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It's time Canada took ownership of something other than it's maple syrup and bacon.

Our politicians are pretty good at branding all bad things "American" to use for their political advantage. They know we're proud of our national identity that is "We're not American."

I personally like "American-style dirty tricks." Yes, if it wasn't for those dastardly Americans, our politics would be as pure as the driven snow. I was hoping that when Bush left office, it would be the end of throwing stones at the neighbour. How many times did Jack Layton use the phrase "George Bush's America" for his political advantage? How many times did Martin use "The Americanization of Health Care"? If I recall, Harper claimed Martin supported child pornography. He was also a murderer, according to Layton.

It would be nice if the media stopped reporting all the rhetoric. That won't happen though, because our media is American style. Damn Americans!

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