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Pliny: The rich are not getting richer. 2% of the worlds' population owns all the wealth in the world. Can they get any richer?

We're human. It'll take time. But once chuck the crap we have now and learn some basics about behavior we will make some headway.

How true, how human we are. You what always fascinates me...the fact that the wealth that is referred to as belonging to that 2% only counts cause the rest of the world is willing to agree that what they hold is the wealth. In theory it should be as simple as deciding to consider something else as the true wealth which would in turn remove the so-called wealth of the 2%. If only eh?

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Hey Maple, have you ever read anything like Steven Pinker 'The Blank Slate', ' The Modern Denial of Human Nature'? Over the years I've read a bit about human nature and I think it is integral to understanding how we and why we developed socially and economically the way we did. Also in terms of coming up with ways to understand and perhaps initiate change a good understanding of human nature is invaluable. A big part of the infamous almost completely evasive reason why. Personally I really enjoyed the Steven Pinker book but even Carl Sagan produced and interesting read in 'Shadows of our Ancestors'. I have a few university texts too kicking around that made for a good read on the subject which I purchased from a recycling store for cheap. I have also found some good reading amongst astrology books, the better ones can give good insight to human capability in terms of personality types.

Sounds like a good read. I just started University so I won't have time to read 'em right now. But The Blank Slate sounds interesting, I will try to remember to read it in the future.

I can't agree with this. History gives us the knowledge of the super elite and wealth hoarding as a trend/reality that is eternal to our species. The wealth was not always paper money, gold, silver, wheat, spices, hunting grounds, fishing grounds...and until just recently comparatively had nothing to do with fractional reserve.

Okay you're right. I don't think it was on the scale it is now with fractional reserve banking.

The only way mega corporations can exist is threw fractional reserve banking. If the big banks didn't exist, big corporations wouldn't exist either. CEO's at least in america, make an average of 311:1 ratio over the average employee. Many corporations have come to own oligopolies over society.

I've been reading up on Thomas Jefferson and his views on money. From what I have come to believe, he believed in the gold standard and opposed paper money/debt. He believed that the only time paper money should be issued is by the government in times of war when money was needed, to be payed back with or without interest. He didn't understand how private banks could created something from nothing.

I agree, I don't think banks should be able to create money out of nothing. I think money needs to be asset backed, the problem is trying to find an asset that can back a currency that cannot be controlled.

Some random quotes by Jefferson

"Our public credit is good, but the abundance of paper has produced a spirit of gambling in the funds, which has laid up our ships at the wharves as too slow instruments of profit, and has even disarmed the hand of the tailor of his needle and thimble. They say the evil will cure itself. I wish it may; but I have rarely seen a gamester cured, even by the disasters of his vocation."

"A spirit... of gambling in our public paper has seized on too many of our citizens, and we fear it will check our commerce, arts, manufactures, and agriculture, unless stopped."

"I sincerely believe... that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies, and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity under the name of funding is but swindling futurity on a large scale."

Remember me speaking of a Resource Based Economy.

Here is a 1974 Larry King interview with Jacque Fresco, the man who created the concept of a resource based economy.

A very good watch.

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