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2.5 billion dollars for a new bridge...

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I live in the city and I go to the Sunshine coast to get away so I rarely cross the Fraser River but today I decided to go visit this bridge.

Wow, I had no idea how stupid it is on so many levels... not just the design. First, I thought that being a toll bridge it would be an alternative route (kind of like the 407 in TO) to avoid traffic if you don't mind paying for it. It's not, the old bridge is gone so you have to take it. And when it 'closes' the people who would normally take it have to go another way.

If you're driving out of the city, it's the ONLY option on the trans-Canada unless you know the area and take some of the alternative routes. I grew up in Vancouver but even I would not change my route because it's just not easy unless you know exactly where you're going on those outskirt roads (which I don't).

The toll price isn't even listed so you get a bill later on and from what I heard it's four dollars.

So on top of all this nonsense, the fact that it doesn't even function properly just adds insult to injury. Incredible.

If I were a camper who leaves the city often or if I were a commuter who normally took the old Port Mann bridge I'd be pissed. Way to go planners.

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Guest American Woman
Good question...obviously this member has you on his mind. Creepy.

I had made one comment in this thread - that actually supports his position. Weird. And quite telling, really .....

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