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3D printers manufacture objects in your home

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I have been keeping my eye on these things since way back in the day when I saw one demonstrated. I think back then they were using some sort of wax or light plastic material. Things have changed.

3D printers manufacture objects in your home

In August a company called MakerBot Industries in the U.S. secured $10-million in financing – including financing from Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos – to bring their 3D printers to everyone

“I want the next generation to grow up making things, not just blindly consuming them,” MakerBot founder Bre Pettis told the Star.

“We’re focused on young people having access to a machine that can make anything, so that instead of saving their allowance to buy toys, they could design and make them.”

If I understand this correctly, the material used to create the objects is re-usable. A different drinking up everyday sort of thing. Although one has to wonder if they will make the printers super cheap, but charge you an arm and a leg for the ABS cartridges. :D

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