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No I'm not wrong. He's been a registered Democrat his whole life and he's supported Democrats 9 times out of 10.


Your link neither says that he has been a registered democrat his whole life, or that he's supported democats 9 times out of 10.

All I can find so far is Lee Iacocca endorsing:

2000 - Dubya ®

2004 - Kerry (D)

2006 - DeVos ®

2008 - Richardson (D)

2012 - Romney ®

3 out of 4 (so far) lost their race. Sounds like this endorsement is a real game changer.....

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I don't think I even know one catholic who gives a damn what the bishops say.

And the bishops also demonstrate why totalitarian government leads to complete corruption! Did you notice that they are all over issues related to sexual purity and shaming women who have sex, but when it comes to the social gospel issues, they never make them the litmus test for who Catholics should vote for! So, should Catholics vote for Paul Ryan? A man who demands that his staff read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, and considered the old hag selfish atheist philosopher to be the most important individual in formulating his own political philosophy! I'm surprised that the bishops even pretend to be concerned about the poor any more! They have demonstrated through their persecution of American nuns, that their chief concern is controlling women, not alleviating any suffering they are aware of.....otherwise they would divest themselves of a portion of the billions of dollars worth of real estate and other wealth gained over the ages!

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