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So does that mean the voters should vote for the NDP next time because the Libs and the Tories have done wrong? The answer is yes they SHOULD but voters won't and that what's wrong with this country. If one sticks to the idea, there's only ONE party , parties like the Tories and the Libs always get back in. Now having said that, outside of the Lib staffer, and IF he acted on his own, I see nothing wrong as yet with the Liberal party, can YOU say that about the new Conservatives since 2006?

Topaz, you just don't ever make any sense at all! Why on earth should problems with the Liberals and Tories mean people should then switch to the NDP?

If you went through two bad mayors in a row should everyone then vote for the village idiot?

Why not? Nobody's given him a chance! :P

Besides, I have personal knowledge of an NDP leader who was of such bad character he made Vic Toews peccadilloes look like those of a monk! I'm afraid that soured me badly.

As I've said before, if the NDP actually came into the 21st century and became more of a modern Labour Party instead of a 1965 union goon squad I might then find myself voting for them.

As for your statement that "I see nothing wrong as yet with the Liberal party" - Topaz, you NEVER see anything wrong with the Liberal Party! :P

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Considering this thread hasn't come up with any evidence at all that the Harper or the party itself was involved, I'll post this to add some balance, along with with the assertion that this is now turning into a well financed highly organized attempt to overthrow the gov't. As far L. Martin goes, I see no point to reading him anymore.

You all need to take a breath and go over what you actually have..


Have we been accused of being aggressive and rough-and-tumble in the past? Of course. Did we go after Liberal leaders with everything we had? You bet. But did the campaign organize a widespread voter suppression exercise in the 2011 campaign? No way.

And yet, in a matter of only a few days, we’ve gotten to a place where any misleading or erroneous call by a campaign or individual anywhere in the country during 2011 federal election is being treated as the work of Conservative masterminds. But some things don’t add up.

There seem to be three sets of allegations being made:

1. specific allegations about riding-level activity—mostly in the Guelph area—in which seemingly misleading information went out to voters in a very targeted way;

2. complaints from voters in several ridings who got some sort of notification that their polling station had changed in the waning days or hours of the campaign;

3. vague allegations of harassing phone calls from opposition campaigns (mostly Liberal campaigns in Toronto).

On the first point, the only information I have is what I have read in the media. It appears that Elections Canada is investigating, and that a campaign aide has resigned. This leads me to believe that something was definitely amiss in Guelph; if that’s true, I hope those responsible are caught. Goodness knows Elections Canada will let us know of progress, either through official channels or through Postmedia, as it is wont to do.

On the second point, things get tougher. The allegation seems to be that we organized a widespread campaign to confuse Liberal voters into going to the wrong place, and thus get them to give up on voting altogether. The Toronto Star cites three call centre “whistleblowers” who seemed to have known on election day that they were directing people to the wrong voting stations. Of course, in the same breathless article, the three call centre employees also report that: call centre employees sometimes changed scripts on their own, without the knowledge of their superiors or the party; the callers were clearly instructed to identify themselves as representatives of the “Conservative Party of Canada;” some of their co-workers decided on their own to falsely say they were calling from Elections Canada.

To sum up, then, the allegation is that the Conservative Party used its official call centre to attempt to misdirect non-CPC voters to polling stations across town, while telling them the Conservative party is responsible for the message. As a strategy, it seems preposterous. It just doesn’t make any sense. cont...

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As I've said before, if the NDP actually came into the 21st century and became more of a modern Labour Party instead of a 1965 union goon squad I might then find myself voting for them.

You mean embracing neoliberal economic policies and siding with the corporate goons like...Say...Caterpillar,Kevin O'Leary,the "Merit" Shop movement,the NAM,the Fraser Institute,the Koch Bros.,etc???

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I must say, you have been pretty amusing yourself.

journalists have been having too much fun on twitter the past two weeks

if youre not following it all on twitter you are missing out

vikileaks... #tellviceverything

pierrepoutine ... pierrepoutine1

Anonymous trolling Toews

This is funny stuff if you have a sense of humour

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You mean embracing neoliberal economic policies and siding with the corporate goons like...Say...Caterpillar,Kevin O'Leary,the "Merit" Shop movement,the NAM,the Fraser Institute,the Koch Bros.,etc???

No Jack, you can stop building your straw men!

It's just that it seems the NDP believes today that you can pass a law and force a company to stay in business! The real world just doesn't work like that.

