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2009 Stanley cup Championship

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The unstoppable red machine ... stopped! On home ice!

What an amazing game, and amazing result. Not many people thought the Penguins would win before the series, probably almost nobody still thought they would win after game 5... but they did it. With Crosby and Malkin almost completely shut down by the Wings for the final 2 games, the Penguins' grinders and plumbers and unknowns stepped up and just flat-out outworked the Red Wings. And what a terrific goaltending performance by Marc Andre Fleury. After getting torched in game 5, he came back to play the best games of his life in games 6 and 7. That's the stuff of champions.


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Nova Scotia needs an NHL hockey team!!

Nova Scotia's new found prosperity takes this idea out of the realm of the ridiculous to merely the absurd.

It is important to keep in mind that the entire province of Nova Scotia has fewer people than even the smallest NHL cities. Edmonton, Calgary, and Buffalo all have about 1.2 million people in their metropolitan areas; the whole province of Nova Scotia has only 75% of that. The Halifax metropolitan area has only 400,000 ...about 1/3 the size of the smallest NHL cities.

Now that hockey's out of the way maybe we can focus on a real sport like NASCAR!!!

NASCAR is for yokels.


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