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Islamification of Toronto?


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5 hours ago, WestCanMan said:

We're not making 'progress' when we bring in people fast enough for them to start balkanizing instead of operating in a healthy multicultural society, and we cater to their balkanizing demands.

"We want our own buildings, we want our own towns, we want other people to stop displaying their religious symbols while we display our own religious garb", etc.

It's silly. 

If people want to live in a country where only their religion can be seen in public then they should have stayed where they were. 

@dialamah what's to get upset about? 

Do you not know that there are muslim-only buildings in Canada? A man in Quebec was forced to move out of a building just so that it could be free of non-muslims. How is that not morally repugnant and bigoted?

It's not the only one though: https://globalnews.ca/news/2187517/toronto-city-councillor-says-muslim-only-subsidized-housing-is-acceptable/

Isn't it weird that they have to have a building which is religiously pure? And by weird I mean - religiously bigoted. If you can't handle being around people who don't share your exact belief system then you're a bigot and it's actually dangerous to allow bigots to balkanize.

It's not just muslims that complain about the word Christmas, or seeing crosses, etc, this is a broad statement that applies to all kinds of religions and cultures - how about if people just fuck off if they don't like it? Why should I give a shit about what people don't want to see when they move to a new country? It's the height of bigotry and stupidity to think that one can move to a country and force the people there to change to accommodate them.

I don't feel bad for saying that Christians should be allowed to celebrate Christmas, and say that word. It doesn't get me all bent out of shape if Jews celebrate Hannukah, Indians celebrate Dhiwali (Surrey pretty much celebrates Dhiwali), Chinese to celebrate New Year's Day late, or any other cultures wanna party or observe or whatever the hell they want. It's just the height of ignorance to say "no one can observe any holidays that I don't". 

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On 6/19/2021 at 10:50 AM, Michael Hardner said:

1) Ok, would you ban people from Canada if they were redeemable?


2) Would you disparage them openly, as a people rather than dismantle the details of their belief system of they are redeemable?

1) I'm happy for any decent people to come to Canada, the problem is that we never send the irredeemables back and we never screened anyone to find out whether or not they were irredeemable before they came. Even if they commit terrorist attacks here they get to stay thanks to our village idiot.

2) We don't disparage them, but we bring up inconvenient truths.

On the other hand, as a group, muslims here are extremely disparaging of Israel and Jews. Their propaganda and their quds day hate rallies are atrocious to everyone outside of the liberal MSM and our PM.

They also spread their bigotry here when the attack on the mosque happened and they started acting like it was the first terrorist attack ever here regarding muslims. They rush to claim victim status like no other group of humans ever. 

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