agreed to testify before the House Judiciary Committee even though he thinks it may turn into a show trial.

Currently, And for the record, Rove would like to make it clear that he fully appreciates the value of a good show trial."


I heard an audio clip of the psychopath on the radio later today, trying to manipulate the religious right's reaction to the stem cell funding announcement. He was morally upset? HAH! He was upset all right; he'd worked so hard to make sure it was banned to please the pharmaceutical industries that were probably going to lose money from the development of more efficient treatment methods.

Oh, boo hoo, Karl. I hear Al Qaeda might be looking for a good propagandist. Send em your resume, F#@&Face.

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