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When you consider the cost, consider this: When Canada hosted the G8 conference in Alberta (when Chretien was the leader), the cost of the summit was around $200 million. The 2010 conference A: lasted longer and B: involved more countries (it was a combined G8/G20 summit). So, relatively speaking, the costs don't seem to be that far out of line. Perhaps we should wait to see if there are any real cost overruns before condemning the conservatives.

I had an inner guffaw at this. 1 BILLIION IS OUT OF LINE!!! There were over 10,000 police agents. That is one police officer for each 10 people attending the summits. The equipment purchased is inventory that is kept or "redistrubuted" Where did all this stuff go. I remember seeing a bunch of trucks heading west with structures after the summit? All those buildings for the mini town to host security still there, or are they back in Alberta?

What about the recent 500 Million for servicing the CF18's until 2017 or so? But didn't they just pay 10 billion for 65 new aircraft to be delivered in 2014? Does this mean there are 3 years to learn to fly etc... these aircraft befor they become "done" and "done". Meanwhile the US navy is opting to buy superhornets instead of F35's. Also half the money went to Alberta while the Other half went to Quebec during his visit to Quebec.

Yes we should. We should also be concerned about security issues. (Or do you think that no document should ever be considered "top secret"?

I don't think a top secret document ought to be a document.

The best security is non existence.


As for the refugee system and invoking the non withstanding clause:

My intended refugee system as outline on the SP website supports "open immigration" on an economic basis, of paying for citizenship and once they service their personal debt portion they would be able to apply for citizenship and would get it after passing a citizenship test.

Unemployed immigrants or those without resources would be required to participate in support programs that would comprimise public service and volunteerism. This program would aim on generating capital to provide for the immigration system, and providing for new immigrants.

Immigrants could be sponsered by citizens and would be eligible to come over even if they didn't have money if a bond by their sponser was provided.

Immigrants whether refugees or not would be treated like any other Canadian with exception of citizenship rights (until they gained citizenship)

As far as refugees are concerned good refugees have no issues, but they would have to participate in the public service progrma if they wern't employed, and if they were they would be intitled to pay their personal debt interest like everyone else until they paid down their personal portion - at that time they would be able to write the citizenship test - with no time restrictions.

The amount set at about $15,000 may be approaching 20000 to 30000 due to Conservative Party of Canada debt spending and when they say they will balance the budget in 2014 It may be closer to $40,000/person - this due to drastic fiscal mismanagement by the Conservative Party of Canada in regard to government finances. And yes while they may tout Canada's economic position - they have drastically worsened the Federal Governments overall position.

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