They forget that Caterpillar was for sale because it was no longer profitable! Stelco was sold because it was in bankruptcy protection!

If a company is no longer profitable then it is toast! It's a simple as that. All the politicians in the country can get in front of the parade to save jobs but its all a cruel joke. The only way to save the jobs is to nationalize the company and fund it at a loss from tax money - basically, corporate welfare!

I never hear the NDP admit to this. To hear them tell it, companies close up just to be pricks! Mind you, I'm not supporting those who take government money only to use it to fund a move to China. That's not just wrong, it's an expression of how stupid our politicians often are.

I know how it feels to lose your job because your company goes under. It's happened to me, more than once! However, I never would have supported the government forcing it to stay open! If you're broke, you're broke! I don't expect my fellow taxpayers to pay me, especially if I was making more than most of them did. (Actually, it was always the reverse!)

In all my years I have never heard the federal NDP talk real world when it comes to business. To hear them tell it, businessmen start up factories so they can fill their swimming pool with dollar bills and dive into it! When they close a plant its only so that they can cackle with glee as they hear the cries of starving widows and orphans!

Jack, no poor man has ever given me a job! I have never heard squat from the NDP as far as helping business grow and become more healthy. They always seem to expect business to operate at a loss, or at least barely breakeven, so that the government can get the maximum taxes for what they deem to be positive social ends.

They just don't seem to be practical! That's why I have never supported them!

Tony Blair changed the Labour Party in Britain in a very simple fashion. He made them recognize that businesses cannot run at a loss, they cannot stick around if they are broke and a country cannot prosper by drafting everyone into the postal service and having them mail letters to each other!

I've asked you yourself many times how we could stimulate business and thus the economy and you've never given me a good answer. All you ever seem to say are words to the effect that all businessmen are evil!

Surely there's more to it than that! Frankly, if I worked for a company run by someone with your methods I would be dusting off my resume, hoping to get another job before the business went under.

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OTTAWA - The market research industry's watchdog is launching a full-blown investigation into a Conservative pollster involved in an alleged misinformation campaign against Liberal MP Irwin Cotler.

Brendan Wycks, executive director of The Marketing Research and Intelligence Association, says the watchdog has received seven formal complaints of professional misconduct against Campaign Research Inc., the company behind the Cotler campaign.

Wycks says Campaign Research was given time to resolve the matter to the complainants' satisfaction but was unable to do so.

MRIA now is striking a three-member complaints panel to investigate the matter more thoroughly.

Wycks says the voluntary, self-regulatory body is also looking into suggestions that another Conservative-allied company — Responsive Marketing Group — may be passing itself off as a legitimate public-opinion research company, which is illegal under the Competition Act.

The MRIA has become so alarmed about the negative spillover from political telemarketing that it is updating its code of conduct to spell out that voter identification or partisan promotion cannot be conducted under the guise of market research.

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@PnP_CBC: Dean Del Mastro tells @PnP he's not aware of a riding "called Edmonton East" #pnp #CdnPoli

I wonder if that Tory robo call centre is in the riding of Edmonton East

No, in the riding of Edmonton-Strathcona.

I guess the fact that Edmonton-East is held by that Independent former CON MP that was kicked out of caucus means the CPC has decided that riding does not exist :lol:

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There were also several complaints from New Democrats in Windsor-Tecumseh, Ont., including a call to the home of MP Joe Comartin, directing them that their polling station had moved. New Democrat volunteer Andrew McAvoy received a live call directing him to an address where there was no polling station.

Those calls came from the same number listed as the Poutine phone.

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And those that chose not to vote, don't really count.

Regardless, they're still Canadians. So when someone says 40% of Canadians voted for the party, they're wrong. The truth is only about 25% of eligible voters voted for that party. So it's misleading to say 40% of Canadians. You can say 40% of the votes went to the CPC.

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Dean Del Mastro says the same thing about the Conservatives. So who could be to blame, the Liberals, NDP or some other party/group all together?

Del Mastro probably knows more than hes saying.. his name seems to be popping up everywhere

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This is a quote from the other day

“I think they’ve identified the individual that was involved in this,” Mr. MacKay told CBC News, without specifically referring to Mr. Sona. “That individual is no longer in the employment of the party.”


MacKay is obviously lying as Sona wouldnt be the fall guy

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