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Rob Ford loses it again

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I still think going to someone's home even if you stay on public property is pretty TMZ of the Star.


He didn't go to Ford's house.

He went to view/photograph the PUBLIC PROPERTY next to Ford's house.

Ford accosted the reporter ON PUBLIC PROPERTY behind a community centre.

(I wonder if Ford similarly accosts teenagers who go there to smoke?)

In my opinion, the Star should be sending someone back to finish the job.

Why should National Post readers get information that Toronto Star readers are not 'allowed' to have?

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Sounds like it's a good thing the National Post reporter never got caught. Anyhow, since the matter has been cleared up from a legal standpoint, there's nothing stopping the Star reporter from going back and completing his story, although I think he's already gotten more mileage out of this incident than any boring property purchase column ever would.

Everybody wins, the Star got a headline, the reporter got notoriety, and Ford got a new phone.

Oops, guess I was wrong...

Star Reporter Daniel Dale To Sue Rob Ford

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