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I used to really like the Opus III track, but wow, does not hold up as it once was. Or maybe it was the remixes I had that were much better.

Opus III was great for its time. A bit of a sleeper at first...at least in Canada. The Orb is far more cutting edge in terms of innovations. As is Orbital...I sure like their new one.

Old one...

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It's because in this one, Roy's is the empty chair with the guitar -  

Not sure if I've posted this before, if so, my apologies. This woman is amazing, teeth or no teeth.  

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There is no such thing as the perfect music for all times and all occasions! The only time I listen to hard rock or anything close to metal these days, is when I'm down in the basement - in my little home gym trying to get psyched up to get started and then to finish working out with weights. For some reason, when I'm driving (which usually only happens on the weekend) I start getting nostalgic for music I listened to many years ago. When I go out for a run, and I'm not flipping through my podcasts, I'll go for something that has a fast beat, but isn't too distracting.

And for some reason, when there's snow on the ground and it actually starts getting cold outside, that's when the only thing I want to listen to when I go out for a run is a somewhat obscure Christmas album made by Loreena McKennitt in the late 80's called "To Drive The Cold Winter Away." To me, the collection of songs have a stronger connection to winter, than they do to Christmas specifically; especially this morning (on New Years Day) when I went out for a late morning run for about an hour, while there was little traffic...little noise except for crunching snow...the air was still and cold, with a wind chill of 13 degrees on the old Fahrenheit scale....this was the perfect music to accompany the sights and sounds of a bright, sunny and cold winter day:

To Drive The Cold Winter Away (1987)


White are the far-off plains, and white

The fading forests grow;

The wind dies out along the height,

And denser still the snow,

A gathering weight on roof and tree,

Falls down scarce audibly.

The road before me smooths and fills

Apace, and all about

The fences dwindle, and the hills

Are blotted slowly out;

The naked trees loom spectrally

Into the dim white sky.

The meadows and far-sheeted streams

Lie still without a sound;

Like some soft minister of dreams

The snow-fall hoods me round;

In wood and water, earth and air,

A silence everywhere.

Save when at lonely intervals

Some farmer's sleigh, urged on,

With rustling runners and sharp bells,

Swings by me and is gone;

Or from the empty waste I hear

A sound remote and clear;

The barking of a dog, or call

To cattle, sharply pealed,

Borne echoing from some wayside stall

Or barnyard far afield;

Then all is silent and the snow falls

Settling soft and slow

The evening deepens and the grey

Folds closer earth and sky

The world seems shrouded, far away.

Its noises sleep, and I secret as

Yon buried streams plod dumbly on and dream.

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There is no such thing as the perfect music for all times and all occasions

Which is the premise behind www.songza.com

Their "concierge" gives you different activities to select from (based on the day and time of day that you go there) and it will give you some playlists to select from based on your mood and what you're doing.

I recommend it to everyone. It's the best streaming service I have ever used. And their mobile apps are excellent as well.

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Which is the premise behind www.songza.com

Their "concierge" gives you different activities to select from (based on the day and time of day that you go there) and it will give you some playlists to select from based on your mood and what you're doing.

I recommend it to everyone. It's the best streaming service I have ever used. And their mobile apps are excellent as well.

Thanks for that! I'll take a look at it. I know I don't appreciate playlists like the crap Apple does with every new edition of Itunes - which tries to eliminate your ability to manually control what you put on your Ipod or other devices. It's bad enough for those who primarily listen to podcasts, rather than music; but now I find that I have less control over managing music playlists....since they want to do that for me also....and direct me to the Itunes store for things 'I might also like.'

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Which is the premise behind www.songza.com

Their "concierge" gives you different activities to select from (based on the day and time of day that you go there) and it will give you some playlists to select from based on your mood and what you're doing.

I recommend it to everyone. It's the best streaming service I have ever used. And their mobile apps are excellent as well.

Five minutes in and I can see I'm going to be using the site a lot. Thanks for the tip.

8tracks does the same kind of thing. It's changed some since the last time I was on but it looks like a similar site.


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I can't stand the Studio disc of Ummagumma, but I love the Live disc. I think the finale is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I know of:

It puts shivers up my spine every time.


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I've known of Toronto's "Metric" for a long time, and they never impressed me much. It always seemed like a somewhat cheesy outfit based mostly around Emily Haines' short shorts, long legs, and overly-cutesy vocals.

But I stumbled onto their most recent record, "Synthetica", and I really like it. It's electronic music with a growl, like Ladytron at their best.



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I've known of Toronto's "Metric" for a long time, and they never impressed me much

I like metric a lot - I was first introduced to their music by my 10 year kid who attended one of their gigs, they were unknown then - we followed their success along with Sarah Slean - I love Night Bugs

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I know what you mean about your ten/fifty favourites. There are some days when this is my favourite rock song of all time. And then some when it might be second or third.


I think the best version of the song was done in a live album....I believe this tour was the last time Bryan Ferry performed with Roxy Music, and the taped concert from that tour was the best work they ever did, with this version of Like A Hurricane being better than Neil Young's....sorry Neil fans, but his guitar playing is a mess as usual on that song! I don't think Neil ever grasped the difference between what he wanted to play and what his limitations were on guitar. Listen for the Phil Manzanera solo near the end of this piece to hear how it should be done! This live album also included a cover version of another John Lennon song: Jealous Guy.

