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B.C Supreme Court to rule on Friday about Assisted Suicide challenge

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I know this will end up in the supreme court probably 2014, hopefully its legalized by then.


VANCOUVER - A group challenging Canada's laws against doctor-assisted suicide is expected to get an answer Friday from the B.C. Supreme Court. The B.C. Civil Liberties Association is leading the charge for the group, including Gloria Taylor, who wants the court to strike down the law that bans such suicides as her health fades because of ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease. Grace Pastine, the association's litigation director, said Taylor simply wants the option of asking for such a death.

"That is not to say that Gloria is ready to die — she's not," Pastine said in an interview. "That will make her life now more comfortable and will give her great piece of mind."

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Most of us know that one of the ten commandments is "Thou shall not kill" but man has broken this over and over down through the centuries but I can't imagine a God that would want a person to suffer with pain or just "exist" with some brain disease. Therefore having watched people die of cancer and brain disease which there wasn't anyway to cure, I'm all for this law. What good is life is one is in a bed waiting to die and besides, it too dam hard on the loves ones surviving!

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jesus christ without me here none of you would know whats going on for days

The court deemed assisted suicide ban unconstitutional and gave the govmnt a year to change the law

Gloria also got an exemption to seek assisted suicide

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jesus christ without me here none of you would know whats going on for days

Well praise the lord! What would we do without your wisdom..

I agree with the ruling btw.

Ps. i actually saw this, gasp, in the news before you posted it, thanks tho, really.

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