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I see and thank you.

I suppose, then, that scientific exploration can only seek to get as close as possible to the truth by amassing and considering as many as-close-as-possible-to-the-truths.

Seems reasonable. I'm no anti-science guy. I have a BSc and very much respect what science can do. I think tho that that materialists who think science can or does reveal the whole truth of existence are as far off base as the biblical literalists or those who try to use science to reinforce their particular religious beleifs. Science doesn't tell us much about consciousness at all, which to me is the most incredible feature of being alive. Science has led some scientists to argue that consciousness creates everything, every moment, and that this is backed up by quantum theories. Since that happens to mesh with my personal beliefs, I'm happy to hear it, but neither they nor I would say that the argument is proven. It's just nice to see them coming at it from a different starting point than the ancient wisdom teachers who say the same thing.

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