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Would Canadians buy this car?

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India is coming out with a car, that only cost $2.00 for fuel. Myself, I wouldn`t but in a city driving small cars are a good thing. Take this car out on the 400 series in Ontario and get hit by a larger auto or truck, and you are dead. Would you buy this car? http://www.themotorreport.com.au/53641/tata-mini-cat-air-powered-car-on-sale-from-mid-2012

This is India, remember. India has a horrific record of traffic fatalities due to extremely low standards for both vehicles and roads. My understanding of how this car works is that it's a VERY lightweight vehicle, which means that it doesn't have any of the reinforcing steel that's in our cars. It will crumble into a small ball of fibreglass at an impact at any sort of speed.

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It's possible to build a small, light car that is also safe-- build a strong enough frame and build in enough restraints and padding to keep the passengers from getting bounced around inside, and even a tiny vehicle can keep you save. The car described-- the tubular cage is glued rather than welded-- doesn't sound very rugged, however.

Compressed air is an interesting choice as a power source. I wonder how well it works.


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It wouldn't meet any North American safety standards but it is certainly an interesting concept. I used to drive Mini Coopers during the sixties and early seventies when the average American car was 18 feet long. No good being in an Escalade if you get hit by a loaded dump truck. Size is a relative thing.

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