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    • By imnotyou
      The United States, considering itself an example of freedom and democracy is actively imposing its vision around the world. At the same time, the concepts "freedom" and "democracy" being a thinking foundation of majority in American society are represented by universal values. However, Americans regardless with other people`s views, opinions and tastes consider that "freedom" is doing everything the way they want to. As a result, American "freedom" and "democracy" actually turns out to be nothing more than an illusion and manifestation of double standards.
      An example is a phenomenon of racism in the United States. The previous US leader Barack Obama being the only African-American president in the country`s history foreshadowed the end of racism from both a legal and political point of view. However, the coming to power of Donald Trump, almost "the whitest from all white Americans" showed that at social level racism has not lost its power. Moreover, according to data released in 2017 by The Center for research on hatred and extremism at the University of California, the number of racist attacks harshly increased, especially in big American cities such as New York and Chicago. This is evidenced by harsh increase of violence explosion motivated by racial hatred after the winning of D. Trump, which gave a courage to racists, first of all, by the fact that almost every statement he used was derogating people who are not rich, white, Christian or male.
      The courage broke out in august 2017 in Virginia State, which was the epicenter of tension during the Civil War between North and South. At that time, the decision of local authorities to demolish a monument to the commander of the Confederate army, the leader of racist and right-wing extremist movements of the United States that was located in a small town of Charlottesville State, was met with protests. On the streets of that town was held a torchlight procession with obvious signs of sympathy to Ku Klux Klan, and in counterbalance took place an anti-racist demonstration. Protests of the members of the opposite views went into serious collision with loss of lives. The fact that racist-nationalists, having clashed with their opponents, came to the protests because of the monument with weapons is the most important indicator that racism continues to exist in the United States.
      This is evidenced by long-term racist statements of online-showman Roseanna Barr. But despite that fact, "ABC" TV channel gave a green light to restart the show "Roseanna" for the second season taking advantages of the high ratings of the show. Artists, scenarists and producers decided to support the show, despite the racism of its co-author. That connivance led to the fact that on May 29, 2018, R. Barr wrote on her Twitter about the former senior adviser of President Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, using the racist statement about the connection of African-Americans with monkeys. And only after that accident people finally paid attention on her racism. Her agents "ACM Partners" stopped representing her interests. Comedian Wanda Sykes, who was a consultant to restart the show "Roseanne", announced that she was leaving the show. Within a few hours, the "ABC" channel removed the new "Roseanne" show from the broadcasting grid, and the repeated showing of this show disappeared from the air of "T-V Land", "C-M-T" and "Paramount network". However, many of R. Barr`s Twitter followers revel in freedom and permission to be racists because the restart of the show helped to appearance of situation when white people feels themselves extremely comfortable as they are "the policemen for black bodies" in a social space.
      Thus, if white people do not like something, in their opinion, in behavior of African-Americans, they just call the police immediately, even if there is not any impermissible or criminal action. For example, the police was called because of the one of African-American post-graduate student of Yale University, who fell asleep in her community dormitory room, and as a result, she had to prove that she had rights to be in her dormitory in her university campus. The police was called in South California because of the fact that black women were packing their baggage into a car, black teenagers were shopping in "Northstome Rek" in St. Louis, and black women in Pennsylvania were playing the golf too slowly. The police was also called because of one white woman did not like that black people were frying the barbecue using a coal grill on public territory in Aukland, California State. And in April in Philadelphia two men were arrested for attending a public café "Sturbacks" being black colored skin people.
      In every of these situations white people took upon themselves a role of "policemen for black bodies" directly in public places. They thought that they have rights to do it because of the racism that they used for arbitrary determination of behavior boundaries that was acceptable for black people. They thought that they have rights to do it also because the racism allows to one group of people to feel themselves higher and have a power upon others. Meanwhile, the double standards exist in America.
      And here is important to note a hip-hop music which is very popular and traditionally was written and listened by black colored skin teenagers from a working class. So it led to the fact that a slang of African-American people became a linguistic basis of hip-hop music. Meanwhile, African-American teenagers are trying to strengthen their solidarity and self-consciousness using the word "nigger" as an interclass term. This word helps black men to identify themselves as "inventive and pragmatic winners" of racial injustice. Nowadays, the word "nigger" is marked as the most using word, taking an important place in black teenagers` slang. African-American entertainers use this word in the meaning of the "guy", but with different spices and no one of them is really abusive. African-American entertainers and masters of ceremonies use this word in the meaning of "a guy" but with different spices and no one of those are really offensive.
      It should be noted that white teenagers are listening to "hot" hip-hop music on money, sex adventures, life in ghetto and racial injustice theme too, and keep rhymed lines from ghetto on the top of music charts of popular music. However, white rappers should not use the word "nigger", but should avoid of the word on letter "n" preferring neutral expressions that are not associate with this word.  Otherwise, it will cause indignation from black audience that conceive the word on the "n" letter as racial offence which was always used and still used by white Americans. That is why during a concert in Alabama, the black audience in a hall started to hoot during the execution of the white fan of the song, who used the word "nigger", considering it as a racial offence. The video of that incident caused the scandal which attracted a lot of attention.
      Also it should be noted that white Latin American of the "Rianna" group was fired on the eve of the concert on "MTV Video Music Awards" in Columbia because the team of artists decided to choose a completely black aesthetics that is besides a permanent guitar player of Rianna group there should not be white people on the stage. Moreover, if it were the other way around, a black musician would be fired in order to achieve exceptionally white aesthetics and this would definitely look like a moral offence. It would be pulled out common in such cases calls to consider that event in a context of a long history of slavery in that country. And many people would consider this reaction as justified.
      Thus, racism has not gone away from the United States with their vaunted freedom and democracy, and moreover, it exists both for black and white people. This is an obvious evidence of double standards. Moreover, the unshakable confidence of Americans in the exclusivity of their freedom and democracy led to the fact that American policy in the world is perceived as Washington`s hypocrisy which tends to condemn the actions of other people, ignoring their own shortcomings.
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